Children’s Charity Rejects $3000 Raised By Female STEM YouTuber

Naomi Wu’s channel popped up in my YouTube feed a while back. At the time I was watching a lot of electronic, science, engineering and technical channels, so probably her channel is watched by those with similar interests. I follow her channel and have learnt some interesting (& cool) technical stuff about things like 3D printing from her. She makes genuinely interesting and engaging content.

She’s one of a very few YouTube channels with a female host producing STEM field content. And the only one I know of broadcasting out of China. So, you’d think with the current lack of females in STEM fields (due to patriarchy and oppression, obviously), the world would be rejoicing, and singing her praises.

However, alas, not so. Last year she was attacked by US media. They said things which Naomi says put her in danger in China, and given the totalitarian nature of China (and fakenews coming out of mainstream media), I’m inclined to believe her. There are SERIOUS consequences for Chinese people who fall foul of the authorities, whether what’s been said is true or not – we’re talking about people getting disappeared here, not a telling off by the police or a court appearance.

I believe also Patreon, cut her off during the same period. Patreon aren’t know for their “tolerance”, or transparency,  so I’m unsuprised by them depriving Naomi of an income source, because, reasons. Many other YouTubers I heard actually gave up their Patreon accounts after a T&Cs change by Patreon – as I recall they were to do with issues of free speech and Patreon weren’t following their own guidelines. So a bunch of hypocrites basically.

The latest round of trouble for Naomi is a charity project she undertook to raise money for Filipino street kids – a charity called Virlanie.

Our mission is to love, protect, and empower the most disadvantaged children to help them reach their full potential and reintegrate into society

Source –

It’s the kind of thing that’s right up her street (sorry didn’t intend a pun). She’s done similar projects to help deprived people, the last one I saw she was sending equipment to African schoolkids, who then made a video to thank her. She does genuinely come across as someone who cares about helping others.

She doesn’t make any apology for how she looks etc, it’s her style, how she wants to be, how she wants to present herself. She’s a very independent, confident and competent woman – Again, someone one would expect to be admired and promoted by others. You know – real humble virtue, not virtue signalling.

Anyway – From what I understand the Filipino street kid’s charity Virlanie have acted in very bad faith. Naomi followed their procedures, disclosed everything about herself and the fundraiser, raised $3000, sent it to the charity. Then behind her back they smeared her, for, reasons. Their official statement was that they want to protect the public image of their charity. Protect, from what I’m not exactly sure ? Protect their charity from people raising money for them – that’s insane, I just can’t fathom it.

Or is there some logic here I’ve missed, some extreme mental gymnastics someone’s undertaken to make sure these poor Filipino street kids don’t get given their $3000, raised by someone who gave up their time and effort for what she thought was a good cause ? Or just a snowflaky twitter mob’s latest thing to be outraged about ?

Dunno, maybe someone wiser than me can enlighten us in the comments …

Anyway, here’s Naomi’s video, where she explains her side of the story :





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4 thoughts on “Children’s Charity Rejects $3000 Raised By Female STEM YouTuber

    1. Was also sad to hear about this, as you know. Naomi seems to be (in short) a good person, I enjoy watching her channel from time to time. Most of all she’s taking responsibility for her own life, and acting with integrity.

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