Who’s Next ? – Spammy Little Name Callers – WordPress.com Censorship

In follow up to my post today “THIS IS A SAD DAY FOR BLOGGING” –  It seem there’s a small contingent who like to go around calling bloggers like Jason Cushman – “Spam Follower” or “Spam Liker”. Because in their opinion the blogger wasn’t making a “genuine” or “authentic” connection or like.


As a friend used to say to me :

Opinions are like ass-holes, everyone’s got one …

I say this because opinions are subjective, that is based on personal experiences and bias’. They are not “the truth”, sometimes they are an individual’s version of the truth. Basically take an opinion with a pinch of salt … especially those who incorporate name calling into their opinions !

Anyway – My experience of Jason is quite to the contrary – Jason is one of the least “spammy” people I know on WordPress. He’s always been 100% personable and genuine with me each and every time I’ve connected with him. *laughing out loud* – as for being an ass-hole, no I don’t think he is …

AND HOW THE HELL do they know what the intention of a blogger is when they like a post or follow a blog ?

I’m more of the mind of – “lest ye be judged yourself” … so …

IN ACTUAL FACT the ones doing the name calling seem to churn out endless reams of from what I can tell is “spam” on their own blogs. All whilst endlessly abusing the technical support forums to promote themselves. So a case of the pot calling the kettle black really. OR HOLIER THAN THOU, which is a very stinky person to be … PRIDE never smells good, and virtually no one likes it …

I don’t really know why these individuals feel the need to hijack threads on the WordPress technical support forums with their opinions (well apart from obvious attention seeking, blatant self-promotion and making themselves look good by belittling others). I thought that the forums were for technical support, not for expressing a minority opinions targeted at individuals … their code of conduct says this :

Be aware of your tone and focus. We love positive and productive discussions, so please keep comments on the topics at hand and not on other members of the community.

How is going around calling people names “positive” or “productive” or keeping “comments on the topics at hand and not on other members of the community” ? I have not a single clue … perhaps there’s some logical explanation, apart from the obvious already stated attention seeking, blatant self-promotion or making themselves look good by belittling others ? WHICH SEEMS ENTIRELY TROLL’ISH BEHAVIOUR TO ME.

The terms “spam follower” or “spam liker” are just a political tool to justify their actions – that is their expressing their irrelevant opinions in a technical support forum, in order to manipulate people’s opinions.

In any case it could be regarded that any following or liking is “irrelevant or unsolicited messages” (the definition of spam) … SO WHO’S NEXT TO HAVE THEIR LIKING AND FOLLOWING PRIVILEGES REVOKED – COULD BE YOU THAT’S BEING CALLED A SPAMMER NEXT !


BASICALLY – The opinions of a few biggotted bloggers I reject as being irrelevant as regards a person’s genuineness in making a connection or liking a post. Their motivations are OBVIOUS TO ME – attention seeking, blatant self-promotion, making themselves look good by belittling others and/or political manipulation.

What it’s ended up amounting to for my friend Jason is CENSORSHIP on the part of WordPress.com in restricting a blogger’s ability to connect with and like other bloggers posts.

Personally the openness and lack of CENSORSHIP is one of the main reasons I’ve enjoyed blogging here, but it seems that that period may be coming to end.

So a sad day as I said before … WHO’S NEXT ? – as it says in the title …


Don Charisma


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59 thoughts on “Who’s Next ? – Spammy Little Name Callers – WordPress.com Censorship

  1. Even if he was “spam following” or “spam liking” (and I DO NOT believe that is what he has done!), who the hell cares?? Regardless of the reason, if he likes or follows your blog it just generates more traffic to you! If one then checks out his blog and likes it enough to follow, like or comment, then that then becomes their own choice. I’m pretty sure that if someone liked or followed me and I didn’t care for their content, I would choose not to follow or like back. Seems quite simple really and I am still in awe trying to figure out how what he does is some reckless spam attempt to further his own blog! I don’t believe he’s forcing anyone to read his blog, much less enjoy it. I have enjoyed Jason’s blog for a while now and I truly hope he continues, and where ever he continues to voice his opinion, you can bet I’ll be there to read it!

  2. Oh boy, i did not know people felt that way about “liking”. While i wish to comment on everyone’s posts, there is simply not enough in the day. People have lives outside their blogs and if anything, people should be appreaciative of the fact that he is acknowledging that he liked it to say the least. He is taking his time to read your blog, is it not that the reason why we are all here?

  3. I am a noob Blogger, still learning. First I want to say, Don I love your work. Second, Please don’t tell me I am going to have to reread the terms of service. Liking should not be limited.. WOW

    1. LOL … well seems WordPress want their computer to decide what’s authentic or not … which is odd because I’m not aware of any artificial intelligence powerful enough to know someone’s thoughts … perhaps WordPress have developed such software ?

  4. I really don’t understand this, people get narky because of a like? How can someone ‘spam-like’? It’s not like its a difficult concept, I read something, I liked it, so I ‘Liked it’, I don’t get how that can be an issue?

  5. Don, Thank you for shinin your Charismatic light on these ugly bunch of cockroaches. Let’s hope they scatter in the light like the vermin they are.

  6. I think this was a small thing that got out of hand. Looking at the big picture. It seems to have begun by vindictive bloggers who chose to try to “take someone down” rather than simply block him and move along.
    You’re right, anyone can be next. All you have to do is make the wrong person angry. Anytime we hit that follow button or like button we risk having our motivation questioned. Which is rather silly since liking and following have no negative impact on a blogger or wordpress at all.
    When something makes no sense the next step is to look for those who profit from it. I can see no money to be made on this one so it must be simply the emotional satisfaction. And that is never a comforting thought.

    1. That’s very lucid and accurate, and I know you commented on the thread in the forums. Pettiness isn’t considered by most to be an attribute of strong people, so I can only conclude “emotional satisfaction” to be something pretty weak. And no not a comforting thought that those who’re “in charge” are weak and petty, or even that they are listening to weak and petty people.

      To see the money, it’s a case of zooming out at the bigger picture – which is that WordPress.com want their platform more like a social network than a collection of blogs. There’s MASSIVE money in the advertising on social networks, and investors waiting to put money into “the next” social network. In making it more like a social network, then the people who’re being attracted into it are used to FB, Twitter et al where people are generally petty over who follows who and who friend’s who. At least that’s my take …

      One of the freeing aspects of WordPress.com was that people weren’t being petty like that 😀 So I don’t know if they’re shooting themselves in the foot with this … I’m not a high level decision maker !

      1. I get no input here other than my words tossed out into the ether. I agree it seems at best neglectful and at worst petty. Neither of which are sound business principles.

    1. From what I understand it’s computer generated email, that is generated if the computer feels that the individual has followed “too many” blogs within a time interval … they don’t say how many is “too many” … and it seems that if you get one then there’s no warning, just a permanent ban …

    1. Yes, I don’t understand that either. How was anything he did spamming? Maybe it’s the paranoid in me talking, but I wonder if it wasn’t someone who objected to some of his views and reported him as “spam”? Which would be cowardly and odious, but I wouldn’t put it past some people.

  7. What is Jason’s Blog called? Perhaps I missed that in your post. Thanks for your opinion, free speech is important. Maybe WP is trying to stop people angry enough to commit a crime?

  8. It is simply outrageous. Spending five minutes on Jason’s blog would tell these people he is anything but a spammer. Jason may have his detractors and his views might not be to everyone’s taste but I think this really comes down to petty jealousy on the part of some attention-seeking nobodies who have no other way of drawing attention to their blogs. Personally, I love the OM blog. I can appreciate that there are those that won’t feel the same way – well, sweetiepies, that’s what the ‘unfollow’ button is for. For goodness sake.

  9. Exactly Who is next!This makes me glad that I actually use both Blogger and WP,That way I can always reach my Blogging pals.Speedy is in total DISAPPROVAL of WP in this action *THUMP!*
    xx Rachel and Speedy

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