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Aopinionatedman Is AOK …

As an update to my earlier posting – Jason’s been in touch with me, seems he’s OK, so nothing to worry about.

Evidently, alongside the enviots who’re bullying him, there seems to be some discontent with how our lords and masters at are running the show – which is entirely understandable. I think Jason’s a progressive and forward thinking guy in his blogging. He entertains, amazes and amuses many on a daily basis, and is full of charisma in any dealings I’ve had with him … and he’s even been doing photography and videography lately, so who can complain … plus the countless hours he’s put in promoting FOR FREE for years now …

Props for standing up for what he believes in, though …

Bias I am ? Quite possibly, but more like praise where it’s due.

I’ve yet to be asked by anybody of import what I wanted here on WordPress, so probably best just to say what I like and what I don’t here on the blog. I do think there’s a need for leaders, and not necessarily just ones who’re cookie cutter/white picket fence bloggers. That said, I have nothing against 99% of blogs and bloggers, conformist or non-conformist, establishment or anti-establishment. The remaining 1% are made up of fanatics of one description or another, and I’d probably never get on with them, because simply they don’t want to get on with me. That’s life haters gonna hate …

SO …. Jason’s OK, which is the main thing, hoping for his 100K followers post soon 🙂 … and hopefully the powers that be who’re taking themselves far too seriously right now will lighten up … fingers crossed … we can only live in hope …


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18 thoughts on “Aopinionatedman Is AOK …

      1. 🙂 I think it’s an autopilot response, we all do it from time to time … however, maybe you’re selling yourself a little short, kind is a positive word, and I’ve seen kindness in you …

    1. From what I understand, just go to his blog at the normal place and click on “Request access” … he said he’s approving access to anyone who asks ….

      And no it was his decision to set his blog to private …

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