Beach Sunset Perfect – Irene

Thanks to Irene for sending her creative writing over for us to enjoy …

This is the final round of guest posts in my Team Charisma World People series.

Irene has been a long term friend here on WordPress, ever since we bumped into each other via the Harsh Reality blog. Irene blogs about life, family and her beautiful Jewellery designs.

I really enjoyed this piece of writing, Irene, because you said lots of nice things about me, which I’m always happy to hear … Pizza and beer or wine, yeah definitely up for that, it’s “a date”, let me know when you’re flight arrives !

I very much appreciate you taking part, as do I your friendship and support, past present and future …

What it’s about :

Topic : Friends, relationship, human spirit, beauty, relaxation and of course creative writing.
Title : “Beach Sunset Perfect”
Type : Solo creative writing inspired by Don Charisma’s photography
Guidance : The criteria I relaxed a little this time – The instruction was to pick a photo of mine and write about it. So, solo “unaided” creative writing.

BTW Irene is Danish and English isn’t her first language … So without further ado, I give you Irene’s guest post :

Beach Sunset Perfect” by Irene


DonCharisma try to do his best, no matter what he is doing and this sunset is really perfect.

He is much better for the sunsets, because he is not the one who love to get early up in the morning to catch the sunrises, he prefer to go late and enjoy the sunsets.

I could choose a lot of photos to tell about DonCharisma, he has so many beautiful photos as I really appreciate, it could be by Buddhas, Temples or Flowers as he often use as motive.

I can imagine DonCharisma with a busy calendar reach late day and need a break, that is the perfect time to go for sunsets and these one is really beautiful and perfect.

We can see the sun on the way down among the clouds and a beautiful blue and purple heaven. Down the beautiful Ocean with life in the waves.

I would love to walk by this beach, maybe meditate here, it looks so very peaceful. Just to stand with the feets in the water and find the inner peace here. Let out the busy world and just find peace.

DonCharisma have catched many beautiful sunsets, but this one is really amazing. Sometimes he also catch kids playing in the water or at the beach, they always look like they are enjoying life in his photos.

To enjoy an evening here at the beach with DonCharisma it would be perfect to find a place to buy a delicious pizza, a bottle of wine or cold beers and find a place to just sit and enjoy. I’m sure that he would enjoy this too.

Long time ago DonCharisma visited some amazing areas in Thailand, where he lives. There were so many special and beautiful Buddhas and he took a lot of photos and were so kind to show them at his blog. I loved all those photos and would not have a chance to see those without DonCharismas help. He went to this place many times to take photos in several kind of lights, some days without the sun and other days in full sunshine. The Buddhas are almost all painted with gold, which make them very shiny and in the sun it can be difficult to catch them in a photo without being blinded. But DonCharisma did this perfect.

If you need any help with promoting your shop or company by the web, he is also the right man to ask. He offer a lot of different solutions by his website, just search and ask him for help. This is his job and he seems to be fair and work fast.

DonCharisma do also look for beauty when he is out to photograph. It can be flowers, festivals both day and night or kids enjoying their lives. He visits often markets, where we can see all the interesting items, as it is possible to find there. He shows us different places to go out for a nice dinner, but the favourite is pizza, which he can eat very often without being tired of them.

I hope you enjoyed reading 😀


I’d like to thank Don Charisma for allowing me to guest blog. Please come visit my blog at :

Irene Design – Creative Jewelling

Thanks Irene, for sharing and you’re very welcome, a privilege for me to feature your writing.

Don Charisma

(ERRORS AND OMISSIONS EXCEPTED … Stock photos courtesy of Pixabay. Graphic designs and other photos (c) 2013-2015, all rights reserved)

Comments are invited

Don Charisma Warning Improvised Writing

Comments are often welcomed, provided you can string a legible, relevant and polite sentence together. In other cases probably best shared with your therapist, or kept to yourself.

12 thoughts on “Beach Sunset Perfect – Irene

    1. You’re welcome Irene, I like the participation of others, and doing what I can to be of service … not always have the capability though, life throws many challenges … so I just do my best, those who mind don’t matter, those who matter don’t mind …

  1. Don!!!! Irene, I just can’t get enough of the word “Beauty” these days. I enjoyed this, and I hope this smile lasts for 100,000 miles.
    My Best to you Both, I send all Good Things Both of your ways…. always and all ways.

      1. You are very welcome, and the pleasure was mine.
        I suppose by now, you know that I added you on Twitter, I knew that had to be you just by the writing style, and that was that almost every post was focused on Beauty. I like that, so many seem to think we have to find something wrong with the work, or play, of others, just to make ourselves appear better.
        Thank You for taking the time to come, it means so much to me.

      2. Irene, I agree with you totally, and believe that by attacking anyone out of hand, we give up part of what is innocent and human in ourselves.
        I couldn’t help but be nosey, so you live in Spain????

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