Guest Bloggers WANTED – “Team Charisma World People” – FINAL ROUND

I’ve been on a bit of break, other commitments and “things”, so about time for the final round of Team Charisma World People.

There was a period I wasn’t able to answer comments, so apologies to anyone who commented during that time 🙂 … do my best, it’s all I can do … omnipotent I am not …

New Guest Bloggers

The final invitees (and re-invitees) for TCWP are :

Matt Hankey

Janice Wald


The Gospel of Barney

Noelle aka “NAG”

Leslie swo8


Guys and gals – please see my original post for the rules, and let me know you agree on that post … that’s your first intelligence test … hint – use the search box on my sidebar or the link under my TCWP graphic 😀

It gives great me pleasure to welcome you on board Team Charisma World People – totally looking forward to seeing what you’ll put together 😀

Instructions here superseded the previous instructions where there’s a variation, otherwise existing rules stand. For this guest post you need to :

1. Select a photo from my blog that I took – clue it’ll say (c) Don Charisma on it 🙂

2. Write about whatever you like, in whatever style you like. My condition is that you choose a topic and style that’s congruent with who I am, and photo must be relevant to the piece, with a plausible connection – clue read my about and homepage, and general things that I blog about.

3. I expect you to do this autonomously, and supply me with finished copy and link of your chosen photo when you’re ready. I will not babysit you.

4. This is to be done in the next two weeks, so closing date will be 9-April. Ideally do your submission as soon as possible, and I will publish to fit into my schedule.

5. Don’t hassle, pester, nag etc me, I will do what I said I will do, please be patient I do get very busy. If I don’t immediately reply to your email, it doesn’t mean anything, more than I’m busy and unable to reply just yet.

Good luck, and thanks in advance ❤ Thank You - Wishing You Health Wealth, Happiness and Inspirtation

Thankyou Donors And Sponsors 😀

Without money life eventually stops working. To this end it’s very helpful to us when people make donations towards keeping the blog running. We’re happy to speak to sponsors too. We’ll always put what’s given to us to good use, for instance – this event to help bloggers promote themselves to a wider audience, a chance they might not otherwise get. And, of course other events and initiatives we intend to run in future.

The money from the last donation was put towards purchase of a new camera, and replacement computer hardware. Thanks again to the donor who wishes to remain anonymous.

So just an example of how sponsorship or donations help to keep the blog running and us doing our thing.

I’ve come to realise that donors often wish to remain anonymous, and discretion is important to sponsors. So if you’d like to sponsor or donate to us (whilst remaining 100% anonymous and discrete) please use a page I’ve created specially (you won’t find link anywhere else) – gift page

Team Charisma World People – Being The Dream

Already published guest blogs from Team Charisma :

Musings For Bottom Feeders

This will be the final Team Charisma World People. It was a lot of fun to do, and I’m very grateful to my guest bloggers who exceeded all my expectations in making the project a huge success.

Looking forward to publishing finished submissions shortly here on – watch this space !

WHAT’S NEXT – not sure, maybe TCWP 2 … or there’s another idea, top secret, we’ll see what transpires.


Don Charisma


Comments are invited

Comments are often welcomed, provided you can string a legible, relevant and polite sentence together. In other cases probably best shared with your therapist, or kept to yourself.

17 thoughts on “Guest Bloggers WANTED – “Team Charisma World People” – FINAL ROUND

    1. You already have my email Yoshiko … it’s pretty much the same as last time, but this time you get to choose the photo, the topic, style etc … happy for you to choose … read the post again, I’ve said all that in my numbered list 🙂

  1. you crack me up. took a “bit of break”. ha! you still post like 16 times more than i could ever hope to! love your vetting process and reading what comes out of it. keep on being so awesome and positive 🙂

  2. Thank you so much! I accept your invitation to guest blog for you. I will meet your requirements and have it for you by the end of next week. Thank you again. Janice

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