What’s Beyond Space ?

My local TV station has been showing World Science Festival, TED, and some other science shows. It’s fascinating to hear the accepted theories on how the universe was created, stars, black holes etc. From what I understand our universe is thought to be a little under 14 billion years old, which is a staggering length of time …


Some of the other quantities like the number of stars (10-200 sextillion) and number of planets they think are in our universe are even more vast, so vast in fact it’s pretty challenging to comprehend things like – there are (perhaps) more stars in our universe than grains of sand on all the beaches on earth.

From what I understand, our universe is expanding, has been since the beginning. It’s what scientists call “inflation”. Liking to think beyond what I’m told, I do puzzle about what exactly the universe is expanding into.

Is there simply more “space” which is infinite ?

Or is “space” being created to expand into ?

Or, something else ?


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31 thoughts on “What’s Beyond Space ?

  1. Whenever there is question of infinite growth, the answer is it’s recursive. My guess is that the process/space etc is circular/recursive. Good chance Universe is pulsating.

  2. I don’t think there’s a final answer to this question yet. Maybe in 5 or 10 years, science discovers something new that explains the expansion of the universe. You never know.

  3. Scientific studies show that space is infinite for now. It’s a very interesting study that will continue beyond our lifetimes, and the lifetimes of future generations. What’s equally amazing, is that earth is smaller than a nanometer away from being burned to a crisp or a ball of ice. We’re perfectly in place to sustain life, by something that’s incredibly small to be measured.

    There are more things out there than we will know for a long time, and I can only hope to see even a tiny fraction of it while I’m alive and can remember.

  4. The great question of physics I suppose. I once met someone who had a theory that black holes lead to parallel universes. Maybe that is the case or maybe not. It would be interesting if they did though

  5. I believe it’s thought that space extends to infinity – what a concept! It used to be thought that the expanding universe would eventually collapse on itself, but scientists now think it will just keep on expanding!

  6. Scientists have told us that space is infinite; in other words, there is no end to it. Because our human minds think of everything in terms of limits and boundaries down here on earth, this concept is impossible for the human mind to analyse or comprehend. End of story.

  7. How far does infinity go? I mean, no one has been there (at least not to our knowledge). Has anyone truly been to the edge of our galaxy, and if all things have a beginning and an end, then my questions to Nasa in particular and any other scientist are valid.

  8. Don, from my reading one of the current theories is of a giant multiverse, where ours is just one of many, expanding and bumping into each other. But, again, expanding into what? It seems like the more answers we have the more questions arise.

  9. When I was 13 I was brushing my teeth before a mirro in the bathroom and I imagined what if there was no earth, no universe, no thing. What does “nothing” look like without all the things we see through a telescope? It kind of blew my mind. If there was a creator of all this and us, who created him? Did he have parents and siblings? But no we are not allowed to speculate on that (it’s a sign of disrespect). Meanwhile I wonder where all that matter came from and how did it get where it is.

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