Guest Bloggers WANTED – “Team Charisma World People”

‘Bout time I gave some others a shot. So I’m inviting select guest bloggers to write something for me.

Well I say write, I’m actually more interested in encouraging the minorities – artists, photographers, musicians and designers (et al) … as I consider myself more an all rounder than a writer, per se. So then, Introducing ….


WHY ? – My friend, mentor and fellow blogger Jason Cushman, the Opinionated Man gave me a shot, several in fact. His generosity has helped me tremendously in my writing and my blogging, and in making this one of the top blogs on He also helped open my eyes to the massive opportunity of collaborative projects, for us to be be more than the sum of the individuals, simply by helping each other. So I do this partially in the spirit of helping others in the same way others helped me here on

I believe we all are talented in our own ways. My journey in life often is about bringing out my own talents, or removing the blockages on talents that should have been. So I created this, my latest event, “Team Charisma World People” in the spirit of bringing out the best in people :

  • Team because we’re doing it together,
  • Charisma because I believe we all have it whether we think so or not,
  • World because we live in a global community these days and my guests are from all over,
  • People because that’s just what we are, I could have said poets, writers, artists or whatever, but we’re all people … no need to have an inflated sense of selves from being a person !

I’m hoping it’ll be a lot of fun …


Participants for this round have already been selected. Good luck for the next round, it’s a golden opportunity, and it’s open to anyone, well at least those who possess a little charisma πŸ˜€

For the next round – In order for me to accept you as a guest blogger, you will need to put in before I put out … the current criteria is for you to be in the top 5 (maybe 6) commenters in my dashboard. This means leaving relevant comments and participating in my blog, in order to be considered as a guest blogger. “I like it” or “what he said” or similar are good ways to get disqualified. So, look, they do need to be real comments with something relevant and for you to be joining into the spirit of what I’m doing here. Quite simply there is no cheating the system, if you want in then you have to actually authentically participate.

The next round’s participants will be announced when I’m ready to do it, so please only compete for the selection, if you’re *really* interested in taking part … roughly, the next round will be selected after the current round of guests have been published.

OR You’ll need to make a substantial donation to the blog or become a sponsor. Financial input would help to pay for heat, light, electricity, equipment, expenses … not for my lunch, I’ve got that covered – I bake my own bread, and love ramen noodles at $0.19/Β£0.12 a meal.

I’m still using a iPhone 4s because I don’t have the money to buy the new camera I want, and my computer hardware regularly crashes, because it’s wearing out. If you’re interested in helping us in this way, please let me know you want to contribute – contact me privately as it’s not discrete for either party otherwise. Just leave a comment – “I’d like to discuss sponsorship (or donation) privately with you” and I’ll contact you by email.

No Freeloaders – I’m Too Busy

Jeez, some people think the world owes then a living for nothing don’t they ?

So, for a spot here, which is a VERY RARE OPPORTUNITY – either contribute your time and creativity into making this blog all it can be or throw money at it. Charisma or the folding stuff with pictures of famous people on it.

Something for nothing people can piss off really – when I’m working hard I’ve got no time for freeloaders. Those wanting free promoting whilst being a burden, well, learn to carry your own weight that’s not my job.

I value my time it’s a valuable commodity to me. I don’t waste it on people who’re lazy.

I understand that plenty of you are struggling financially, same as me, so I’m not making this a paid only opportunity. I’m happy to have friends around me or people who want to help further our dreams by making things financially possible. We need both in this life for the wheels to turn, for the earth to keen spinning, therefore both kinds I’m always eternally grateful for πŸ˜€

Once In A Lifetime Opportunity To Guest Blog On

The format will be for the guest bloggers, “Team Charisma” to create to the best of their abilities the most fantastic creations they possibly can. I want to be be blown away, lost for words or in tears by what you’ve created, not something you copied and pasted from somewhere else or a “reblog”.







Your creation must be done specifically for me, specifically for “Team Charisma” and to the best of your abilities. What impresses me the most is someone having a go and doing their best … I don’t mind smooth, polished, professional – symmetry and fresh clean lines I love … I have an eye for beauty, same as the Hef … but I also do also have a love for the real and the authentic … perhaps I’m not as shallow as the Hef, who knows !



I choose the format, I choose the title, I choose what you’ll write about (or draw/design/build/produce/photograph/make) … if you’re not a “yes, and” person then don’t bother with being a guest blogger here. I want people who can GRAB an idea, MAKE IT THEIR OWN and ADD to it … not winge’ers who didn’t like the title or subject or whatever … or aren’t enthused by this MASSIVE opportunity I’m offering right here … I’m very impressed with people’s spontaneity and ability to improvise, and do WAY MORE than they were asked πŸ˜€ … pessimism, scepticism and negativity generally leave me underimpressed.

I’m not looking for perfect, just that you did your best and enjoyed doing it πŸ˜€

Don Charisma, DonCharisma, Awards

The Lineup – My Winners

My first invite goes to Belinda Borradaile of idiotwriting. She “get’s it” and I know she won’t let me down … as for comments she’s probably in my top 3 commenters of all time, leaving 1000s of relevant and thoughtful comments here …

Belinda’s format is Don Vs Belinda, a man and a woman’s collaborative, but slightly different points of view – the topic is “presence” as in conciousness.

My other guest bloggers – TEAM CHARISMA, are as per my top (per 1000) commenters :


1. (writer / artist)

2. (musician / writer)

3. (writer / art and music lover)

4. (web designer / internet marketer and retailer)

5. (writer / poet / artist / movie and music lover)

If your name’s on the list please leave a comment on this post with at least “I’m in, I agree to the rules” or if you don’t want to take part then either ignore me or “I’m out”. Either you’re in or you’re out, there’s no maybe, maybe is a no.

I’ll then make contact with you by email, so that we’re in touch.


In the case that someone drops out, I will elect a replacement, so don’t worry if you’re nervous of the 37000+ followers and don’t want to do it for that reason – I respect your decision and you’re not letting me down. Do or do not do, it’s the same for me. But do remember I have invited you, because you’ve taken your time to invest in me, so it’s kind-of by way of a thankyou πŸ˜€

I would like to say that I do believe that you can do it, otherwise I wouldn’t have invited you !


Timetable is to suit my schedule, whilst doing my best to accommodate my guests. In other words you work around me, not the other way around. If you’re a control freak, then probably best you not participate, simply, I do what I want, when I want. OR it’s not my job to jump through your hoops when I’m helping you.

So posts will be done and posted as and when they are ready. NO SET TIME SCHEDULE. Fixed would be too inflexible for my other commitments.


Please read carefully, as you must agree to all if you wish to participate :

1. Submission and communications privately by email. Written submissions between 500-1500 words unless you give me a shining reason why it’s longer or shorter. Visual or audio submissions shared by whatever’s easiest for both of us – dropbox or whatever.

2a. Written submissions YOU WILL includes a minimum of one photo and a maximum of one photo, which I expect you to tell me where you got it, a link to it’s page and that it’s copyright free or that we have permission to use it. pixabay, wikimedia or morgueFile if you don’t have your own photos, for example. I expect you to check copyright, and our permission to use it, that’s not my job.

2b. Media submissions such as photos, graphic design, music or video will be wholly your own work. You may include samples, portions of stock photos etc, provided you or I are not in breach of permission or copyright of the owner of such samples or portions. Basically don’t rip other people’s work off, and check the copyright status if you want to include in your submission.

3. YOU WILL reblog the post on your own blog shortly after it’s posted on mine, that’s not for debate. I will delete your post if this doesn’t happen.

4. YOU WILL answer *ALL* comments posted on your post, in a timely fashion, unless they are obviously comments for me, in which case I’ll do it. And all with charisma of course.

5. YOU WILL NOT set out to make a political or religious statement, or set out to abuse individuals or groups. This is for fun, our own enjoyment and the voyeurs who read blogs. Be outrageous, but be a little careful on who’s toes you’re treading at the same time. A mouth (or keyboard) detached from a brain is rather dreary to listen to.

NB preaching and people fishing for my allegiance or my loyalty to a cause – probably never going to happen, my loyalty’s not swayed like this, in fact the opposite. I make my own choices for my own reasons.

6. YOU MUST include a short bio of yourself, minimum one line, link to your “about” page. DO NOT include direct links to products, books and services etc. This is because we can’t publish third party commercial links on our blog as it would put us in breach of the WordPress Terms of Service (unless you’re a sponsor, in which case we’d make it clear that you are, and we still wouldn’t link directly to a product or service page) …

For commercial enquiries – contact us over at and we’ll let you know pricing for promoting your shit for you πŸ˜€

We’re also awesome web developers and designers – we can assist with any project any size any time.

8. YOU AGREE that copyright is assigned to us. We need this as we need to have control over what’s posted on our sites. I won’t publish anything guest wise without it. You will retain permanent indefinite permission to use on your own site(s), publications etc and cite it, as we will, as you being the author/creator/designer etc – eg “by Joan Smith”.

9a. YOU AGREE TO ACT professionally in what you’re doing. For instance – you don’t expect me to clean up your typos and spelling mistakes.

9b. YOU AGREE NOT TO discuss your submission publicly or with other participants until after it has been published.

9c. YOU AGREE THAT – ALL EMAILS, or any other correspondence that could be considered private, between me or any representative of or and you ARE KEPT PRIVATE AND CONFIDENTIAL.

10. Rules may vary provided my consent is expressly given. For instance, you may feel that your submission would be enhanced by including three images instead of one, and you provide me with a compelling case for inclusion, and I agree. Basically I’m often flexible, but I don’t suffer fools gladly.

11. MY DECISION IS FINAL in all matters to do with this event and the submissions.

For Bottom Feeders

Don’t be lazy – What I said above πŸ˜€


Don Charisma


Comments are invited

Comments are often welcomed, provided you can string a legible, relevant and polite sentence together. In other cases probably best shared with your therapist, or kept to yourself.

114 thoughts on “Guest Bloggers WANTED – “Team Charisma World People”

  1. Off course, I’m in. But please check out my sister’s blog, anyway. I’ll always be happy to pitch in my two cents. I suck at art, but on the other hand, she’s really the artist/writer/blogger, etc. Her name is Dorothy Santos.

  2. Now, what do I say! Had no clue big-eye was watching me make noise all this short while. Didn’t see this coming Mr. Charisma,but I’m up to the challenge. Bring it on, let’s play with words and see what comes up.

    Did I just say that? πŸ˜€

  3. Don,
    I love the concept of your blog and the fun light-hearted way you approach things. Except for all the hard-liner rules for being a guest blogger, but that I understand πŸ™‚ I just got my blog started in early Nov 2014 and one of my goals for the new year is to host a guest blogger at least once a quarter. I like the rules you laid would love to use most of them. Is that okay with you?

    1. Hey Shawn … these have all come from hard experience of individuals taking the piss out of my kindness … they are hardline for a minority, generally there’s a lot of flexibility, for cool people … plus of course I run my own show, and don’t need backseat drivers …

      I’d say read the rules and understand each one, rather than copy verbatim … if you don’t understand a rule, chances are you’ll get challenged on it and you won’t be able to justify it … so don’t use rules your not congruent with πŸ˜€


  4. What a fun idea! Way to promote writing, blogging and a “community feel”! Will try my best to participate for future round πŸ™‚ Cheers!

  5. I just added your blog, and thanks for finding me. I will do my best to follow you and make good comments. πŸ™‚ I hope to be a guest blogger for you one day. Nice to meet you virtually, Mr. Charisma.

    1. Only as many as are necessary … it’s your opportunity to show me what you can do, many have already started and I have to say I’m very impressed with the lovely little poems and humour that’s been sponteously showing up in my comments …

      I’m easy too, so let’s see what you come up with shall we πŸ˜€

  6. I’m glad Big Brother has been watching, hehe! A wake up call to all. It’s such a humbling opportunity and a chance to grow or nurture your talent and showcase it to a larger readership. 37000 + followers may look intimidating to small – time bloggers but an esteem booster.

    1. Well I’m here to hold their hands so it’s not as daunting as doing it on your own … best advice I was given, was don’t think about the size of the audience too much πŸ˜€

  7. Words don’t come cheap whether there it’s sweatequity or a dollar amount. Opinions are like aholes everyone has one. Creativity is in the eyes of the one who creates. Its all perspective and what is relevant to the conversation. Now can I write on.command, well this is something to consider. Now if said to do a collage in three hrs I could do that. I can connect the dots it’s just depends on how straight a line you want

  8. Why don’t you do it on the ‘likes’ lol Lately, I’ve been liking more than commenting due to issues in life. But would be great if I make the next round πŸ˜‰
    Nah… I’m about a week behind on reading so I’m even surprised I found this post. πŸ˜›

    1. Because it’s very hard to track likes to the extent of “the top 5” per 1000 … I editted out the explaination in the original post on that, because it was becoming a bit longer than I wanted anyway …

      I’ve said before Suz, I admire your charisma in commenting on other blogs, but prefer you didn’t do it to the extent that it puts pressure on you … happy for you to comment here when you have time or want to, no pressure πŸ˜€

  9. Reblogged this on Idiot Writing and commented:
    What can I say – my incessant chatter gets me in a pickle most often – LOL!

    Blogging with Don Charisma is a absolute blast – and I am honoured to be gifted with the opportunity to do so – officially, as a guest author.
    There will be opportunities for other guests to be on Dons blog – Hop over and take a read of what it will take to share in this collaborative – wonderful idea:


  10. I was just working on a post for next week about how too many people are concerned with giving their opinions while not listening to others. Then I read this post about needing to join in the conversation and be an active commenter and I realized I’m guilty of the very thing I was condemning – only posting, never commenting. Thanks for the wake up call.

    1. OK, the first round is closed … entry requirements for the next round are comment on my blog as much as you can, I’ll select those that are in my top 5 commenters πŸ˜€

  11. What a fun idea Don. I can’t wait to see what everyone contributes to this “Guest” blogging affair. I’m sure it will be wonderful, and so much fun for the guest writers.

  12. Reading this blog I had a few giggles. If only all companies terms and conditions were as fun as this people would indeed read it.

    Hope ppl help sponsor you not for fame but because every great writer needs help so mortals who love to read can feed an addiction

    1. Thanks, I try to keep it light hearted whilst covering my boundaries … to be honest happy to be making a living, that’s enough for me, pretty happy in my life as it is πŸ˜€

      1. Very rare you come across a person who is happy just making a living.
        Some one asked me one day wouldnt you love to be super rich i said every human wants alot im happy where i am as long as i have enough is all that matters. So yeah nice to meet some one who see life diff

      2. Well, I think the point is that I’m struggling to so it’d make me happy to be making a living … and I agree with you, having enough to eat, somewhere to live, something to do and someone you love is worth more than being without any of those things and unhappy and rich πŸ˜€

      1. That’s a good thing because we have quite a busy Christmas schedule. That doesn’t mean I can’t get started on a new project.

      1. Me too! I mean, I was surprised to see my name there. It will definitely be an adventure. Let’s give it our best shot.
        Take care.

      1. You’re welcome … it’s best not to put your email address in comments or pretty much anywhere online … spammers looks for them and then you’ll never stop receiving spam … I have your email address with your gravatar details in my comments anyway πŸ˜€

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