What are the effects of coronavirus on tech firms?

An interesting discussion of effects of coronavirus on business.

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Ying Yang Technology

First of all, we are experiencing a rapid contagious disease that even the person who sent the alarm before outbreak received the virus! Time to look at the outcome of this dilemma on international level.

The effect on social media has increased due to people under quarantine are communicating more through Tik Tok, Facebook, Google, WhatsApp, Telegram, SnapChat, Twitter, and more. People are using these sites for their downtime and are able to witness more from other regions on their mobile devices.

The effect on production has slowed down. Recently, Tesla Shanghai said that they will reopen their production and go back to work soon. This means that other tech companies within the regions of quarantine sections are under lockdown and losing money. Starbucks and Dominos as good industry are closed and losing quarterly earnings.

The effect on remote software apps have increased. The traffic on Zoom have increased and…

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