An Interview with Don Charisma

My friend AC O’ Leary asked me to do a survey, I said no, I don’t do surveys, but offered him an interview, which he’s done. His research is into whether blogging has a negative impact on writing. As it’s clear from my responses this isn’t a theory that I support. Why? Because my writing has improved tremendously as a result of getting involved in blogging 🙂
Enjoy 🙂

Don Charisma

Scribblings and Broken Glass


Don Charisma kindly agreed to an interview with me with regards to my research on blogging and its effect on writers. Don is an avid blogger[1] who is clearly eager to promote himself and his brand through blogging. Therefore, an interview with him proved very worthwhile in learning about blogging as a form of self-promotion.

Do you use blogging as a way of promoting your work?

Yes. First and foremost I believe promoting the brand, business or individual comes first. So my blog is partially about that. I work in partnership with another guy. We have a web design/development/seo firm, which is promoted (a little) out of

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