Is Greed The Only Thing That Makes Beauty Boring ? – Don Charisma’s Opinion

I had an interesting discussion about this with a reader recently.

I have a tendency to throw random debates out there, because often it’s more than just a couple of randoms who have an opinion … or who’d enjoy discussing a topic.


It does seem to me that a new enemy has been created in “the greedy corporation” (and individuals), in place of the previous collectively disliked communism. With communism “on the way out”, does anti-greed just fill the void of a politically correct common enemy ?

And lest we not forget BOTH greed and beauty are SUBJECTIVE interpretations of the facts. Beauty for instance they say is “in the eye of the beholder”. Also a $50000 gold watch would be seen by many as greedy, but very wealthy people can own several. Within that we probably shouldn’t forget the craftsmen, businesses and workers who make their living from making things like gold watches … or indeed aeroplanes which cost far more than gold watches … challenging to stay objective on things like greed and beauty !

For me repetition of things can make them boring. Variety is the spice of life they say 🙂 … Too much of a good thing … etc, sure there’s plenty more clichés … So I’m not convinced that greed is the only thing

Is Greed The Only Thing That Makes Beauty Boring ?

Discuss …


Don Charisma

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11 thoughts on “Is Greed The Only Thing That Makes Beauty Boring ? – Don Charisma’s Opinion

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  2. Oddly I thought those who hated corporations and those who hated communism were snarling at one another from opposite sides of the fence.

    I’m also not sure I understand the question, like if a person is beautiful but he/she is greedy, obsessed with status symbols(like gold watches) does that make them boring? I guess to me it does.
    Or is it that if a beautiful item, like a piece of gold jewelery, became associated with status and power and greed, does that make it less beautiful? I guess again to me it would, because I would equate it with convention and status-quo.
    Are the most purely beautiful things then things that can never truly be “possessions”, like the stars and galaxies? Or a beautiful motion or concept?

    1. Well, anti-communist and anti-corporation are juxtaposed quite nicely, so I don’t doubt it 🙂

      My elaboration on was simply to illustrate that greed is subjective, you may think a gold watch is greedy, I may not or vice versa … within that, I’m trying to steer people less, so happy for you to chose direction you want, as long as it’s not off on a complete (irrelevant) tangent …

      And I don’t know, again it’s subjective, one person might find their white picket fence the most beautiful thing in the world, whilst another it might be a set of religious edicts … beauty in dictionary definition is quite narrow, in common use it covers a multitude of things from objects, feelings, emotions, thoughts, people, animals, nature and things like the universe … probably there’s a more concise way of saying that last bit !

  3. I think that people who are numb or jaded can grow bored by anything. Thankfully, I am not either, so I find life infinitely beautiful and tragic, and sometimes both simultaneously.

  4. Beautiy isn’t boring. Beautiy can be inspiring. Gold watches may be beautiful but a bouqet of flowers is beautiful too. Yes it is subjective.

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