Why Are We Attracted To Things We’re Afraid Of ?

Generally it’s accepted that we avoid thing we’re afraid of, or do we actually ?

Horror movies, why would we watch these for instance ? Or any other movies which have narratives of violence, terrorism, torture, killing and so on, which is probably the rule rather than the exception …

Ever see a fight break out in the street, or a bar ? … sometimes people disperse, but more often than not a group of spectators forms, same as a boxing match or Roman gladiatorial contest …

I could go on, probably all day, but that’s not the point of inviting your opinions …

The question is – why are we attracted to things we’re afraid of, or not ?


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13 thoughts on “Why Are We Attracted To Things We’re Afraid Of ?

    1. Thanks Irene … I don’t tend to watch horror movies, because they don’t actually make me afraid, mostly they make me laugh ! … and yes, nice to reach a place of aliveness without the need for complex emotions to reach that place …

  1. I like to think that it may be a test of our strengths. If we can over come our fears it makes us stronger to face other things.

  2. Probably because we’re all a bunch of sickos, even though we try to pretend otherwise. Really. Every one of us has that little dark corner of our mind and personality which we try to ignore – I think watching horror movies, fights and car accidents give us a chance to let that tiny demon out for a bit before beating it back into submission.

    And welcome to Pop Psychology 101.

    1. LOL … nicely put … only thing I’d add is perhaps the “spectator” gives us a relatively safe way to participate, so makes it exiting rather than overwhelming … plus some people love to play armchair anything …

  3. Drama keeps us in the human game, away from the isolation of ourself. We’ll continue to be attracted to things until we realise what we like, what is good for us and last but not at all least that we realise there is nothing to be afraid… as it all originates from the mind. Barbara

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