Guest Bloggers WANTED – “Team Charisma World People” – UPDATE

We’ve published submission now from three of the five of our winners. ALL were a great success in my eyes, and by the looks in readers eyes with hundreds of hits. Thank you my friends for taking part, you all exceeded my expectations 😀

New Guest Blogger

I am electing a replacement at this stage because one of the my winners hasn’t responded. So I’m inviting for a guest blog spot here on jagweng, please see my original post for the rules, and let me know you agree on that post … that’s your first intelligence test … hint – use the search box on my sidebar or the link under my TCWP graphic 😀

jagweng has been on my radar of top commenters for a while now. Call me selfish, but I really love his positive attitude, and his writing in my comments has been top notch. I really get the feel of a genuinely cool guy through what he says, and how carefully he’s considered what he writes. A joy to read, and I’m convinced he’ll shine with this opportunity. He’s already “a writer” in my eyes, and I hope that being a part of Team Charisma World People will further encourage him to write beautiful words … Thank You - Wishing You Health Wealth, Happiness and Inspirtation

Thankyou Again 😀

We received an anonymous donation in response to my request for funds to help with expenses of the blog. Specifically my saving up for new camera and computer hardware renewals. I’m very thrifty so donations do go a lot further than one might think. We are very thankful to the donor, it came out of the blue and it’s lovely to see generosity – random acts of kindness are inspiring 😀

Update: my computer died in a puff of smoke on Christmas day. I haven’t been able to get a replacement part where I am, but have after about 8 hours with a soldering iron and a ton of sweat-equity, I’ve managed to repair it for now. When I’m back in London, the money donated will be used towards the purchase a much needed replacement. So we are grateful for generosity 😀

I’ve come to realise that donors often wish to remain anonymous, and discretion is important on both sides. So if you’d like to donate to us (remaining 100% anonymous and discrete) please use a page I’ve created specially (you won’t find link anywhere else) – gift page

Team Charisma World People – Being The Dream

Here’s what we’ve been up to – – Published – A Present: Presence In Life’s Moments, Conversations And Relationships – Published – Christmas Present: “Soul Glow” – Published – Christmas Present: “Don’t Diss Your Moma” – Christmas Party Rag – We’re working together on either of two titles at the moment … it’s a mystery !

Bottom Musings For Bottom Feeders

It’s all progressing beautifully. I’m very happy with my winners. I’m also very happy with the relaxed pace we’ve set, it’s good I feel for the work/life balance of all involved.

I’m inviting new winners on board as and when they fit into my schedule, which is one at time at the moment.

Looking forward to publishing the finished submissions shortly here on – watch this space !

Happy holidays


Don Charisma


Comments are invited

Comments are often welcomed, provided you can string a legible, relevant and polite sentence together. In other cases probably best shared with your therapist, or kept to yourself.

24 thoughts on “Guest Bloggers WANTED – “Team Charisma World People” – UPDATE

  1. I’m working on it Don. It’s my goal to do it today, and it’s still not April yet. I waited for spring vacation when I had time to do it right!
    Janice Wald

  2. I’ll guest blog congsarnit! I might channel an old timey mining prospector who plays the spoons from time to time, but I call him gummy Joe. He comes and goes. Let me know!

  3. Oh my! Don Charisma, you have a way with compliments or more precisely, flattery. I couldn’t ask for more this year. Trust me, I was shocked to read my name on this post. Let’s roll the dice (what does it mean in the first place?), 2015 is peeping. 😀

  4. Best of luck with computer replacement/fixing..
    I am very eager to read future posts of “Team Charisma World People”.
    Cheers and Happy New Year!

    1. Thanks, and yes I’m always repairing or building something … I quite enjoy it so it’s all good 😀

      Let’s see what my guys/gals bring, slow steady pace I’m hoping for 😀

      Happy NY ’15 😀

  5. I can’t wait to see the guest blogger posts :). Good luck and Happy New Year/Season’s Greetings, etc. to you and yours.

    Anything I write within these forums is EXPRESSLY my property. If you wish to copy or use it else where you MUST have my EXPRESS permission to do so.

    “God gives us relatives; thank God, we can choose our friends.” Addison Mizner Sometimes your joy is the source of your smile, but sometimes your smile can be the source of your joy.~ Thich Nhat Hanh

    Feelings are NOT fact!

    ““If you can make a girl laugh, you can make her do anything.”” – Marilyn Monroe

    1. Thanks, they’ll be awesome I’m very sure …

      And love the quotes very true … wondering about the first one though, might work on one’s own blog, not convinced about what you post elsewhere … perhaps that’s the point !

      Happy NY 2015 😀

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