30 Minutes To Blog

I’m not a writer, not ever really had much in the way of aspirations to be one. Reading and writing for me are necessary things in order to get from A to B, tools of life if you like.

Today, I’m spending 30 minutes to blog. It’s 4pm here, and I’ll stop writing at 4.30pm.

So, out of the endless mountain of topics, what to write about ? Pick one and write !

I have a title, so that’s a good place to start. I have 30 minutes to blog …


Time constraints can be a motivator, but can also feel like one’s under pressure to produce, to perform. So, why 30 minutes to blog ? Well I find often that I take too long in my writing, a bit of a perfectionist. Does perfection really matter in the end product, in what’s produced, or do people reading care more that what you wrote was authentic ?

I dunno, sometimes utter rubbish that takes no time at all is thoroughly enjoyed by others. And other times masterpieces that took hours, days weeks are totally badly received. And of course the converse …

Are we every actually just writing for ourselves, and if so why bother sharing it ? Why not just keep those words, concepts, thoughts, dreams and imaginations in our own mind and body ?

I dunno, perhaps we all have a need to connect, to share, to be part of something outside us. Some might see this as neediness, others might see an opportunity to have shared experiences. Shared experiences which perhaps nullify our worry that we’re all “on our own”.

So, makes sense just to accept that we’re almost always writing for others, as well as for ourselves. But what of writing for a search engine, writing for a machine that doesn’t care about us, at all, it only cares about making money for it’s owners, and technically it only cares about the binary zeros and ones it’s processing. The Terminator, ahem I mean Google !

Should I review my 30 minute blog, edit, correct, polish etc, or should I throw caution to the wind and trust myself not to have made any mistakes, and just press publish … hmmm, again I dunno, we’ll see how much time is added by adding keywords, images etc …

Future plans, well that’s a constant thing that keeps me from the here and now. I think I think far too much about the future. Or not. After all isn’t it my ass that’s on the line if I don’t plan for the future, if I don’t keep my eye on the road ? Perhaps that’s why I find the fateist’s point of view a little difficult to digest. You mean you don’t plan for the future and you don’t actually care ?

Time’s running out. So I should think of a witty end to this bit of writing.

Silver linings, yay … that’s right have a good groan and moan about things which are on our mind, then find the silver lining.

So what’s the silver lining today ? For me personally, at least I don’t spend too much of my time worrying about politicians, which makes me happy. They are all as bad as one another, so perhaps I’m in the fateist’s territory on that one.

20 minutes, finished the writing, now 10 minutes for tags and photos … and maybe some editing …

Have a good day, write something today, or tomorrow, for yourself, and of course for the millions who’ll click on you after you’ve hit publish.


Don Charisma

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8 thoughts on “30 Minutes To Blog

  1. I can’t limit myself like that. I spend a good hour at my dashboard ane surfing the Readers posts. I can usually write my own post in 15 minutes or less. I edit the post then if I have time. If not I’ll do it later.

  2. Dear Don Charisma, your post makes muse indeed. 30 minutes is really fast. My Congratulations! Nevertheless, no matter how much time we spend doing it, the most important is the result. It should be striking or at least claim on it. Best regards.

  3. The 30 minutes limit is a good idea. I tend to ramble on and on, and even though that’s ok because if I enjoy it then whatever because it’s my blog, having a time limit would also be good as it would mean I would post more often. As it is, I hardly write as I feel I have to set aside hours for it, not just time for the ‘research’ (setting out to find info then getting distracted into reading other stuff) and time for writing the post itself, but time also for the correcting part because I know it will bother me if I don’t. Cheers.

    1. Thanks Halim … and yes I’m finding that I simply don’t have 8 hours to knock out killer posts everyday, so 30 minutes I think means even with tagging and editting it’s less than an hour and that I can probably fit into most days 🙂

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