Guest Bloggers WANTED – “Team Charisma World People” – UPDATE

Team Charisma World People has surpassed my wildest expectations, having received many thousands of likes, page views and comments. WELL DONE to my team – it’s been an honour to have collaborated with you all !

We’ve published now five submissions and still going strong 😀

New Guest Blogger

I’m inviting (Roxana Florina Popa) for a guest blog spot here on Roxana – please see my original post for the rules, and let me know you agree on that post … that’s your first intelligence test … hint – use the search box on my sidebar or the link under my TCWP graphic 😀

Roxana has been on my radar of top commenters for a while now. She’s very expressive, and seems to “get” what my blog is about. Very happy to see her comments, she’s always got something pertinent that adds to what I’m saying or doing. She’s also I believe a keen photographer, so we share several common interests, at the very least.

Roxana it gives great me pleasure to welcome you on board Team Charisma World People – totally looking forward to seeing what you’ll put together 😀 Thank You - Wishing You Health Wealth, Happiness and Inspirtation

Thankyou Donors And Sponsors 😀

Without money life eventually stops working. To this end it’s very helpful to us when people make donations towards keeping the blog running. We’re happy to speak to sponsors too. We’ll always put what’s given to us to good use, for instance – this event to help bloggers promote themselves to a wider audience, a chance they might not otherwise get. And, of course other events and initiatives we intend to run in future.

From the last update :

My computer died in a puff of smoke on Christmas day. I haven’t been able to get a replacement part where I am, but have after about 8 hours with a soldering iron and a ton of sweat-equity, I’ve managed to repair it for now. When I’m back in London, the money donated will be used towards the purchase a much needed replacement. So we are grateful for generosity 😀

So just an example of how sponsorship or donations help to keep the blog running and us doing our thing.

I’ve come to realise that donors often wish to remain anonymous, and discretion is important to sponsors. So if you’d like to sponsor or donate to us (whilst remaining 100% anonymous and discrete) please use a page I’ve created specially (you won’t find link anywhere else) – gift page

Team Charisma World People – Being The Dream

Here’s what we’ve been up to –

Musings For Bottom Feeders

It’s all progressing beautifully. I’m very happy with my winners. I’m also very happy with the relaxed pace we’ve set, it’s good I feel for the work/life balance of all involved.

I’m inviting new winners on board as and when they fit into my schedule, which is one at time at the moment.

Looking forward to publishing finished submissions shortly here on – watch this space !


Don Charisma


Comments are invited

Comments are often welcomed, provided you can string a legible, relevant and polite sentence together. In other cases probably best shared with your therapist, or kept to yourself.

28 thoughts on “Guest Bloggers WANTED – “Team Charisma World People” – UPDATE

  1. Hi,
    I was looking for submission guidelines for guest posting. I see you have them on a “sticky” somewhere. I’m sorry but I don’t know what or where that is.
    Janice Wald
    I have many pieces I’ve written on blogging, the blogosphere, and blogging tips that may interest your readers.
    Can you please send me the link to the criteria since I can’t find your sticky note? Thank you. I look forward to hearing from you.

  2. Hi Don, I have just returned from the city and I am so happy to see your invitation.
    I am really grateful you chose me as a guest blogger and I am looking forward to reading the topic you thought of. I am in.

  3. This is it. Been loving her work too. Has a way of telling stories through pictures. I trust she’s going to create a masterpiece. Congratulations Roxana:-D

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