Christmas Present: “Don’t Diss Your Moma” – Christmas Party Rag

Leslie and I differ musically a little. But what I love about creative people like Leslie, is their ability to change and adapt fast, I mean it’s something awesome to behold. It’s using creativity in a very charismatic way. I’ve acted more as a guide than a participant on this one. Leslie (and I) have come up with something you’d be a really boring killjoy not to enjoy, it’s fun AND it’s Christmas’ey 😀

This is the second in my “Team Charisma World People” guest blogger series. Leslie’s done a fine job of converting my musical specification into something far more amazing than I’d ever imagined. A very very fun and light hearted piece from Leslie and “the gang”. I did laugh out loud quite a few times.

… and Leslie, your son with the shades a perfect compliment to dude from the tune I sent you 😀


Leslie is swo8 – Blogger and Jazz musician and one of the coolest seniors I know. She’s been a regular contributor to my blog, over the past few months. Her Charisma paying off in the form of me guest-blogging her right here, today, Christmas eve.

What it’s about :

Topic : Christmas Party Rag – codename “Charisma Blues”
Style : Jazz/Blues/Folk fusion music
Guidance : I’ve dabbled a little in making music myself, and DJ’ed for a year or so, many moons ago. However I’m not intimate with the musician’s creative process. So my best guess was to describe my musical tastes to her, and offer a sample song as an inspiration. Jazz is an emerging genre for me, Blues and a little Folk already feature in my collection. I like Dance music of most styles, particularly House, the more uplifting the better. Soul, Motown, Pop, Rock, Metal, Ska, Reggae Rap, Hip-hop and others also grace my iTunes collection. I have a job remembering my complete list of genres …

The song I chose as an inspiration is “Rent Party Rag” a Blues/Folk tune by Spider John Koerner, from his début 1965 album “Spider Blues”. The song is for me lovely in it’s simplicity – guitar, kazoo and a new york dude singing the story of a rent party. A “one man band”, a simple honest “rag”. It’s over 10 minutes long, which I thought was too long for our production. So I suggested Leslie make it 2-5 minutes – more like the length of a standard pop tune. That way kids and people with ADD can enjoy it too !

Our hope – to produce an entertaining light hearted piece of music, with a Christmas Party Rag theme. GO Team Charisma World People 😀

We’ve rushed to publish/release before Christmas, ALL THE STOPS PULLED OUT ON THIS ONE. Could be that the kids love it too … do let us know if your kids are dancing around to it !

So without further ado, I give you Leslie and “the gang” – swo8 :

“Don’t Diss Your Moma” by swo8


“Rent Party Rag” by Spider John Koerner

I’m including here the original piece of music that I shared with Leslie (Rent Party Rag) as inspiration/suggestion. I couldn’t find it on youtube, so I specially uploaded for you, so you can hear it too …

Don Charisma

(ERRORS AND OMISSIONS EXCEPTED … Stock photos courtesy of Pixabay. Graphic designs (c) 2014, all rights reserved)

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31 thoughts on “Christmas Present: “Don’t Diss Your Moma” – Christmas Party Rag

  1. Firstly I have to say that I barely resisted the urge to jump up and dance. Secondly, it made me smile and at some points I did chuckle. I thoroughly enjoyed this post. May you have a Merry Christmas Leslie and Don. To Don: I don’t thank people for following my blog and I don’t merely follow theirs in return out of some polite guilt, so you can know that I am following your blog because I enjoy it and find various types of inspiration from it. Hope you will enjoy mine equally whenever I do post something. I am a (new word) erodingly honest person and the other half of my reason for following you is because I find you to be a bit of an enigma and I am curious…

    1. Thanks for that Leslie will be made up 😀

      I honestly don’t care anymore if people follow me or not, it’s entirely your choice based on your own personal criteria. I’ve looked at all the angles, discussed with others, so know all the points of view people come from …

      And more power to you, the “thanks for following my blog, yours is great, I’ll have a look round when I get time” which was copied and pasted, does get more than a little tiresome … especially when they don’t bother to reply to my reply … the messages I connect with show that someone actually looked at my blog, and commented on something they connected with – “don, I see you’re a qualified diving instructor, would love to do that sometime … oh and thanks for following my blog” … “ah, shucks that’s kind, diving is great” … “yes, I did a little in greece, where do you dive ?” … and so on, it’s a conversation rather than them trying to plug themselves on my pages …

      So, lastly, thanks for following me back, I appreciate it, because I appreciate it, nothing more, nothing less … anything else is reading something that doesn’t exist into the situation … thinking too much about something that really doesn’t need as much feeling or thought …

      Merry Christmas 😀


  2. Merry Christmas Don and all the followers of this blog and everyone around the globe and also those who are living outside this globe. : )

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