Dancing Kids Beach Sunset

These kids having a great time just dancing in the shallow water just as the sun going down … Not a single care in the world …


Very serene scene, indeed 🙂

Happy kids, happy days …


Don Charisma

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12 thoughts on “Dancing Kids Beach Sunset

    1. Hope one will come soon 🙂

      If I was feeling “sensible” – then I’d way up things like current available fund and present commitments, and see whether there was space to do that. If not, that imagination is a powerful tool for rest and relaxation, so I’d take a virtual drive !

      If I was feeling “reckless” – then I’d probably just jump in the car and to heck with the consequences …

      At this precise moment I’m feeling sensible, and don’t have the funds or time to get to florida, so it’d be a virtual drive 🙂

      1. Virtual can be be better in some ways, it’s “free” and to a large extent usually “safe” !

        We’d all like to be more reckless and free, but we know that isn’t always “the right thing” 🙂

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