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One of the most memorable lines from “The Interview”, which I have to say, even with a British sense of humour, was a movie that made me laugh. Humour can make even the most serious topics bearable !

Beyond the petulant humour, this movie has some interesting underlying paradoxes that are explored. Being able to connect with these dilemas – That’s what makes or breaks a movie for me. Or put another way, there isn’t really much of a story I want to follow if I can’t personally connect with what the characters are experiencing …

“You Hate Us Cause You Anus”, made me laugh, quite a lot … basically, if you’re a bit slow – “You hate us because you aint us” … And if you’re really a bit intellectually challenged – Envy, and hatred based on another’s success, with a little bit of a ‘F*** you’ in the statement …

Anyway, I usually say too much in my opinion posts, so …

You Hate Us Cause You Anus – What’s your opinion ?


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13 thoughts on “You Hate Us Cause You Anus – Don Charisma’s Opinion

  1. Reminded me of how supper devolved into a laugh-fest whenever a member of the family had reached the level of school where they learned about our solar system –
    “What did you learn about in school today?”
    “Ur-Anus” (giggle, snort, guffaw at the one family member who always frowned over such talk at dinner – LOL)

  2. I haven’t seen what you’re talking about BUT I did get a snicker out of the line, now if only the snicker were a chocolate bar! I ain’t slow so got it and I’m just geeky enough to not need a translation, and live with a twisted individual who would so use that line, or one similar, every chance he got AND he would create situations where he could use it!

  3. I haven’t seen the movie, but hate is a very strong feeling as eat us up from inside, just like jealousy and envy. I find it better to improve myself and avoid those negative feelings.

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