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Candice Owens – *Finally* Someone With Some Real Charisma

Just found this on Youtube – this lady has got some C-H-A-R-I-S-M-A – and she isn’t buying globalist BS anymore, and VERY vocal about it. Presidential material ? – Go Candace Owens, go !

*Much* respect to Candace for exposing some abhorrent hidden agendas, and how people have been lied to in life destroying ways. Anyway she says it better this I :

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Don’s Day Out

After dealing with a troll issue – I needed a break from blogging today, so I’ve been out visiting all of the blogs who’ve added likes to my posts over the past week or so (thanks to you all). I’ve put some likes on your posts too, to pay it forward, “spread the love” so to speak.

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Trump Addresses The Nation On Senate Impeachment Acquittal

I was recently accused of “wrong think” for admitting to sometimes watching Fox (even after explaining that I do find Fox partisan biased, and that I watch many other not-Fox sources as well). How some people know what I think by taking one word out of context, I have no clue, they must be far smarter than I am, because I can’t do it.

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Donald Trump Is Acquitted AND The Fall Of The House Of Pelosi

Double Whammy – These just in from Carl Benjamin, thanks Carl. I also acknowledge looking at the number of views on these videos, seems that Carl’s videos are probably surpassing fakestream media viewing numbers by now. So does that mean Carl is now mainstream ?

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Democrats PANIC As Republicans Launch Formal Investigations Into Biden, Announce MORE To Come

I just said in a conversation with another blogger that I didn’t think the Biden’s would face any justice … then this pops up … seems also there’s a suggestion that Trump’s impeachment may be expunged.

I’ve found Tim Pool’s videos interesting and informative, and helpful for interpreting US politics (for a non US citizen). Not sure of his political lean, but I think he may be left or centrist (based on comments he’s made in previous videos)

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donald trump

Impeachment Fails As Democrats Defeated – Dr Steve Turley

This just in from Dr Steve Turley …

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donald trump

Merry Un-Impeachmas – Trump Acquitted By The Senate On Both Articles

US President Trump has just been acquitted by the Senate on both articles of impeachment.

donald trump

So wishing you all a happy Un-Impeachmas.

I imagine there will be some salt going around about this, but, it is what it is – The orange man has been acquitted.


Don Charisma

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How To Make FREE Money From Transferwise – Risk Free

I’ve been using Transferwise for about three years now. I don’t recommend things I’ve never used to others, otherwise I’d have talked about Transferwise on my blog before. I’ve made maybe 70 transfers with them by now, each of which went flawlessly. It’s a service I use regularly, and is convenient and efficient for helping manage my money, and saves me money.
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What’s Beyond Space ?

My local TV station has been showing World Science Festival, TED, and some other science shows. It’s fascinating to hear the accepted theories on how the universe was created, stars, black holes etc. From what I understand our universe is thought to be a little under 14 billion years old, which is a staggering length of time …

Some of the other quantities like the number of stars (10-200 sextillion) and number of planets they think are in our universe are even more vast, so vast in fact it’s pretty challenging to comprehend things like – there are (perhaps) more stars in our universe than grains of sand on all the beaches on earth.

From what I understand, our universe is expanding, has been since the beginning. It’s what scientists call “inflation”. Liking to think beyond what I’m told, I do puzzle about what exactly the universe is expanding into.

Is there simply more “space” which is infinite ?

Or is “space” being created to expand into ?

Or, something else ?


Don Charisma

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Kim Davis – Bigot Or Hero ? – Don Charisma’s Opinion

Fairly straightforward, Kim Davis was supposed to issue marriage licenses to same-sex marriage couples, as is “the law”, but refused to, due to her personal beliefs being in opposition … now she’s in jail, and refuses to comply  …


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Kill The Messenger – Don Charisma’s Opinion

Some stories are just too true to tell” – Probably my favorite line from this movie. What a great movie, about truth, and the rollercoaster one man puts himself on in the search for and attempting to tell it …

AND not just a couple of foreign journalists in a far away place – Kill The Messenger is set in the US …

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