Why Visit A Blog ? – Don Charisma’s Opinion

Do we visit blogs to be enlightened ?

To be entertained, delighted, surprised, amazed or aroused ?

To promote yourself ?

To make a connection with another human being ?

To make friends ?

Because it’s the same old shit on the TV again ?

Why do you visit blogs, and what do you think it is that makes you want to visit again ?


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82 thoughts on “Why Visit A Blog ? – Don Charisma’s Opinion

  1. Great question, Don!
    I read blogs to learn and for information. At times, I pass the information to others (hit the Twitter button and tweet to my followers). I also visit for personal pleasure, such as photos, and encouragement such as your daily quote. I also visit blogs to get to know others and even when I don’t comment, I leave behind a star rating if the blog has it, (always a 5) and click “like” as a way of letting the blogger know that I appreciate their work.

    1. Thanks … so a range of things – receiving and giving 🙂 … it’s certainly fascinating to watch others progress … and I think people like to connect with both the good and bad that people are going through … I think sometimes the bad are things they can’t vocalise themselves … like readers leaving rude messages on our blogs for instance – I blogged about recently

      1. ..like readers leaving rude messages on our blogs for instance – I blogged about recently

        After 2 years of going through that, I changed the options so that only those with Word Press accounts can comment. The people behind the vile messages then claimed that because there were less comments on my blog, that it meant I was losing followers. (sigh)

        I love reading and supporting other blogs and cannot understand the attitude of “lone rangers” who blog, but never pay it forward to other bloggers.

      2. Mirrors my experiences … still dumb people will continue to be dumb … and “you’re losing followers” is a psychological technique to try and make you feel bad … which is only to be expected from people who leave vile messages !

        I do my best within what I have to help others, same as you 🙂

    1. LOL … pretty much same for me … and I rediscovered greercn ‘s blog recently, she has some good reviews, helps me choose which movies to watch … saves me countless hours of watching crap !

  2. In respect of the regular blogs I visit..to keep up with their lives, their insights.
    New blogs….a shared interest, a shared experience…and to see someone else’s light shed on it. But poor writing turns me off rapidly.

    1. I read something that was a little incoherent to start of with today … it made me laugh at the end, but some persistence was required !

      So, I cut a little slack for poor writing, especially since I’m not a writer by trade myself … and I know I make plenty of typos, takes me long enough to find and edit them …

      It is nice though to just read something smooth and get to the end quickly having absorbed a lot of stuff … some writers are better at this than others, and have good days and bad days same as the rest of us …

  3. There is someone (a blog) who gives me flowers everyday with a beautiful poem and it delights my soul. Someone else is on a similar journey as mine and I can identify with them. Others are from countries I have dream about and they give me insight to other cultures. There is a math blog that always amuses. I only hope that my blog can return some of the joy that they have given me.

    1. Leslie expressed my thoughts better than I would have! And I want to connect to what is good, kind, generous, truthful, genuine, loving, funny….knowing that good is contagious! I’m privileged to reciprocate. Thanks, Don 🙂

      1. While I’m not a writer so I don’t use writing prompts, I do think quotes are a great launching pad to inspiration! Go for it, Don 😀

      2. Don, One of the things I appreciate about you is how you find ways to develop your blog and reach out to your followers. That’s good stuff 🙂

      3. I have a friend who’s worked in marketing his whole life …. he says “it’s all an experiment” 🙂 … and I fairly much agree, trying new things all the time, then they never get old …

      4. Oh, Don, that is a terrific quote 😀 Life itself is all an experiment! Each failure draws us closer to our next exhilarating success! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Nearly all of the above – which is why I love the community here – the opportunity to commune with others who are interested in perspectives outside their own – who enjoy connecting with and learning about folks who live in a reality that is different than my own 🙂

  5. I agree that is it for all of your reasons. Which blogs I enjoy most can differ from day to day or on my mood. But, the human connection is a huge plus.

  6. I love reading other’s perspective on things I may have different POVs on or share the same POV on. I like reading different take on things.

  7. I visit blogs for the opportunity to learn about people, cultures, and the sometimes roller coaster ride we are on called humanity. I observe and return to be enlightened or even as a stress reliever. I enjoy the interaction with people, the sharing and understanding of opposing views. Life is fascinating and terrible at times. Thx.U

  8. Where to start?! Sometimes I visit a blog in the first place because they liked one of my posts, commented on one of them or actually liked my stuff enough to follow me. Why do I keep going back? They posted a recipe, an insightful post, a story update, something thought provoking, I want to see what they’re up to: a lot of reasons really. Now if only a certain other blog company would start email notifications of new posts I’d lose even more of my day, lol.

      1. I like culture so I turn to blogs about movies, art and books. I love your photos and your brave insights and I find the quotes moving and inspiring. I like self-help, although too much of it is bathed in marketing-speak. And I am constantly driven to read political and religious blogs, although I often end up being annoyed at the narrowness of the point of view expressed. Most of all, I love originality and new ideas because they always make me think newly about an issue or an idea.

      2. You have a lovely way of saying it all in a paragraph Greer 🙂

        PS I watched “The Imitation Game” last night, thoroughly enjoyed, thanks for putting me on to it … the only one I haven’t been able to track down yet is Paddington …

  9. To read how other people interpret the world around them, to connect with other bloggers and sometimes because it is the same old thing on TV ! Oh & beautiful photos keep me coming back.

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