The Bias Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) – Worth £155 Per Year On Pain Of Prison ?

I grew up with the BBC. They made some amazing TV and were probably the best of the 3, and then 4 channels available to watch (that’s all we had). Some of the greatest ever comedy shows came out of the BBC. Monty Python is known worldwide. Mr Bean is popular in Arab countries. Doctor Who, Blackadder, Red Dwarf, Fawlty Towers, The Office and many others are known worldwide, and still watched, and have fans today. For a very long time it was firmly important British institution, and most people were glad of it. They were creative, innovative and probably some of the best TV in the world – A gold standard in TV production.

But, as time moves on, technology and people change (along with politics and culture). First was a larger selection of channels available with “Freeview”, and things like cable TV, bringing 100s of channels. Now these days with internet in virtually every home, choice is pretty much unlimited, with everything from “free” YouTube to Netflix to Apple TV, even Amazon on the bandwagon and so on.

From what I’ve heard people saying the BBC has become increasingly unpopular, viewership is ever on the decline and the quality of what they produce becomes ever more rotten each day that passes.

Doctor Who, a flagship show adored by generations, for decades, has morphed into utter utter rubbish.  They have completely destroyed it. Is diversity really a strength when forced awkwardly, for the sake of what someone thinks is pleasing a minority, into unquestionably brilliant creative ideas that had no need for it in the first place ?

The BBC charge 155 pounds a year for using their service (in simple terms)

According to The Telegraph :

“A total of 129,446 people were prosecuted for not having a licence in 2018, down slightly on previous years.”

Source –

Along with the already set in stone criminal record – what is likely to happen if the fine isn’t payed to the court, it’s then a custodial sentence, ie Jail/Prison. I mean come on, a custodial sentence for not paying for a TV service, that’s insane.

So, I think it’s fair to say there’s a large number of people in the UK who object to paying for the BBC, especially in this draconian way – a media organisation which no longer is really aligned with them, and biased to the political leaning and culture of a minority.

Also, the BBC doesn’t have the courage to collect the license fee themselves, it’s outsourced to a another company “Capita”. Presumably to try and distance themselves from the unpleasantness, employing someone else to do their dirty work for them. Capita employees harass people at their homes by making unscheduled visits, and try pretty much any tactic they can to get the the person to pay. Capita’s workers are paid on a commission basis, so you can see how it would make sense for them to try any tactic under the sun to “extort” the fee.

The process can also be escalated to a warrant to search people’s home – a video I saw on YouTube, police were called because the homeowner wasn’t all that impressed by the burly intimidating thugs who turned up unannounced to exercise the warrant.

Youtube has many videos made by people who object to paying the licence, it’s quite the thing, and has been for a number of years now.

And, the BBC has been accused of pro-remain bias regarding Brexit, even after 52% of UK voted to leave.

So, it’s fairly clear why there’s been growing animosity towards the BBC, and that DRASTIC change is needed.

OR, are we missing some point here, and should be defending the BBC, are they actually worth the 155 pounds a year, should be allowed to criminalise, or send to prison, those who don’t pay ?

Anyway, don’t just take my word for it – here’s an interesting discussion on YouTube’s “New Culture Forum I So What You’re Saying Is” :



Don Charisma


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2 thoughts on “The Bias Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) – Worth £155 Per Year On Pain Of Prison ?

  1. The BBC’s bias is appalling. They get political digs into ordinary soap operas and dramas, and their documentaries are getting unbearable – the series on schools during different decades was ruined by the presenters putting words in the children’s mouths about their own political agendas. Such a shame.

    1. Like you say – such as shame.

      I hadn’t paid much attention to them for quite some time. Recently whilst looking into Brexit and housing market, there are many voices pointing out how out of touch with the country the BBC has become. A documentary I watched was using a narrative from 5 years earlier, in order fit a current politics. The critics are ripping current Doctor Who to shreds.

      And videos online of people being bullied by BBC/Capita – that’s just not right.

      At least if we weren’t forced to pay for it, then there would be less (or little) to complain about.

      I liked the video I shared, because the panel’s members used parts of BBC I don’t – like radio for instance.

      Should probably have mentioned the latest is that they re-introduced the licence fee for the over 75s. Isn’t that just plain greedy, a lot of the people probably already paid 50 years or more of license fee. At today’s rate than’s nearly 8000 pounds per person.

      BT has thrived post de-nationalisation, why couldn’t it be the same for BBC ?

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