You Took Too Long To Reply To My Comment, I’m Unfollowing You

I seriously cannot believe the level of morons that I have to deal with … I’ve been processing up to 500 comments a day, I’m running a backlog now of around 60-70 … I’m replying to comments on the little orange box, and attacking the queue from the top and the bottom … I even posted about the fact I was struggling with it … Danny been helping me too !


I can’t even be bothered to copy and paste the comment, it’s somewhere on my about or home page, but reads essentially :

“You took too long to reply to my comment I’m unfollowing you”

To which I replied something like :

“Petty, but each to their own”

I mean come on, it’s probably been a couple of days. I’ve had people take a month or more to reply to comments I’ve left on their blogs. If anything I’m just pleased to hear from them … We all have busy schedules, is it really that important whether I took 5 minutes or 5 days or 5 weeks …

Reminds me of a friend who got shitty with me because I didn’t do the “your place, my place” routine when visiting each other. Fully grown man ! My real friends couldn’t care less who’s turn it is. I have friends I always visit them, and I have friends who always visit me, the friendship’s the important thing not who’s damn turn it is … Petty, petty, petty …

Where does all this stupid pettiness come from ?

Warm regards

Don Charisma

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Warm regards, Don Charisma

340 thoughts on “You Took Too Long To Reply To My Comment, I’m Unfollowing You

  1. You are speaking from my heart! I asume that blog didn’t have a whole bunch of followers?!? Once some person unfollowed me and he actually wrote a Haiku in the comments. Wish I had kept it … Not to add to your work load here … Have a good day, Sir!

  2. Hey Don.. how are you ? Let me tell you .. I am getting your blog updates are on fire. Keep on going man.. you Inspire me to be active. Thanks .. keep on going. Your very old blog friend. (Since my old blog , I am really struggling to be active on this new one. But we’ll after seeing your hardwork.. I am on it now ) god bless

    1. I’m ok thanks, hope you are too. I have times where I don’t feel like blogging so don’t worry about it. Mostly I blog what I’m currently doing or interested in which helps. Keep up the good work 🙂

      Glad to hear of you being inspired, kinda feels like my job is being done properly !

      Keep in touch anytime, I do my best to reply when I can.

      Take care



  3. I just discovered your blog while I was at Mostly Blogging.

    I had to laugh at whoever got angry with you over something so … stupid. I mean really it’s laugh or cry sometimes, you know? Maybe they were just having a bad day and … I don’t know.

    I don’t have a blog yet, but plan to by the end of the year. I’ve left comments for bloggers and they’ve answered me up to a month later. I was happy to hear from them.

  4. am so glad I stumbled here – good to see that I’m not the only one confused by blogging at times. I suppose its anyone’s prerogative to only want to follow sites that answer them quickly, but it can be a jolt to one who tries to keep up

  5. I don’t usually comment expecting a reply. Especially if someone, like yourself, has hundreds of likes and comments. I do get happy when I get a reply . . . it could be months later . . . doesn’t matter. It is fun to communicate via blogs, but I don’t expect it. Especially since sometimes I don’t realize I am commenting on a post that is not current. 🙂

      1. Hello again Don. My apologies for the absence on the blogging scene as I took a personal break for several weeks and am playing catch up now. So did you ever get to the bottom of whether it was a spam?

        On a different note, being a writer, do you ever go through personal issues where you just don’t have it in you to write anything? If so, how do you deal with those times?

  6. I can’t speak for the idiots, I can only speak for myself. So, I comment on a persons blog because I want to. My comment or follow is not a binding agreement that means that you have to speak to me. It simply means that I felt the need to comment, you’ll read it when you get around to it and comment if you feel like it. At least that is how I look at it.

  7. ahhh people….such assholes. Why would they get mad if sometimes they also take too long to reply? I understand what you are going through Don and I do not get mad at all….sometimes I even forget about it.

  8. Thanks for the follow. Enjoyed looking around here and reading. Don’t worry, I won’t expect a reply on my comment. I never leave one because I expect a reply. If it’s a question, then I’d appreciate an answer but never expecting one! As for the guy from the post who stopped following you because you didn’t give him the attention he oh so thought he deserved…well he can hit the road. Who needs wishy washy?

    1. You’re welcome, I just do my best at the moment to reply as quick as I can … and yes, after replying to thousands of comments, one isn’t so patient with people who aren’t patient with me … thick skin is growing … cheers … Don

  9. This shit made me laugh so hard….I ask myself the same question on the daily (“Where does all this stupid pettiness come from ?”) I guess people have wayyyy to much time on their hands.


  10. I see all your posts (mostly the interesting and beautiful photos) but don’t comment because I figure you must be following every blog on the planet! Are you Santa Claus?

      1. 😀 Oh good. So now you know I can be mean if you don’t respond in time!
        Love reading your blog, btw. Was lurking in the shadows for a while and then finally decided to jump in!

      2. Always happy for lurkers to make themselves know, I’m pretty personable to other personable people 🙂

        And yes sometimes I don’t reply instantly to comments, just do my best and it doesn’t mean anything bad !

      3. Of course not! I too love to hear from other people, and love talking. But sometimes there just isn’t enough time! I understand completely 🙂

  11. Sorry but it makes me laugh. You write a lot of post like this one: insulting, criticizing, can i write whatever I want in your blog?, please unfollowed me and now this. I suppose it’s the price you pay for having a lot of traffic. In any way you’re practising interpersonal relationships, so be lucky! haha 🙂

  12. I believe you answered your own question. The pettiness stems from the stupidity lol. 😉 It’s not like you have one follower (more like a gazillion … lol). Don’t sweat the small stuff. 🙂

  13. Waaaa! Took a long way down here! hahaha 😀

    You’re doing your best Sir Don, it’s not your loss.. you already have a lot of followers. Your gain, not theirs. Hope things are well with you. Be blessed Sir 😀

      1. Hello Sir Don!

        I am just here around the corner, been dealing with a lot of stuff at the moment and looking forward to better days hopefully.

        Just haven’t updated the blog a lot but I still read most of your posts. 😀

        Hope you’re doing great! Keep safe always.


      2. Hey Mikee, sorry to hear of your woes, I hope things will improve soon for you 🙂

        You do what you need to do, and if you feel like reading anything then that’s a bonus for me …

        All ok for me



    1. LOL … nevermind, eh !

      I’m gearing up with audrey for a wbiia3, your name is high on the list of participants, it’ll be an improv event, wanted to give you a heads up (again ?) cheers Don

      1. I need to keep it small’ish and select in the number participants because it’s something cutting edge, I don’t think been tried before on the blog … I’ll drop you over a quick email …

      2. No apologies necessary dude, we all have our schedules, commitments and need for “me time” … I spelt three words wrong in that sentence (corrected now) …

        Let me drop you over an email now, so we have a line of communication open …

    1. Bit stalker’ish really, however a blog isn’t really stalkable due to it already public nature … that’s like a TV news man accusing the camera men of stalking him because they are filming him …

  14. Oh good grief! I can’t believe they did that to you. Really? Can they be that sensitive? Do they watch the news? Don’t worry about it for a New York minute babe. I blog because I enjoy sharing my writing. And I enjoy other blogs like yours not because I get comments or follows. Just for the shear creativity of it all. Keep doing what you do. You have a fan with me. Regardless if you respond to me or not. 🙂

    1. Always repsond even if it’s only a smiley face … and good to share the good and the bad, people have complimented me when I share the negative stuff that’s it’s helped them, so win-win all ways … see you soon … Don

  15. See, I cannot even begin to understand behaviour like that. I suppose that’s why I tend to walk away from people who pettily demand my time, or make assumptions just because it took me awhile to get back to them. I work 12 hour shifts at a hospital, have a five-year-old son, a husband who works very long hour, and a novel on the go. While I would certainly try my best, there is no possible way I could comment on 500+ comments a day and still keep quality material for my readers! I commend you for that level of interaction! 🙂

    Seems like most of your following feels the same, and is likely the reason you are so successful!

    1. For sure … I like the interaction and make time … when I first started blogging 25 comments used to take me all day, now I can do 500 comments in 6 hours … in another year maybe I’ll be able to do 5000 in an hour … who knows … “anything is possible which Charisma” LOL

  16. I take time to respond to comments all the time, especially people I like best, because I want to give thoughtful answers or sometimes because the questions posed requires research. One lady took a month to reply and we had a lovely conversation. As many people said, better off without someone who can’t understand a very human limitation, time. We all have it and its going to come bite us each and every one eventually. Frankly, each time we give someone the time of day, we’re literally giving them a bit of our time, which in aggregate, is our life. And we only have one. Some of us choose to save our lives by staying away from exploding volcanoes. Some of us choose to save our lives by not spending it on people who would waste it. Cheers!

  17. Being a complete newby in the blog world and seeing how many people follow you .. I must say I was very impressed when you replied to my comment a while back . I can’t even find time to post on my own blog . I’m hoping you can let all this stupidity run off your back . I don’t know where these people come from or how they sleep at night but Bravo to you for fighting back . I read most all your posts but hardly ever comment as I don’t think I can add much more except ” Go Get’em Don ! ” and keep up the good work ! :o)

  18. Mmm, bacon.
    Sorry, I’m a bit of a magpie when it comes to bacon.
    Even though it’s nice get a reply to a comment left on a blog, it is definitely not required. If a reply is warranted and the blogger feels like commenting to your comment, great! I certainly won’t feel slighted or feel I’m being ignored if I don’t get a reply.
    That said, I’ll be awaiting your reply to my comment (just kidding).

  19. Really? I don’t even expect a response to my comments. I am posting a comment, not initiating a conversation. A comment is a singular statement which I thought wasn’t obligated to be responded to. Oh well. Stupid me. 😉

  20. Haha..I can only imagine how immature that person was.I mean everyone is busy.Sometimes I hardly have time to reply to people’s comments even for a week.I actually feel bad about not reading their posts everyday but I can’t help it.

  21. wow – really I am unfollowing you?? I write on peoples blogs and then if they get back to me I am happy, and if not I don’t notice, I don’t run tabs – lifes too short. I am surprised anyone has the time or energy to have Online OCD. But now of course I am going to check every 5 minutes if you answer, and if you don’t I will have to consider what to do to punish you 🙂 – happy working on the backlog!

  22. If they are that impatient, do you even want them following you? You, literally can’t please everyone. I’ve accepted that. Plus, do you not have to comment on this if you don’t want to. I’m happy to have just found you. Not Petty At ALL. Spread the Love.

  23. Well I have decided to re-follow your blog after seeing this post.
    I have also just enrolled in a ninja class. A secret one.
    You would have been welcome to join too DC. But no no no!
    Someone was too busy to reply!

    Today we learnt how to throw these awesome star shaped things.
    I can throw like two million. In like, a second…

    Someone should write a short script about ‘blog-tiffs’ as I call them. Would be great haha 🙂


    P.s. The movie could end in a cataclysmic ‘blog-off’ hahaha!

    1. Very much enjoyed reading your comment … I’m doing an improv event coming soon, so keep an eye out for it you might enjoy, and we might if we can get it off the ground need some more spontaneous wits to participate …

  24. Oh Lordie I feel guilty now ~ Im one of those bloggers who take ages to reply to comments ~ as you say we are BUSY people and I can’t always spare time to read the comments every day. Once a week is often the best I can do.
    To paraphrase Dr Seuss, “those who matter don’t mind, those who mind, don’t matter!”

    1. I know hun, and look don’t worry about it, I don’t care that i get people replying 1 week 4 weeks or whatever … it’s the thought that counts 🙂

      I have said saying on my front page 😉

  25. If you don’t respond to my comment on not commenting on a comment, I really won’t be offended.

  26. I’m giving you 8 hours to respond to this comment. That’s plenty of time. And if you miss my deadline be even one second, I’m going to stop following your blog. I’ve given you fair warning.

    Oh wait, I haven’t been following your blog. Okay, I fixed that. Now I am following your blog. It’s up to you whether or not I still we be 8 hours from now. See, I can be petty with the bet of ’em!

  27. I’m quite certain that comment was to get a rise out of you or this person is seriously starving for attention. I’ve noticed its those sad desperate souls with noting else to do that usually make such coments. You’re blog is great and you do a great job keeping up from what I can tell.

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