A Gift: “Pick Up That Brush And Paint”

There’s writers and then there’s writers. I don’t know what the factors are between an awesomely talented writer and one who can barely string a legible sentence together. What I do know is when I read the words someone writes and I immediately connect with them – I love the smooth pace of what’s being said. jagweng is one such guy I’m sure has a future as a writer 😀


This is the forth in my “Team Charisma World People” guest blogger series. jagweng’s worked together with me to produce a lovely piece of motivational and inspirational creative writing. He has a very expressive way with words, that to me is almost poetic, whilst not going all esoteric or haiku.

jagweng arrived in my comments one day. What a joy actually to communicate with him, he’s eloquent, polite, well mannered, seems to have grammar and spelling off to a “T”. Also has the “je ne sai quoi” of  extremely talented people – I call it Charisma. SO I’m very pleased for these reasons to welcome jagweng as a guest blogger here.

What it’s about :

Topic : Quote Inspired
Title :  “Pick Up That Brush And Paint”
Type : Solo creative writing inspired by a quotation.
Guidance : Pick a quote from my blog that inspires you. One that in reading it your mind floods with ideas, and that you can build upon to make something even more inspiring. A grand story or whatever format you want, just sharing your thoughts is fine. Pick one that you agree with – this isn’t critic, cynic or pessimist hour.

Our hope : To share with others why we like quotes and how they inspire us … GO Team Charisma World People 😀

So without further ado, I give you jagweng’s – “Pick Up That Brush And Paint” :

“Pick Up That Brush And Paint” by jagweng

It’s been a few days since we ushered in 2015. Serene stillness in the air and the sun shining above, spewing confidence – Africa 😀 . At the beginning of each year, we lay down resolutions or rather goals that are never accompanied by a strategy or well-thought-out plan, resulting into failure as the the year ebbs. Few days ago, Don placed a quote post or is it a post-quote, here on Don Charisma, that really got me thinking…

” If you hear a voice within you say ‘you cannot paint’, then by all means paint and that voice will be silenced”

– Vincent Van Gogh

There’s something ingenious and universal about quotes that just leaves me floored. Like a sermon, they come around when you badly wanted someone to tell you what to do or how to tackle the myriad of failures bedevilling you. This one too came just on time. I read it and it sunk to my core, and I felt my procrastinating-self disintegrate. It then occurred to me just what makes us fail with our resolutions.


Let me break it down for you…

Within us, there’s always a conflict … depending on every individual. A loud voice telling you how you cannot accomplish a given set out goal (if you are a hopeless or weak individual) and a still, inner one telling you to go ahead and achieve. To strong minded individuals, they have a bigger and louder voice giving them every reason to achieve a given dream, and the still, inner one telling them that they can’t eke it out. This is where the difference on individual’s mindset either results in success or failure, depending on which voice you listen to.

To give an analogy…

John works for a given company as a casual labourer, doing odd jobs in the packaging department. He lives from hand to mouth with the wages he gets and hasn’t been able to save much. As a result, he has developed low self esteem and lack of confidence in himself. One day he gets intel that the company is inviting tenders for supply of newspapers to it’s office staff. He informs his close friend, Daniel, about the tender. Daniel is a painter but doesn’t earn much too. Unlike John, he is aggressive.

Daniel talks John into bidding for the tender but he declines, stating his lack of knowledge in the tendering process and capital. Daniel being witty as he is, applies for the tender despite not having enough capital. Thankfully, he is awarded the tender. He approaches one newspaper supplier and discusses about the tender. After reaching an agreement they sign a contract and he manages to start supplying newspapers, waiting for his paycheck. He can now sit back and relax, money will be flowing his way. What about John?

How many times do we act like John? How many times do we have million-dollar ideas but let them slip because we listened to the wrong the voice. Because we were cowards and wouldn’t give our ideas a go. Not always willing to stand up to the negative voice, letting it enslave us into mediocre achievements. We let our mind lie to us and corner us into believing that we are not good at something, while the truth of the matter is, we are better than we think.

Another setback is; giving it a go but with the intention of proving to ourselves that we are inferior. We don’t go with the determination to win. How sad! This is why most new year resolutions never see the light of day. We write them down but an hour later start convincing ourselves of how unachievable these goals are. Giving up before we even try and put them into action.

In finality, let us always strive to try out every dream that crosses our mind, however weird it may look or how impractical it might sound to our minds. We never know what we might end up with as a product of that trial, trial with enthusiasm and charisma. Believing in ourselves isn’t enough, but having a plan on how we are going to achieve whatever battle we are set out to win is the real deal. Don’t limit yourself. You are limitless. We ought to employ creative stubbornness in every dream.

Wake up brothers and sisters, let’s take charge and make our minds behave. Let SUCCESS be our only option this year and beyond. 😛

I’m independent, intuitive, rational, friendly, passionate about others, charismatic and love a sensible conversation. 😀

– jagweng


Thanks jagweng, a truly inspiring piece and for being awesomeness personified really 😀

Don Charisma

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46 thoughts on “A Gift: “Pick Up That Brush And Paint”

  1. I am very grateful that Don Charisma chose jagweng’s work to post in his own-founded activity. I am new here in wordpress and I’m glad to have followed an adept no-nonsense charismatic writer that introduce me to his ditto. First of all I want to sayt something about the effects of quotes to me, personally.

    Everytime I saw in my inbox that Don Charisma have posted another quotes, I will get this sense of giddiness and lust to read what lies in it. Quotes of course are mere words, we know that. But of all millions of quotes, Don Charisma wittily pick quotes that could stir emotions, turn a no to a yes, black to white, gloomy to bright. From a negative disposition to impossibly positive. It comes so right in time. Like jagweng has said, it comes when you badly needed it. In fact, you don’t even know you need it until you have actually read it. It strikes you like a eureka. A sudden epiphany that rejuvinates your slumbering positivity. I am a self-proclaimed cynic. And honestly, everytime I read maxims, I have a sour feeling. I’m thinking, “well, everyone is different. Not everyone is like you (the maxim’s origin). But I’m not only a cynic, I’m an extremist. I got weird far-fetch opinion on anything. I even counterattack my own idea. So when my opinions clash, I get to the bottom. And in this particular topic, I have to admit, riveting quotes keeps me grounded, focus, positive and changed. Every. Heavenly. Time.

    Anyways, the second part is about jagweng’s analogy.

    I was John. I am John. Hoping, I will not be John.
    As I have mentioned earlier, I am a cynic. And that goes beyond what surrounds this earth. It goes down to my own being. If I rate my self-esteem from 1-10, as 1 being the lowest, probably it lies below 3. I have an inferiority complex but hates being known as inferior. I always thought I’m a booby especially I face the mirror. Every. Effin. Time. In class discussion, I often have the bull’s eye answer but reluctant to raise my hand for fear of being wrong, & humiliated. I always and always and always end up regretting. I lost some of the special people in my life because I don’t communicate. Afraid that if I do, I’ll be rejected. I wanted to be a writer in our schoolpaper back in highschool, I back away. Thinking I’ll mess my name. I wanted to join the declamation contest, I second thought. Maybe I won’t make it. I am afraid of failing because I don’t want to be called a loser or a failure. Until I realized, I don’t have any name to preserve because in the first place, I never created anything. I was a nobody and I remain a nobody. I have lost all my chances of winning because I gave up before I try. How can you even win a battle if you haven’t fought? That’s absurd. Now I’m starting to heal myself. Leave all the regrets. It’s unhealthy. I’m passing some of my literature works to our schoolpaper (when I’m already graduating. Lol). By the way, I am a 4th year college Student. When I was in highschool, though I belong in the top class, I was often part of the last 10. Now, in college, I have been part of academic achievers since 1st year. I realize I can make it if I just will myself. I have the potential to excel. I just have to believe it. WE ALL JUST HAVE TO BELIEVE IT AND WORK IT OUT.

    Well, no matter how much I believe I’m beautiful, nothing would change. Haha. But I think it boost my confidence. I always imagine I’m Angelina Jolie in front of everyone. Haha. Just kidding. But it helps 😉

    It’s all about that “mindset”.

  2. “As the thinker thinks, the prover proves”. As we feed our conscious minds with thoughts of what can be done, the subconscious sets about proving those thoughts right.

  3. Jagweng Sir…this is wonderful.. you HAD me at the AFRICA 😀 Thank you!
    I so adore how you have conveyed this message to us to have courage and faith … AND you used one of my favourite quotes I have read here at Sir Don!

    The way you tied it all up with the last line shows your talent fantastically!
    SHOULD be a quote in itself!

    ‘Wake up brothers and sisters, let’s take charge and make our minds behave. Let SUCCESS be our only option this year and beyond.’

  4. If I had the writing skills of jagweng, I’d write a piece to elaborate on ‘there’s writers and then there’s writers’. The truly awesome writers are those who have loyal readers who can’t stop reading their pieces even if one tried. Eyes are glued to each word with anticipation. The words leave one breathless. When your reader sees a new blog post and they are more thrilled than a fat kid eating cake, you know you are one of the ‘awesomely talented’.

    That’s Jegweng. He’s that writer and I’m that reader.

    Great post and great page Don. Keep up the great work.

  5. I must say I thoroughly enjoyed this piece! I’m presently battling my way through Corel Painter 2015. The amount of info. to digest in almost insurmountable! Yet i feel a sense of excitement and encompass the adventurous spirit of an explorer… Even if I would not become the greatest of Painters, it would be better for me to see just what I ‘can’ do. So I see the journey as the biggest part of my experiences in life. That’s my reward! Success isn’t always a matter of becoming someone to the world at large, but becoming someone to you, personally. For this, I am truly grateful I am not afraid to tackle the challenges that life lays before me. That’s once again for personifying this in your blog entry. I’ll definitely look forward to hearing more from your inspirational expertise…

      1. Hats off teacher … that was a rare fete. I’m getting a bigger book and pens – I got to take notes. I take my lessons seriously. 😀

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