Should Communities Be Run By Corporations ?

Facebook is a collection of communities. As is twitter. As is … and so on … However social networks are owned and run by corporations … and corporations are setup with the primary agenda of “making profit” … So …

Are corporations the best structures to be running communities ? Or does that just lead to the corporation promoting their own agendas, like “profit for corporation first, freedoms of community members eroded as best suits the corporation as a consequence” ?

Does a corporation have the right to “own” a community ? Or is that a contradiction in terms ?

Or perhaps we do need a “big brother” watching over us, making the tough choices, so we don’t have to ?

Discuss …


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21 thoughts on “Should Communities Be Run By Corporations ?

  1. Neither nor Twitter, Facebook or other social media needs to be run by a “for profit” organisation. It would work at least as well (or maybe even better) when these platforms would be run by a non-profit organisation.
    Mozilla shows quite well that a company can be a non-profit organisation and still offer well working software like browsers, email programmes etc (of course that’s judged on what I know about them).

    1. I’m inclined to agree Julia, but as it’s a question, there’s still a doubt in my mind which is “best” … Sometimes for profit organisations do things better … Sometimes they’re just in it for the money … guess it depends on the leaders, and to a lesser extent those who’re running things day to day “on the ground” …

      1. I didn’t mean to say that all non-profit organisations are doing things better, I was just giving an example because I know that I’m not always good at voicing my opinion 😉

  2. I don’t want any Big Brother running a community I am part of. I do wish we could have more control ourselves, though. There’s enough governmental regulation here to drive anyone crazy!

  3. “does that just lead to the corporation promoting their own agendas”

    I think that has been answered about WP with what happened to OM. It has toned down some of the other blogs I follow as well, probably with fears of repercussions.

      1. I think of it more as Big Brother blogging. I feel as though everything I write / type is being watched, and one day I will be asked to tone it down. I hate asking questions on the forum because I get a “you should know this” type of response. I’ve stopped asking questions and just learned to live with what I don’t know. That’s why I enjoyed OM’s Blogging 101 posts.

      2. Ah, ok, great, so it’s not just me then … pretty much mirrors my thoughts … may I quote you on this, or would you prefer these thoughts to remain in “the bowels of the blog” ? … I thought it would make a good foreward for an opinion post 🙂

  4. Facebook, Twitter and WordPress would be nowhere without us. Perhaps we have a symbiotic relationship. They provide a platform or service to us, but without us they wouldn’t exist. Let’s not underestimate the power that we have in the process.

  5. We wouldn’t have the WordPress community if it weren’t for them. They need to make a living, and I have 2 free blogs.

    1. Or do they ? Charities employ people, but aren’t based on a “for profit” formula … so workers DO “make a living”, but often not to the level of the higher ups owning Lamborginis etc … a charitable organisation could oversea a community like …

      So, not convinced or Facebook or Twitter need to be a “for profit” corporation … but that was the whole question really …

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