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  1. Hello Don,

    Thanks for following my blog. I just started following you today, so while I am in, I am likely too new to rate an invitation. But, after looking around and noting who you follow (I recently began following Opinionated Man too) I will most likely be commenting from time to time.

    As a freelance writer with many friends who freelance as well, I have become concerned that we belong to many forums and follow tons of sites and blog that are for freelancers, by freelancers. I want to show future clients and freelance writers at any stage of their career that social media, blogs and websites we belong to should be more customer oriented, less writer oriented.

    I do not recall the number, but it is huge, of forums and blogs that devote days of conservation to setting prices.The debate never changes, and neither to the results.

    1. Hey 😀

      OpenMan’s an old friend and colleage, he’s a very good blogger and progressive ….

      I’d love to invite everyone who wanted, but simply I just don’t have the time … So I put together a guest blogger process “Team Charisma World People” and I bring people on board as and when I have time … basically I get to know them a little first via my comments which helps me understand and work with them …

      And props on the consumer oriented side of things, most writers and creatives are complete morons when it comes to marketing themselves … so that’s very progressive of you … I think people have “issues” with selling themselves, they feel it demeaning or that their talents should sell themselves … however that as we both know is not an accurate picture of how things really are …



  2. Hey, thanks for following my little blog. I really need to update it. Have you ever heard a comment like that before? We (my wife and I) really appreciate the help in getting our blog noticed.
    So we’re missionaries, volunteering at a “casa hogar” – a home for girls, whether orphaned, or neglected or abused. We’ve been here for three years, and love what we do!

    1. Hey, you’re very welcome, and it’s lovely to hear from you … sounds like you’re doing something good in the world, and happy you enjoy, that’s the best feeling in the world 😀

  3. Wow what a great site! Thanks for following my ‘Jobbing It’ blog; hopefully you’ve got some peeps out there who sympathise with the wacky world of minimum wage while trying to hit the bigtime! I’m going to have a snoop around everyone elses blogs right now 😉

  4. Hi Don, thank you so much for taking the time to swing by my shed and checking it out. I’m quite honoured that you did so. I’m now following you. Your blog is amazing!

  5. I do hair and nails and whatnot on the spot, meaning on the bus, while you’re walking, etc. I also lip sync and can hula hoop at 50 mph. I figure with me being so different and all, you’d surely promote that.

      1. I used to laugh at the messages I used to get on facebook in my nightclubing days – “come to ‘Sapphire’ tonight, because it’s the summer” … I’m like, what kind of feeble excuse is that, sell it to me why don’t you … what I subsequently figured out is that there’s a difference between promoting and marketing, and promoting doesn’t actually involve giving a why, it’s just a here I am … I’m planning to post on that later …

        If you are serious have a go at one of my prompts, or just stick around and make a nuisance of yourself … oh, doh, silly me, you’re doing that already 🙂

  6. Are you SURE I don’t know you from the time I asked you to promote my needlepoint/axemurder blog for free?!?? 🙂

      1. Will do – but I’ll only accept the answer “no” if you say it in at least 7 different languages!

      2. Oh now you can do better than that! I’ve just woke up and I have ‘nein’, ‘niet’ ‘nee’ to offer…..

      3. Well did I ever tell you I teach a foreign language? It’s true.
        My favorite question which could appropriately go under my “I’m a world language teacher” FAQ is:
        Oh do you speak that language?

      4. Sure – even better if they speak German or Spanish! But I’ll just pretend if it’s another language!

    1. Someone with too much time on their hands and just appearing* to look busy (or too ignorant to figure out how to just block him…) Either way, a dingaling 🙂 Who knows. Some blogs are “sponsored” so they have capital to indiscriminately to buy readers/comments/likes etc.; to maintain the charade. *shrugs. They have their social media guru’s typing out stuff*, handling their media. *shrugs 😀

      1. Not me hun, we’re a two man band, running on a shoestring … if we get a sponsor I’d welcome it … always welcome getting paid, rent needs paying, electric, food, travel and so on … I see the starving artist point of view, but I’m not a martyr …

  7. Hi Don, “Do I know you? Yes, I do so please dont’ say Goodbye. I read each and every word of this post of yours and love it as it. What I am about to ask is something irrelevant. I asked the same question on WP Support but did not seem to get any answer.
    When you go into my home page, you will see a list of recent posts and those posts with many likes, you will notice the likes and the tags overlap which looks so messy. Do you or anyone have any idea how I could overcome that?. Once you clicked on the individual post, the likes are displayed neatly but not while it is on the homepage. Ummm… a big ask.. sorry for something not related but I thought I’d ask my mentor… so please don’t say goodbye cos I know you ! 🙂

    1. Now here’s the thing … 1) Don’t worry that question and answer wasn’t for you !
      2) I can’t find the link to your blog … so please let me know … to solve this problem in the future it’s prudent to fill in your primary blog in the relevant places, check settings in gravatar, there is also settings in the reader … why? everytime you leave a comment, the blog you leave a comment on can see your blog name – means you get more visitors, followers etc …
      Hope this helps 🙂

      1. Thanks Don. I will check my gravatar. I was afraid to leave my link on comments on others blog as some may not like it. 🙂

      2. Most of the time it’s no problem if you leave a link … best thing is make sure the gravatar is up to date with your main blog, so then the blog you comment can see it … also you get a link back to your blog each time you comment, so helps your SEO 🙂

    1. Thanks hun, and I’ve already used it once today … hopefully it’ll prove useful as a “how to become socially savvy” in one article …

      Ponder away, but I find it hard to believe that you could come up with a question that hits my moron filter …

      1. Glad you like, a dear friend of mine shared it with me, still makes me laugh everytime I watch it … been viewed 21 million times and there are other versions of the same thing …

  8. You’re a funny one, DC. Do you really have people asking you to unfollow them???? Enquiring, and not at all rude, minds want to know.

    1. I’ve had one or two … morons I put it down too … I think the socially savvy enquiring minds can word their questions such as they don’t come across as passive aggressive or otherwise undesireable, so tend to pass my radar unfiltered ….

  9. Dear me Don, you sound a little upset. How about another beautiful sunset. Nothing like a sunset. By the way, it snowed here last night. You are so lucky to see the sun, sand and beauty of your surroundings.

    1. LOL, maybe, more an assertive thing, and trying to cut down on the hours that I spend answering the same questions, which are actually fairly self evident …

  10. ‘The majority of bloggers and others on social networks I’m in contact with do not run a blog about Charisma !’ Quote of Don :). know there’s a line there but I’m up WAYYYY to early to work it out – will get back to you when the brain fully functions hahaha. Like the Q and A format 🙂

  11. ahahah! “Needle Point and Axe Murderers”, quite a combo…But at least you hit the [needle] point on the head…Whoops. Tell me people don’t have blogs going about Axe Murderers?! What on earth…I can’t even sit through Criminal Minds and CSI without breaking down LOL Eee…*furiously blocks any blogs listed about that!* 😉

    1. LOL … it’s an indirect reference to a guy that has a blog about axes and tried to make me look bad, ended up making himself look stupid … search goolge for “Don Charisma” and see what you find … I may bring it to public attention at some point, already indirectly blogged about it multiple times, see my trolls post I wrote last year

      1. haha 🙂 People still do that? What a waste of time and energy! Sometimes I’ll play along but then I get bored :/ So, I usually end it >:) Nothing like the block…Funny enough, they still keep going…You’d think those writing skills they’d use ’em for something good or even profitable. LOL!

    1. Not when I can use up 3-4 hours a day answering comments fully over and over again with the same answers … It takes away time that I could have been publishing photos, writing or otherwise putting content on my blog … I like to answer every comment, because I feel often people want a connection …

      1. LOL, no need hun, there’s just a lot of the same questions, my regular commenters like yourself seem to have a brain and some social savvy’ness … which are welcomed, and I do welcome your comments 🙂

      1. LOL, still trying to figure out how to get this to work on the front page … i think I might start with just you and I and see how that goes first … but take time please hun, I’m not ready yet 🙂

      2. I laughed a lot, DC. Should be a way, and if there is one, you’ll find it. You and I works fine, sir. I’m in no hurry.

        I was trying to be spontanious enough to do your prompt today, since I didn’t get a poem out this afternoon, but you kept me busy. The improv with you was worth the lack of poetry. 🙂

      3. I’m hoping I can get some more writers to take on the impro idea, I’ve found it absolutely mind-blowing when I did my course, was amazed at how funny and creative I could be with virtually no training … we’ll come up with something, ideas are starting to crystallise, and jamming a bit helps for practice …

  12. Thanks for posting such honest, straight answers. It is amazing what some people will ask and expect. You say it like it is – and that is very helpful. Thanks also for following our blog. We were intrigued by your expanse of interests and plan to follow yours as well. Keep up the good work!
    Gayle Moore-Morrans

    1. You are very welcome … sorry for late reply, things been a bit topsy turvy for me past couple of days … it’s taken me a while to put this together, but best to say it like I see it …

    1. 🙂 for sure … was thinking about writing more about that one … I see it as often passive aggressive question, and bored with people asking me it, if I’m honest … I think socially savvy person would probably ask me something else …

      1. I just read “Do I Know You? – Don Charisma’s Mini Guide To Social Retards”, and might I say BRAVO. It actually makes me proud to say that I’ve never thought to ask a blogger that question. 😉

      2. Of course you can Carrie, always happy for someone to say Bravo … and thanks for keeping your humilty and friendliness muscles in good working order, the world will turn more smoothly with you in it 🙂

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