Men Are All The Same

Where’s a grammar-nazi when you need one ? … certainly I’d like to know what the correct grammatical term for “Men are all the same” is ? … past-participle of a counter-analogy ? reverse-metaphor ? anti-simile ? … no idea, honestly I haven’t …

jagweng’s been entertaining me in the comments with “Men Are All The Same” … gotta love the jagweng …

I’m made to understand it came from a Chinese woman who lost sight of her husband in a crowd, and exclaimed how most Chinese men looked alike making it difficult for her to point out her man. Now it’s misused by ladies, too bad. 😦


Men are all the same – we look the same ? we’re the same age ? we go to the same bar ? we wear the same clothes ? we all smell the same ? … what’s so samey about men ?

… and how about women, if men are all the same, then surely women are all the same too ?

… and what’s actually wrong about being the same ? Could be a good thing ?

What an ambiguous statement this is … Over to you ladies, or gents … for not so serious opinions on this one please !


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86 thoughts on “Men Are All The Same

  1. Truism “: a true statement that is very commonly heard : a common statement that is obviously true” ( from the non-Oxford dictionary – meaning Merriam Webster).
    “Men are all the same” is a truism only in, as Robin pointed out, they are all the same gender – have a Y chromosome in their DNA. Otherwise, their DNA would further prove that is as far as this truism goes (as Kentucky Angel demonstrated with her identical twins comment).
    It is a hateful generalization. And I am not a fan of generalizations. However, I would stress that I think making this statement “All men are the same” would make it even more heinous. In the current arrangement “all the same” draws attention to the sameness (and some actually excuse themselves when they burp and try not to fart in public – unless they can blame it on their wife or dog).
    Saying “all men” focuses on the broader scope of men as a group.
    I hope I have completely thrown this post into the blender of un-generalization by now😉
    For the record, all women are the same (gender) but all women do not look, act or feel identically to every other (and maybe not ANY other) of her gender. I can’t truly speak on the men issue – since I am not one.

  2. I’m kind’ve a grammar Nazi. I would call it, and don’t take this the wrong way because I mean no offense, a “Hasty Generalization”.

  3. LOL hilarious!! and yup, not sure, yes abspolutely, no doubt and I haven’t a sodding clue! but I love your post! have a great day 🙂

  4. Ha ha ha! Mostly, I hear this statement, mostly, from heartbroken ladies. I remember a female friend who was very unfaithful to her man, one day she caught her man with another lady. She gave me a call and the first statement to come out was ; ‘you men are all the same!’.

    What amused me was the fact that she was turning a blind eye to her own unfaithfulness. 😀

  5. Woooohooooo……………….you just made my morning. I still haven’t met a guy who has treated me well yet, but I still believe men aren’t the same as some of us ladies put it. I believe men are viral instead. Truth is, even Chinese men, not all are the same. Ladies, let’s learn sometime from this magic piece. Thanks for the shared knowledge, Don Charisma.

  6. NEVER! All men are never same.
    Though I have not been fortunate enough to have some one normal, non-lethargic, good moral, non-back bitter MAN. However, I have seen such men (belonging to other fortunate women.)
    On the other hand Yes! offcourse there are immoral, loose character male whores as well roaming around in the world.

  7. Where’s a grammar-nazi when you need one ? …

    Hey, you asked:

    Why would it be a past participle? It’s in the present tense. It’s called a

    truism. =)

    DC, I don’t want to disrespect your space. Feel free to delete before/after chkg out the links I share for self-evident reasons (relevance). If you didn’t catch this, this is how I think men are all the same. Just envy on my part:

    1. @dipumpkin – My dear, my policy on links is simple, they’re accepted provided they’re relevant to the post on which they’re posted, and the intention of the poster was not to merely divert focus to their own content. OR put another way in improv terms, “Yes, and” … collaborative, not competitive.

      I see relevant links that add to what I’m saying, so perfectly fine for me. No disrespect received.

      As for truism, well that’s debatable ! … Overgeneralization (Overgeneralisation if you speak the Queen’s) was more apt for me 😛

      … anti-truism ?

      Dunno, I’m not a grammar expert !

      And more for fun than serious 😀


  8. Naah, all men aren’t the same. If they were interchangeable, my husband wouldn’t stand out for being so exceptionally awesome!!! 🙂

  9. Excuse me good sir, but I must beg to differ with that statement. Having dated my fair share of men and then some, I can tell you, the differences far out weigh the similarities. All men are not the same. Unless you were seriously hoping for a grammar lesson, in which case, You are out of luck . If, however, we are indeed free to comment on the statement itself, then I would like to tell you one reason only why that statement is not a true one. They are not all polite. A few are.

    1. @angelalacey67 – well it was multifaceted opinion post … humour, plus a grammar question … plus a little dig in the ribs for the ladies … you’re choice to engage which one sparked interest 😀

      I was interested to know correct term for what that type of expression is … it seems a metaphor to me, but it’s an opposite too, really … men aren’t obviously “all the same” … and there’s a complaining tone of voice that goes with it … all the meaning is “between the lines” …

      And makes me laugh really when women complain about men, so that’s the humour for me 😀

  10. We are all the same in that we share the human condition. But we are all so different “Vive la difference”. I’ll take the wink and the smile!

  11. I allow myself to be romantic today. Men are all the same only expresses the frustration of not having found the unique man each woman dreams about. Men are all the same is a package for all bad habits men seem to have in common, the same women are all the same is pronounced by men.
    When I hear this expression, it is a clear verified sign I have to go. Will be back on other posts : ))), of course.

    1. LOL, so it’s a complaint about the current circumstances of the one expressing, says more about that than the external factors … that’s a good angle, I likey 😀

      1. I like your distinction about personal internal status and external reality.
        The expression basically says: “You are all the things I do not want to have” – from this perspective all things are equal – “the same”.

  12. Okay, I’ll be the first to bite on this one! Of course men don’t all look alike, sound alike, etc but there seem to be some deep threads in the male part of the population. Many – but not all – of men I’ve met like to belch, pass gas, follow one or more sports teams with a passion surpassing that for their wives, have a short attention span, dream of driving fast cars, and prefer to eat meat with lots of cheese. Oh, and they leave the toilet seat up, wouldn’t use GPS or a map to save their lives, and tune out women when they are talking.
    Hope this gives you a laugh, if not makes you hopping mad!

    1. Laughing out loud ( a lot )… and yes I know the “true” meaning, I just enjoy laughing at silly stuff women say really 😀

      And women do none of the above ? … well except the toilet seat, which personally I leave up intentionally, more so when it’s complained about … I know I’m evil 😀


  13. Saying men are all the same is like saying pebbles are all the same. Is that a simile? It’s been a long time since I darkened the halls of a school house Don. The truth is that nothing in the world is the same as the next one. Even identical twins are not the same, it just takes time to notice the small differences.

      1. I think I like Noelle’s comment. Of course, with a few exceptions, I have to admit some of those pertain to me also, but I can claim the privelege of age. And I didn’t dream of driving the fast cars, I drove them in my mis-spent youth. Love piles of cheese on everything, including piles of cheese. And the only time the toilet seat is left up is when the cleaning lady forgets to put it down after she cleans the bathroom. Since I’m usually already losing my religion over all of the other things she has done, the sudden bathing of the nether regions only warrants one extra word of protest.

  14. You can always ask on the “Ask A Grammar Guru” FB page.
    However, I find the name “jagweng” to be more mysterious than the sentence in question.
    Where is the glottal stop signifying syllabic separation? Is it jag – weng, or ja – gweng? 🙂

    1. I’m hoping there’s a grammar-nazi in the readership … I’ll check that page out if one doesn’t show up …

      I’ve included a link to jagweng’s blog, I think your answer might be on his about page … if not I’m sure he’d be happy to clue you in 😀

    2. He he! Jagweng is simply ‘Jagweng’. It’s a word from my local language here in Kenya from the Luo tribe (trace Obama’s roots around Lake. Victoria, Kenya). The word jagweng means ‘Villager’. Hope we are headed somewhere, huh? 😀

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