Overhanging Tree Beach Sunset Panorama

They have these trees in Thailand which seem to grow sideways … how, I have no clue !

Enjoy 😀

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Taken in Thailand, Asia © Don Charisma

21 thoughts on “Overhanging Tree Beach Sunset Panorama

    1. You’re almost certainly correct … the bit I didn’t add was that they like to “top” trees here in Thailand … you’ve added the missing piece to the puzzle 😀

  1. Merry Xmas & Happy New Year, Don! This would be my choice for the holidays…or any day for that matter.

    I’m trying to add “cut and paste” photos to my blog. How do you do it? Yours look excellent and I’d like to try adding visuals myself.

    1. Well it depends … almost all my work done on a PC … generally I save files first, then often resize, add watermark … then usually drag and drop the final file into wordpress … so not a simple process for me, it does take me time, but I try to do things as professionally as I can …

  2. Wow, this is gorgeous. We hope to get there one day… so much money, but I want for little Dorian to become a world traveler. She has had views from all over the world on WordPress, so she is a little world traveler online. I hope to fill up the entire map for her– lit up like a Christmas tree. 🙂 Again, this is truly beautiful.

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