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On visiting a friend and his wife back in London, I was offered some of “Steve’s Sugar” … I said, yeah, sure, why not I don’t know Steve, but if you reckon it’s good stuff I’ll try it … when the jar showed up it was “Stevia Sugar” … WTF ?

Exactly, apparently she’d paid nearly 20 times as much for the Stevia sugar as for regular sugar. When questioned on it, I got what seemed a prepared and automatic, what seemed inauthentic defence about diabetes running in the family, bla bla bla … seemed more like popular media brainwashing to me, but then who am I to judge ?

IS quote SUGAR unquote *ACTUALLY* bad for you ?

Well at one time I might have agreed, but, call me irresponsible, I prefer to use that thing between my ears called a brain, to think for myself, well at least sometimes, or at least until it starts to hurt …

It was pointed out to me that :

All sugars (and carbs) are broken down in the body to form glucose, which is fuel that we need for our muscles and presumably our brains – hence perhaps the expression – “hardly enough brain power to move his/her own limbs” …

Also, almost all “ordinary” foods contain sugars in varying amount, most obvious of which is fruits, more-so in sweeter fruits …

Kate and Kate summed up pretty much what I think about popular brainwashing by the sugar goody-goodies in “The Katering Show – WE QUIT SUGAR”

“What do these people think they’re gonna die of ?” is probably my favorite line 🙂 …

The Katering Show recently turned up on my TV, and a refreshing break from some of the watered-down spam that passes for a entertainment – Good on Kate and Kate and their team … the girls are evilly sarcastic, which suits me down to the ground and keeps me laughing right from the start.

Who knows perhaps sugar is satan’s food … stranger things have been known … could be via popular brainwashing that people are actually harming themselves by avoiding sugar … wiser people than me probably know !

In any case I’ll probably stick with what my granny taught me – a little of what you fancy does you good … I like sugar, fruit, honey and plenty of ordinary foods which contain sugar, and therefore probably wont be quitting anytime soon …

Must be some sugar goody-goodies out there to balance up the equation, perhaps you’ll convert me … although I doubt it …


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14 thoughts on “Steve’s Sugar

  1. I agree with you Don. If we eat a variety of foods, that should be fine in my opinion. Anyway the so-called experts rarely say the same things twice. Don’t eat too many eggs, do eat plenty of eggs. Animal fat is bad; animal fat is good. Now it’s the turn of sugar.

    1. My favourite one in the UK was the “no than 3g of salt per day” … perhaps this is fine for an office worker, but an soldier running 30 miles a day, well might need more than 3g of salt … it’s too broad a generalisation, which means it doesn’t help … they’d been better off saying, eating too much salt could be bad for you …

  2. Some sweet-tooth you are Don, and you aint getting converted anytime soon! That much I can tell! 😁

    I hear too much of a good thing’s wonderful! If I apply this logic to sugar, spice and all things nice; I daresay you just may be right Don or NOT?! 😈😆

    Again, Fad or not; I believe in being really safe, than sorry; so yeah, moderation oughta be the watchword! Totally! Thanks Don! 👍😃

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