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I do get asked a lot of the same questions, so having an FAQ post/page makes sense for me …

Q. May I “friend” you on facebook ?

A. Yes you may, I never decline a genuine facebook friend request. I do ask though that you don’t spam me, try to sell me anything or bombard me with questions. I am quite busy most of the time. A quick “hello how are you is fine.”. If you’re looking for more photos of me etc, you’ll be disappointed, there aren’t any. Also please don’t tag me on random crap that isn’t a photo of me, it just annoys me and makes me block you.

Q. Can I donate money/gift to you/sponsor you/buy your work.

A. Yes of course, please contact me/us about this.

Q. Please like my facebook page ?

A. Have you liked mine ? If you have, then sure I’ll like yours provided it’s something I like 🙂

Q. Are you a real person ?

Yes I am.

Q. Do I know you ?

A. Probably not if you have to ask me that. Do I know you ?

Q. I want to talk to you in a passive-aggressive way, an argumentative way or a disrespectful way, is that ok ?

A. No. Goodbye.

Q. May I know who you actually are ?

A. I’ve written an about page and there’s info about myself on my homepage on  If I didn’t answer your question then please ask me specifically what it is you want to know, I’m not telepathic or clairvoyant.

Q. Can I give you unsolicited advice and/or go on about things that interest me and aren’t relevant to the post I’m commenting on ?

A. No, I’d prefer you didn’t.

Q. How on earth did you find my blog ?

A. Your blog is a public blog. All non-private, non-mature blogs can be found in the WordPress reader, if the blogger uses tags or categories. eg a blogger who blogged about accounting could be found at

Google – Google list the majority of blogs. For the accounting example search Google for “accounting”

Yahoo – Yahoo list many blog, search yahoo for same example “accounting”

Q. Can you tell me how I can improve my blog ?

A. Yes I can. But I’m not telepathic or clairvoyant. So you’d need to ask me specific questions on things that you’re unclear about or need advice on. Sometimes I can provide a quick answer, sometimes I’ll write a post on the subject, and sometimes I’ll refer you to my commercial site. If you want priority help then please visit our commercial site, and hire us as consultants or contractors. Otherwise any help is given on as and when I have time basis, ie best efforts.

Also please have a look at the articles I’ve already written here, especially my SEO page.

Q. My blog is about needlepoint/knitting/women’s fashion/”the axes I use for murdering people” … what on earth do we have in common and why would you follow my blog ?

A. What unites and is common of all bloggers is that we are ALL writers and publishers. The blogging community is a very big aspect of why I blog. I have friends who do for instance – a food blog – Elaine – Irene does Women’s Jewellery Design blog – … Jason Cushman blogs about Opinions – … I could name another 200+ easily off of the top of my head, and have thousands of connections that I’m regularly in contact with.

The majority of bloggers and others on social networks I’m in contact with do not run a blog about Charisma !

Food, Jewellery Design and Opinions are not the main focus of my blog, or my life for that matter. These people however are still my friends, fellow bloggers and people I enjoy interacting with.

So a common interest is not necessary, being hospitable and community minded is. You’re welcome to join in.

If not then I suggest you find a needlepoint/knitting/women’s fashion/”the axes I use for murdering people” closed forum and join that, you’ll be amongst like minded people.

Q. You’ve followed my blog but it’s in Italian/ German/ French/ Russian/ Thai/ Dutch/ Norwegian/ Swedish/ Japanese/ Polish/ Romanian/ Bulgarian/ Canadian/ American ?????

A. Yes I know, I don’t have a prejudice about people from other countries, do you ? … Google Translate !

Q. I don’t like you, because you seem like _________ (insert rude statement), I want you to unfollow my blog ?

A. Yes I can, I’m happy to do so, and very happy to have nothing to do with rude people like you. But do realise that if your blog is a public blog then I’m free to follow your blog (at my discretion), and under no obligation to unfollow you. If you don’t want people to follow your blog please set it to “private” OR stop publishing on a blog. All public blogs have an RSS feed that can be followed, anonymously if I or anyone else wishes to, yours included. Also POLITENESS COSTS NOTHING, online I often use this to decide whether someone is an imbecile or not. Intelligent people tend to show a degree of social intelligence, and in most cases being rude is not necessary.

Q. Can you help me promote my book/product/service/business/self ?

A. Yes. But you are asking me to do work for you, which is a commercial request. Or do you imagine that I’ll work for you for free, why would I do that ?

I do my blog for free because I enjoy it, it helps me promote myself and I enjoy the community aspects. I sometimes help others promote themselves, but at my own discretion usually when they’ve shown outstanding merit – Not because they sent me a single comment wanting me to do commercial work for them for free. Actually that’s kinda insulting.

I can’t be an affiliate on because it’s against my terms of service agreement I have agreed to with them. So I won’t help you promote and market your book/product/service as an affiliate.

It’s very very unlikely I’d be interested in commission/affiliate type arrangement with you, so please do think twice before contacting us about this. do allow us to be an affiliate for your products and services, but there’s certain things we can’t do. Also I’m only interested in promoting things which are related to the blog, and I’m congruent with personally. For more info on affiliate marketing on –

If you want to hire me as a writer to impartially write a review of your book/service/product (on my blog), I am happy to do this at an hourly rate. Please contact me via our commercial site –

If you want help promoting/SEO for your book/product/service/business/self, we can help you with that, either as consultants helping you plan what you need to do or as contractors doing the required work for you. Again please contact me via our commercial site

Q. Can I advertise on your blog ?

A. No, it’s against the terms of service that all bloggers have agreed to. I suggest you contact the WordAds team for advertising on

The only caveat for this would be for you to become a sponsor of my blog, where we could list you as a sponsor. If you wish to become a sponsor, please contact me about this. But obviously I can only list your name or company name, not your products or services.

Q. Would you fill in X or Y survey for me ?

A. No. I don’t tend to do surveys, I don’t find them terribly useful for me.

Q. I would like you to do a guest post/interview for my blog, do you do this ?

A. Yes, happy to help. Please contact me about this.

Q. I would like to do a guest post on your blog, is this possible ?

A. Maybe, would depend on what it’s about, who you are and my available resources at the time. Usually guest blogs are at my request, and they are always congruent with who I am. Do contact me if your post fits in with this.

Q. I need help setting up a successful blog/website/e-commerce site (or other web presence) and promoting/SEO’ing it, can you help ?

A. Sure, please contact me at our commercial site, both Danny and I would be pleased to help you with your project.

Warm regards


Don Charisma

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