What’s Beyond Space ?

My local TV station has been showing World Science Festival, TED, and some other science shows. It’s fascinating to hear the accepted theories on how the universe was created, stars, black holes etc. From what I understand our universe is thought to be a little under 14 billion years old, which is a staggering length of time …


Some of the other quantities like the number of stars (10-200 sextillion) and number of planets they think are in our universe are even more vast, so vast in fact it’s pretty challenging to comprehend things like – there are (perhaps) more stars in our universe than grains of sand on all the beaches on earth.

From what I understand, our universe is expanding, has been since the beginning. It’s what scientists call “inflation”. Liking to think beyond what I’m told, I do puzzle about what exactly the universe is expanding into.

Is there simply more “space” which is infinite ?

Or is “space” being created to expand into ?

Or, something else ?


Don Charisma

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Greengeeks are … Crap, Rubbish, Awful, Terrible, Horrible, Slow, Waste Of Money

I “inherited” a hosting account with Greengeeks via my business partner. Our sites used to be hosted with them, but we’re currently moving away from them, because, to be blunt, they are awful in so many ways.

Robert Lee had this to say, which pretty much sums up how I feel about them :

“Poor customer service. Slow Servers. DDoS Attacks. Customer Support SUCKS” – Robert Lee @ trustpilot.com

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Kim Davis – Bigot Or Hero ? – Don Charisma’s Opinion

Fairly straightforward, Kim Davis was supposed to issue marriage licenses to same-sex marriage couples, as is “the law”, but refused to, due to her personal beliefs being in opposition … now she’s in jail, and refuses to comply  …


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When Did We Stop Listening To People’s Words And Listen To Their Reputations Instead ?

I’m curious due to occasional comments I get on the famous people’s quotes that I post, where people seem more concerned with discussing the person, than what the person actually said … Do we judge first and listen later, or … Continue reading When Did We Stop Listening To People’s Words And Listen To Their Reputations Instead ?

Kill The Messenger – Don Charisma’s Opinion

Some stories are just too true to tell” – Probably my favorite line from this movie. What a great movie, about truth, and the rollercoaster one man puts himself on in the search for and attempting to tell it …


AND not just a couple of foreign journalists in a far away place – Kill The Messenger is set in the US …

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