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Those who mind don't matter, and those who matter don't mind

Home of Don Charisma

Welcome to Don Charisma  dot org

This is my personal and professional site, which is dedicated to CHARISMA – the art of being strong, wise and happy. Many people visit for me for my blog, here’s the entrance :

I love to work with media such as photos, video, graphics and text. Art, graphic design, photography and videography – or there or there about. Browse my Photography category : Photography

I’m passionate about promoting, it’s very very important for any online presence. So you will find articles here about promoting and SEO. Browse my SEO category :

Also of importance for any online presence is writing. So you will find writing here varying from creative to humorous to serious writing. People find blogs and websites with words, so wordsmithery is key skill for anyone building on the new land – the internet.

Advertising on this site goes towards meeting the costs of running this blog and is provided by the WordPress WordAds programme. We actually make very small amount from it, but it does help a little with costs.

If you would like to make a DONATION or GIFT towards current and future expenses of please contact me, so that I may let you know my paypal details. All such gifts are gratefully received.

Unless otherwise specified all work here is (c) and (c) Explicit permission is required from copyright owner for inclusion anywhere outside of Don Charisma websites. With the exception of *official* sharing buttons – reblogs and sharing on FB, Twitter, etc helps us. If in doubt please ask, usually we’re glad to oblige.

Welcome and enjoy your visit.

Warm regards

By Don Charisma

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  1. Hey,

    Nice site you have. Quick question, do you accept guest posts? If yes, how may we contacts you (can’t find your email)

    • Thanks, very kind. And answer is no just at the moment we don’t. We may be looking for guest authors in the future as and when we have the capacity to accept submissions, so please keep an eye on our feed, we’ll announce by blog-post.

  2. Thanks for following me. Just getting around to all my emails. love your photography.

  3. Paul Worthington Books permalink

    Hey Don,

    Your site is amazing and your photos and posts are outstanding. This is one cool blog.

  4. I love your site. I am looking forward to reading your blogs.

  5. Hi Don,

    Thanks for following my blog, had a look at your site and i think it’s great. I will definitely be visiting your site again.


  6. Very enlightening indeed. Keep up the good writing!!

  7. Great write up! Love the layout! :)

  8. Hey don,

    Great site man. Just thought will drop in and say hi.
    Lots to learn indeed.

  9. Hi Don
    You have a great site, and have some invaluable tips on social media. I want to thank you for following my blog, so that I found you, and to tell you that I’m learning a lot from you! Thanks so much for the work you put in, it’s really informative and professional. :)

  10. Lovely blog you have here, Don!

  11. nice to come across your blog
    am new to blogging
    any suggestions please

  12. I must admit, your blog intrigues. Thanks for the follow tho. I look forward to seeing more. And the photography, do you do it professionally?

  13. Sir Don, thanks for following my blog

  14. Euh êtes vous sûr de ce que vous dites ?

  15. Interesting Read

  16. Thanks for signing on , hope you like my stuff

  17. Hi Don. I got an email saying that you you’ve started following me on my blog Thanks a lot but I just wanted to inform you that I am no longer updating that one (for the time being). You can see my current blog which is the current one I am using. Thanks a lot.

  18. Loved your post so much we had to reblog to share with out friends, thanks so much

  19. alytera permalink

    Don, can you help me to make my blog known easily in Search Engine.. Thank you.

  20. ebelbela permalink

    Just got an email, that you started following my blog.. Thank you Don.. Let’s make photos…

  21. Your site is very interesting! When I get done with my deadline, I’ll be coming back to read more thoroughly. Thanks!

  22. Don, thanks for stopping by our blog – it was a while ago now. I’ve enjoyed looking at some of your posts. I can tell you’re a hard worker and that you have a lot of good ideas.

    If you looked around our blog much, you might have noticed that we believe the Bible is true. So you may not be surprised if I ask whether you’ve ever thought about what Jesus asked people like you – hard-working, creative, motivated: “what will it profit a man [what's the advantage] if he gains the whole world and forfeits his soul?” (Matthew 16:26). What good will it do us to get all we want out of life, only to find out that we missed the most important thing – knowing God through his son Jesus?

    That’s an important question because Jesus “is going to come in the glory of his father… and will then repay every man according to his deeds” (16:27). That is to say, Jesus is alive and coming back to carry out God’s judgment on people like us who often live like the most important being in the universe is irrelevant.

    I caught sight of the word wisdom toward the top of the page. Don’t miss the starting point for the ability to live life wisely: “the fear of [respecting] the Lord is the beginning of wisdom” (Proverbs 9:10).

  23. Great blog Don!

  24. Thank you for following my blog. I’m sorry…my English is very bad. Juan Mario Galdeano.

  25. Hi Don!! Thanks for following my blogs! You are an awesome blogger! Impressive one, really!!

  26. Hey Don, Just got an email that you started following my blog. Hmm…I thought we had already been following each other. Either way, I appreciate your kind words and encouragement. Peace Brother.

    • Ah, happens I go through all blogs following me every couple of months or so, and unfollow the one’s not following any more … occasionally there’s a glitch, not sure what happened … usually it’s in the gravatar info – is your gravatar up to date with your blog name ?

      Peace too bro :D

  27. Thank you Don Charisma for following Simple Sunsets. I followed you back. Let’s visit often. :)

  28. Thanks for following my blog! I guess it’ll forever be a mystery how you found your way to my strange corner of the blogosphere, but you did! So, cheers, and keep up the great work!

  29. bearcee permalink

    Hi Don, thanks for following me at Synecdoche! I’d like to redirect you to my other, much more active blog, at Soon I will put Synecdoche to rest. I’m enjoying your sites!

  30. penny permalink

    Love the site…

  31. Thank you for following my blog! :)

  32. theouterboogie permalink

    Not sure why you looked, but I appreciate the visit. You seem to be a busy man. Thank you.

  33. Thanks for following my blog, I’m not here much but I appreciate your interest! ☮

  34. Thank you for the follow! I enjoy looking through your blog and other goodies on your site! Certainly a lot of work!

  35. Thank you Don Charisma for liking and following my blog. Your photos are inspirational, Blessed Love:)

  36. Hi, Don! Thanks for following my blog. It is presently haphazard and I’m overwhelmed at the changes at WordPress. I’m relearning the dashboard and the entire site. I look forward to following you as well. Happy to you! Dana

    • Thanks Dana, you’re welcome and lovely to hear from you :D

    • Bonjour ami,
      Bienvenu à toi, bien que je ne sois pas à l’aise en Anglais, mais il y a des traducteurs.
      Mes bonnes amitiés.

  37. Thanks for the follow up :-)

  38. Hey! Thanks for the follow :)

  39. Hi Don Charisma, thanks for following my blog ( currently I am not posting there as I am concentrating on collaborative work with other teachers, in the hopes of reaching a larger audience of educators.

    If you like you can check us out at we would love to hear what you think.

  40. Dawna permalink

    a treat to be found and followed by The Charisma!.. looking forward to following your Creativity.

  41. Hi, Don! I recently changed the address of my blog from willowleafartist to willowleafartistry (yeah a whole two letters different). It claims I’m still following you but wanted to be sure that it shows up for you that you’re still following me? Take care! :)

    • Hey thanks for the message, and yes it says on my screen your still following. Thanks for your support, it does mean a lot to me :D

  42. Me parece muy interesante este blog, faltan hoy personas con filosofía de vida, con razón de ser para vivir sobre la tierra. Me gusta la información que se publica. Felicitaciones.

  43. Thank you for following my blog and because you motivated me to login to my blog after very long period since last login.

  44. Thanks for dropping by Don. I must say that you have a very interesting blog you. I hope to come back to read those Articles and Writeups. Bye for now, and have a Nice Day!

  45. Hi, thanks for following my blog. Cheers.

  46. Hi again, Don. Thanks for following Caves, Cannons, and Crinolines. I’ve been reading comments on your blog some. You have so much to see, one day I’ll get around to all of it. Have a lovely rest of the weekend.

  47. drshimail permalink

    Thanks for awakening me after a long time!

  48. Thank you for following my All4ballet blog “in the footsteps of a vocational student of dance”. Prisca

  49. Thanks for the follow :)

  50. Thanks for the follow. I am following you as well.

  51. Oh my goodness, our pages have very similar goals♡ mine is the same as yours but it’s conceptual art and photography based around happiness and following your heart :) I love your page. I also tried to do a dictionary description with pronunciation for my page but yours was really successful. Great job!

  52. Thank you for following my blog. I am impress with you website.

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