Don’s Day Out

After dealing with a troll issue – I needed a break from blogging today, so I’ve been out visiting all of the blogs who’ve added likes to my posts over the past week or so (thanks to you all). I’ve put some likes on your posts too, to pay it forward, “spread the love” so to speak.

I know *first world problems*, but as I have now more than 38000 followers it’d be impossible to visit everyone (would take weeks 24/7, maybe one day I’ll try !). Also, my feed in the wordpress reader is almost impossible to keep track of, so I have to maintain my own list of blogs to visit.

So, if you want to add your blog on my list, just drop me a comment, with your blog URL/link, something like this :


Hi Don,


Please add me on the special list, my blog is –

In your own words of course !

And I’ll do my best to visit you on my next “day off” from blogging, which may be sooner than I think …


Don Charisma

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38 thoughts on “Don’s Day Out

  1. Hey , Hi Don Charisma. “A day off from blogging “ , right now I’m trying to get a day on blogging 😁 Nice to see familiar faces are still here. Did a bit of writing about a vacation and the current bushfires here. It’s a kind of therapy 😀

    1. 🙂 yes I know I’m a click-baiter !

      Good to hear from you. I noticed you’d taken a break, as have I … and saw your posts about bushfires. I often watch Sky news Australia, so I get updates from them.

      Hope all is well with you. I don’t know the solution to getting back on the blog. Perhaps share something, photos or write something short, share something you’re interested in music, youtube … I dunno …

      You could do a guest blog about the bushfires for me if you’d find that helpful. Either way is cool though 🙂

      Keep in touch – (hopefully) speak soon


      1. I sure will. I have lots of experiences of the fires close and of family further afield. Today the weather is flooding rain. Crazy but it keeps us on our toes 😂

  2. Hi Don,
    Yes, please add me to your “special” list. (Love your cat photo, by the way!)
    Am a very erratic blogger with no real schedule. (Yes, yes, I know blogs should be on a regular schedule.) However, I do enjoy checking your blog, mainly because you inspire me with your regularity of posts and your professional, yet friendly approach. Also greatly enjoy your photography. Keep it up!

    1. Thank you for your kind words, consider yourself added. Always happy to hear I’ve inspired someone else, because we’re helping each other.

      I’m also erratic blogger same as you. I’d like to publish more photography, if my life settles down a bit (Brexit !). I’ve been experimenting with stills onto music, to make video. Next try will be a slideshow onto music I think.

      1. Will get back to photography before long 🙂 I want to do a slide show to music with ffmpeg tool (free software, I blogged about it recently)

        Brexit was getting down so I spent a long time studying that, to find out what was really going on. So, consequently in that research I started to find out about Europe, US and Australia too. Hopefully I’ll get to the level I can watch occasionally and keep track of it.

  3. Hi Don. Thanks for dropping by my blog and thanks for the likes. Everyone needs a day off sometimes. Hope it helped restore a little faith or hope.. something positive anyway 😊

    1. It was good to visit some of followers blogs and see what others are up to, inspiring sometimes, occasionally brought a tear to my eye seeing some of the grief people are going through.

      You’re already on my list. You have a great blog BTW.

      1. I offered a few select people to do guest blog posts on my blog. I really liked your blog. Let me know if that would be of interest to you. It’s cool either way though 🙂

      2. LOL, yes I understand. Although really nothing to be terrified about – a) you’re already doing good blogs, and b) the audience will almost certainly love you.

        So, you’re in ?

  4. Sorry to hear about your troll issue. Please add me to your list. I understand what it’s like to try and keep up with visiting the numerous blogs that we follow. It makes it all the more difficult when some publish 5 or more posts a day.

    1. Hi Xena, thanks, I think it’s resolved now.

      Could have had something to do with the orange man – Once, I did see a video of someone who smashed their own TV because he was on it.

      Right now I’m a centrist just trying to get both sides of the story, so can I do do my best to figure out some kind of truth in the middle. Still trying to figure out politics too, especially as it’s changed so much in the 10 years.

      I’ve added you to the list, will visit when I get a chance, maybe today 🙂

  5. I was actually called a Troll, didn’t even know what that word meant, Dr. Google had to explain it to me. Then I thought it was kind of weird since I just commented once and then this person just comment after comment on my blog on any post they jumped in and kept it on until I had to block the nutcase. I don’t remember what was exactly my comment, not rude for sure but it didn’t sit well for that person. I just wrote it and moved on, didn’t give it much thought. But man, this blogger just came at me from all sides all the times, then I knew who was the real troll. Just blocked the the idiot. Have to deal with far worst on my day to day real life, don’t need and it doesn’t give me a headache this crazy ranting on every post I had, but I did block it so people wouldn’t see the same crazy nut on my blog. I´m the only crazy that can be on my crazy life blog, not that other idiot. So booked him, deleted the comments which I didn’t respond too I have to add but he just kept on going. And he got bored since I didn’t reply to him.

    1. Hi Charly,

      It’s not the best terminology, but was trying to keep it short (was long day).

      I’ve had a few crazies from time to time, ranging in what going on at the other end. These are some of the things I suspect :

      1. They didn’t like something you posted, your photo, is just didn’t like you
      2. They are annoyed about something (most likely nothing to do with you), looking to pick an argument
      3. Some kind of mental health issue
      4. Meds or drunk etc
      5. Trait disagreeableness
      6. Competitive
      7. Politics
      8. Ideological possession
      9. Reaction seeking
      10. Need to see a priest or therapist
      11. Probably some others I forgot

      I’m all for free speech, but I draw the line at being insulted on my own blog.

      Another thing you can do in settings is to set all comments to manually approve, that way, they can comment to their heart’s content, whilst you just click the check boxes and comments are headed for deletion. That’s why I think, on the whole, WordPress is fairly free from nonsense.



      1. That was a more than the list I put down on paper to go to the supermarket the next day.
        I´ll keep it simple, they just don’t like to loose an argument and they are assholes. There are good people(not perfect) and just pure a-holes, I did draw the line when the idiot started to comment since I actually did one last reply, something to the effect and I did the use the F word ” get the fuck out of my blog you, you don’t know who I am I´ll expose you and destroy your blog in this site” And actually knowing me that is probably word for word that I used. Didn’t hear any reply from him again. I don’t like assholes, I have to deal with real assholes everyday in my shit town, drug dealers, robbers, just criminals. So fights with them…plenty, plenty of scars on my face too. I don’t have use for some dummy in the internet hiding behind a computer, just a coward.

      2. Yup, longer than my shopping list too.

        And, yeah, we got enough shit to deal with in real life, without stupid arguments over f*** all, from “keyboard warriors”



  6. It isn’t possible to follow up at all posts Don, even if you have so kind intentions.
    I don’t have so many either followers as you or blogs, as I do follow and I’m not able to read everything from my Reader too.
    Don’t stress yourself out, then we risk, that you will disappear again.

    1. Thanks Irene. It’s kinda paradoxical, because I enjoy doing the blog, but sometime it can completely consume all my time. And of course it’s not paying any bills.

      So I will do my best. Want to publish some more photography. And quite like the idea of combining music with photo slideshow. Do a bit more writing. And spend a bit more time visiting other’s blogs.

    2. PS – I offered a couple of people guest blogs. Might be interesting to get your take on current political situation in your country (Denmark ?) Reason being is many are saying there is turmoil across Europe, and mainstream media isn’t reporting on it – so kind of up to us to do their job for them.

      Either yes or no is fine Irene, just putting the offer out there.

      Nigel Farage put current situation quite well (and I put it on my sidebar) :

      “There is a battle going on, in the west and elsewhere. It is globalism against populism. And you may loathe populism, but I’ll tell you a funny thing, it’s becoming very popular” – Nigel Farage, speaking as UK MEP to the EU parliament 30-Jan-2020

      1. Thank you for your offer, Don. Even if I do follow the political situation in Denmark, I don’t see, what could be that interesting to know more about, than what is already out in the press. Do you have any special idea? I don’t.

      2. Of course it’s cool either way. Just interested to get perspectives, from natives. Politics I understand is controversial, so may be reason not to do it. However if you feel strongly enough to say what you want to say about it, then might be an opportunity. Dunno Irene, only you can decide.

        I heard a (controversial) British free speech advocate received an award in Denmark a couple of weeks ago.

        A Spanish guy told me about all the stuff happening in Spain right now.

        There’s a lot of change happening in Europe. Many are discontent with rise of communist-esk parties and EU seems to be heading in that direction.

        I discovered all this whilst researching Brexit.

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