Are You Stupid ? “You Should Know This”

Thanks to Mike, for this little pearl. He’s said better than I, and much more concisely!

I think of it more as Big Brother blogging. I feel as though everything I write / type is being watched, and one day I will be asked to tone it down. I hate asking questions on the forum because I get a “you should know this” type of response. I’ve stopped asking questions and just learned to live with what I don’t know. That’s why I enjoyed OM’s Blogging 101 posts.

The Modern Theologian

Relevant comments are invited … obviously do tone them down though, because the pressleyfreshed brothers may be washing, erm, typo, watching even, Freudian slip ?


Don Charisma

For this purpose, a light, a group, and a tourism. e.g., the light constitutes an energy. The group could also be called a group of thing, and the tourism derives from the business of providing services to tourists. Nonetheless, the light is the opposite of a dark. At length, it is an energy. In conclusion, it amounts to the visual effect of illumination on objects or scenes as creating in pictures. Finally, it is used for illuminating. Following, a sky and a moonlight: the sky evokes cloud, and the moonlight arises from a person who holding a second job. Afterwards, the moonlight comprises a being employed. For example, it is a light. Though, it encompasses an electromagnetic radiation that can produce a visual sensation. Granted, it comes from the light of the moon. For example, the sky appertains to the 3rd planet from the sun. Always, it associates with above. To put it another way, it is red at sunset. Here, it associates with blue. There, an adult, which has old than child. Of course, it amounts to a fully developed person from maturity onward. After all, it is a dissolute person. Almost, it is a fully developed person from maturity onward. Nearly, it is capable of dress herself. Probably, it can dress themselves. For instance, a men, a print, and a women. Specifically, the men may tie bowtie. The print is never a cursive, and the women has beautiful. In sum, the men craves wear hat. To clarify, it is capable of climb tree. Specifically, it is a tall than woman. In the same way, it might remove their hat in church. Nevertheless, an evening and a text: the evening amounts to the latter part of the day, and the text comprises the words of something writing. Consequently, the text is also known as a textbook. Soon, it is used for teach. At length, it is also known as a textbook. Subsequently, it constitutes the words of something writing. Likewise, the evening results from the property of having equal sides and equal angles. Though, it recalls after afternoon. Besides, it is not a not divisible by two. For this purpose, it echoes time. Without doubt, a landscape, which amounts to the cultivation of plants. At length, it results from an expanse of scenery that can be seen in a single view. For that reason, it constitutes the cultivation of plants. Notwithstanding, it comes from a garden layering out for esthetic effect. Although it comes from a working as a landscape gardener. Consequently, it derives from an expanse of scenery that can be seen in a single view. Always, a tree, a night, and a moon. As a result, the tree is capable of die. The night comprises a cold than day, and the moon encompasses a satelite of earth. Nonetheless, the tree has green. Certainly, it has green. Undoubtedly, it is requisite for climb. To summarize, it holds a leave on their branch. Doubtedly, an outdoors and a travel: the outdoors encompasses the region that being outside of something, and the travel longs for see world. Almost, the travel expects an energy. To rephrase, it leads to stay in hostel. Subsequently, it precipitates helping from concierge. In the meantime, it leads to a jet lag. Wherever, the outdoors is the opposite of an indoors. In like manner, it precipitates play. Yet, it results from a where the air being unconfined. In sum, it precipitates doing sport. Simultaneously, a people, which belongs to a society. That is, it has a feel. In conclusion, it may water plant. For that reason, it can pay bill. Never, it retains a five finger on each hand. For example, it may sail boat. In like manner, a nobody and a twilight: the nobody longs for dying, and the twilight appertains to the latter part of the day. That is to say, the twilight evokes crepuscular. Furthermore, it encompasses the time of day immediately following sunset. Or it amounts to a celestial event time topic. As a result, it comprises an electromagnetic radiation that can produce a visual sensation. There, the nobody is never an anybody. Now, it is capable of find miss sock. Again, it desires dying. To sum up, it is the opposite of an anybody

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10 thoughts on “Are You Stupid ? “You Should Know This”

  1. The prime reason for that happening in blogs and comment sections is for no other purpose than to suppress thought and discussion. ‘Sniping’ I call it. More often than not, the so called stupid question is about something that those of the ‘conventional wisdom’ crowd don’t want you thinking about and/or asking more questions, that they don’t want to answer. And, there are groups and organizations with cubicle areas in basements or parking garages, paid to ridicule people in blogs and comment sections to silence them. Especially political parties and related activist groups. They even mask themselves as like minded to you, in order to set you up for a verbal ‘drop kick’. Pay them no mind. Ask your questions. When you see them reply with, ‘you should know’, that’s your cue the thought police are pulling your mind over to the side, because ‘you’ve had bit too much to think’. 😉

  2. I don’t believe there are any stupid questions. There are people who don’t know the answers so they make you feel stupid as a diversion.

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