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Posting Copyright Music On Your Blog Via YouTube

Recently I moved my old videos from WordPress to YouTube to free up storage space on my blog, for posting photography later.

I wasn’t quite sure how YouTube would deal with the fact that the music included in some of my videos is mainstream and copyright. I thought this was a big no no on YouTube.

As it turns out, I was wrong – it’s OK, you can post copyright music without getting banned etc from YouTube. Only thing that will happen is that the video will get marked as containing copyright music. The rub is that you won’t receive any monetization. *Nothing bad will happen.*

I thought about it for a while, and actually I don’t care, my videos would probably only clock up a few views anyway – so monetization isn’t something of any importance to me.

The other thing is videos can be set to unlisted, so they don’t appear in search. What that means is it’s just your blog viewers who can access them via the special link provided by YouTube (not shown in any search).

So copyright owner isn’t actually going to make any money from you posting the video, which is fine for me (of course if you actually wanted to give the money to the copyright owner, you can set the video as listed for search in YouTube)

So, could be a good way to share music you like with your followers – just a suggestion/tip. Might be helpful to someone. I will likely use the facility again later, as sometimes I can only find poor quality versions of pieces of music (on YouTube) I’d like to share, or I can’t find the particular mix/version that I have in my own music collection.

It’s simple to merge a single still photo with music (easiest way to do it). Or if you have video you can merge the video with music.

I think I used Photoshop to do mine. Also Avidemux I’ve used in the past – it’s free, and pretty easy to use. Plus plenty of others out there.

Feel free to leave a comment – what’s your favourite video editing software (preferably free and easy to use.) ?Especially like to hear what Linux users use for video editing, as I’m using Linux more and more these days.


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19 thoughts on “Posting Copyright Music On Your Blog Via YouTube

  1. I’ve done it before and all I did was write in the video description that *I do not own the rights to the music. Not sure if anything has changed but I didn’t have any issues.

    1. They have auto-copyright matching bot in place now. When I upload it says “copyright claim”. I also tried on my other account uploading an “original” music video, and the same thing.

      At the end of the day, copyright isn’t about protecting starving artists, it’s about the money. If they are automatically monetizing one’s content in favour of the copyright holder, likely some massive business who doesn’t actually need it, then all is well. IMO

  2. maybe people who stream music a lot use sites like Itunes to download and pay for music and then use instagram for social interaction – maybe this has more copyright protection inbuilt? i suppose it depends if you are the listener or the creator

    1. People do definitely use streaming sites more and more these days. The only trouble with that is that once you stop paying, you lose your music (or video). And over the months and years the costs do add up, substantially. eg $10 per month is $120 per year, is $1200 per decade. Multiple subscriptions to services is even more expensive. Personally I just don’t have the cash for these services.

      Overall streaming (however paid for) is about convenience.

      iTunes pay-per-song model, also adds up to a lot of money. It doesn’t seem much 99c per song, but a full collection of 10s of thousands of tracks, well, it’s 10s of thousands of dollars.

      So, personally, as youtube has virtually everything anyway, and I use it a lot, that’d be where I’d look for music, and watch the adverts if I have to.

      Also spent a lot of time and effort converting CDs to digital format, so I have a decent iTunes collection.

      For my photography I’d probably be far better off on Instagram (than WordPress), it’s the go-to for most photographers these days. What’s put me off is the square photo format, and the inability to upload with anything but a smartphone. I’m also not all that keen on the Facebook empire, which Instagram is owned by.

      I’m both creator and listener. The information in this post is just an option for someone with a blog, another creative tool in their toolbox.

      It’s also possible to “rip” music (and video) from youtube videos (for free), there’s a tool called youtube-dl … I’m sure I posted about some years ago, maybe I should do another one.

      1. Thank you for taking time to reply. I dont like Instagram because think its too easy to copy own photos and send them everywhere. Dont really use Facebook either except for (sorry to admit this) to make me laugh and cute animal photos and found an interesting group to do with own ethnic origins – but reallise have to be careful. In the family in the past have used Catapult Distribution.

      2. My pleasure. It usually goes unsaid, but socialising is often mutually beneficial.

        I think for small/indie music producers, I’d give them as wide coverage as possible, and make sure they were credited (sorry forgot about them in the whole equation). The whole system is horribly stacked in favour of large music labels, who quite frankly I don’t feel they need the money. Indie/small outfits really struggle in the shadow of these behemoths, and deserve to get better paid and promoted.

        Wise to use some caution with what one is saying online these days. I’m not joking, but we are being watched, even more so on FB, Twitter, INsta etc. A prominent UK TV figure got fired yesterday for tweeting Shakespeare, and indirectly branded a racist. It was proven he isn’t, but still was fired anyway. Shocking really, but it’s all in conformance with a particular minority political narrative. Strange Orwellian times.

        Each to their own I guess on what we want to watch. YouTube I think has cute animals too 🙂

        I’m usually watching STEM type content on YouTube, but realised my own ignorance on politics due to Brexit, so watch a lot of that at the moment.



      3. Thank you – for wise words. i suppose that is why Greta Thunberg managed to say what she needed to – to World leaders – partly because there is truth in her words but also until recently she was below age where – if people wern’t happy with what she was saying – she was below a legal age. who knows.

        Over here it feels we cant avoid politics – everyday on every news media – its infront of us. Maybe the same where you are?

        Personally feel huge mistake to leave Europe (hope they will take us back at some point) – in many ways we dont even reallise yet and will probably loose Scotland from the UK unless we become a hugely successful trading power – which would need miracle. Never say never but..

        Impressed just read – this UK Government plan to ban even hybrid cars by 2035 latest. Big words but how is this possible without the infrastructure – both in UK and faraway parts of the world?

        Are we going back to the horse but like the cow – it makes methane?

      4. I don’t know about climate change, like I actually never studied it myself in a professional and scientific way. So remain sceptical.

        The bigger issue is the politicisation of it. right and left have been at it for decades.

        I’d say it’s political persuading via scare mongering of an upcoming apocalypse. The current apocalypse is climate change. There were past predicted apocalypses and will be future predicted apocalypses.

        “Rebel News” out of Canada which I get via YouTube – has some interesting counter-consensus reports on Greta.

        And much more besides I’ve seen on YouTube, disagreeing with the “settled science”. These voices often get their funding removed, smeared or cancelled, because they are not following the consensus narrative.

        India and China are top two polluters I think – And nobody from the west even mentions them in mainstream media.

        As for Greta, I think it’s a little bit debasing to use her as front man(woman), a human shield for billionaires wishing to promote their green companies and politics. But I’d say responsibility lies with her parents.

        That saga isn’t going away anytime soon. The apocalypse scenario is too politically valuable.

        You say you can’t get away from politics. Which is spot on by the way (same for us all). Uk used to have centrist politics on either side of Parliament, so nobody really cared about it too much.

        Unfortunately with the advent of woke, SJWs and identity politics, enabled via social media anybody, and now everybody is included in politics. So you can’t get away from it, it’s baked in.

        I’m kinda fairly certain of the opposite of what you’re saying about Brexit. UK is number 5 in nominal GDP in the world. We are already a very wealthy country. And if Boris doesn’t fuck it up, or some other disaster doesn’t come along, I think UK is poised to become a very successful and prosperous place to live. But I could be wrong, it’s impossible to predict the future, or how inept politicians can be.

        Mostly it’s the SNP making noises about second Scotland referendum. They kinda have to have some big scheme or plan, to justify their jobs, and in the absence of dealing with real issues, having some real policies – so they’ve decided to go a second referendum in 6 years. I’m not sure they’d win it, and I’m not sure the Scottish people would want to re-join the EU, even if the EU would allow it.

        And as I said to someone else – shouldn’t the rest of the UK have a say in a Scottish referendum ? I like Scots and would like them to stay. But why wouldn’t I be given a say as to whether they go or stay ? It’ll never happen in reality, so just saying really.

        Not sure about the 2035 thing, and whether that’s just virtue signalling. There are TREMENDOUS challenges to overcome with going all electric. And the question I always ask is – where is this electricity coming from (ie is it clean/environmentally friendly) and what is environmental impact of producing such a vehicle in the first place ?

        I did see on YouTube (I think a Swedish company) producing electric cars with solar panels actually on the outside of the car – this always seemed a good idea to me, but I don’t know how well it will work in real conditions.

        My overall advice, would be to dig for information sources which aren’t bias, or at least giving a counter-consensus viewpoint. Then make up your own mind. The BBC, Channel4 etc and most of the Western media are of similar mind, similar politics and similar narratives. These outlets are also in their death-throws, as they are rapidly becoming outdated and irrelevant, since people get news from all over the place now.

        My “escape” was initially Jordan Peterson on YouTube, and since then dug very deep into finding other voices who’re telling me what more seems to align with common sense. Again Youtube.

        The Rubin report from US is fantastic (and he’s ex-left winger from “The Young Turks” show). There’s a whole colourful and genuinely diverse set of voices out there, who’re happily interpreting news and current affairs, without a complete one way radical bias. There’s a bunch of British channels emerging too, Jeff Taylor, Carl Benjamin etc I’ve posted their videos on my blog. It’s a great time for indie journalists, news outlets and pundits.

        There’s a shift happening right now, Nigel Farage said it best (and I added it to my sidebar) :

        “There is a battle going on, in the west and elsewhere. It is globalism against populism. And you may loathe populism, but I’ll tell you a funny thing, it’s becoming very popular” – Nigel Farage, speaking to the EU parliament 30-Jan-2020

        Italy, France, Netherlands, Denmark, Hungary and others may be moving away from globalism. I also heard Germans, Swedes and Norwegians aren’t happy either. In 5 or 10 years there may not be an EU that’d be worth re-joining.

        Roku, Android TV Box or Apple TV or smart TV – all have YouTube apps, and are relatively inexpensive. Or, you probably already have laptop/ipad/smartphone.

        Or, LBC is broadcast on radio and their talks are uploaded to YouTube. I haven’t listened to all their hosts, I do usually hear a lot of sense coming out of the shows that I’ve watched.

        My two cents for what it’s worth 🙂

      5. Thank you for taking time to reply – for your thoughts and links, suggestions.

        I wonder if Greta does need to pull back, get her degree, live and let other people carry on the flame she has carried – like in the Olympics.

        There is no sense destroying hers and her family’s life for something that is already out there. She has made people think and thats the main thing.. Swedish parenting culture may be different – perhaps her parents trust her to do what is right for her – I hope she will remember to do this.

        My own theory and what i have read is that the Poles are reversing – which has happened before. and this may take a long time to happen and we are at the beginning of it and things like Global Warming is part of it but probably the Earth will survive it but maybe not man unless we are very clever. But something else will come after – maybe not us.

        But who really knows but no harm in trying to cut down impact we have on this planet.

        Like you say have read Global Warming has happened before – the Poles have been tropical rain forests before. Man evolved at this time and we are probably making it worse.

        Yes – i agree about China and wonder if prototype Hydrogen type cars – could explode.

        Train service needs to be cheaper and more reliable.

        But to be honest – want to be able to travel – to far away places even if this becomes challenging to do.

        Thank you

      6. My pleasure. Other information is out there. The mainstream media are heavily bias in a radical way now. They won’t exist for much longer anyway, no one believes them anymore, and virtually no-one listens to them.

        At a personal non-political level, I wish Greta all the best.

        It’s likely she will do very well financially as a consequence of public exposure and contacts she’s made. We don’t know how well she’s done already, none of that is transparent and her ex-military security team prevents anyone from asking about this.

        I’m an apocalypse skeptic. But interested to hear real science, that wasn’t paid for on the condition it fit a political narrative. Politician’s doom and gloom, peddling their success and my failure, not so much. As for Greta and her 15 minutes of fame, the torch will be passed on to the next Time magazine front cover – The Oligrachs will find a new figurehead to push their apocalypse narrative, on ordinary folks like us, who are usually fairly green anyway and actually do care about the environment, rather than excessive power and money. And some of us are wondering why Greta (and others) isn’t(arn’t) in China or India, saying “how dare you” to them.

        As for Sweden, I’ve been there twice – not high on my list to visit again – it’s very cold, overly puritanical and there’s too much mainstream identity politics. Great if you’re a transgender person, and for lots of other folks, but not so much if you’re a straight white male like me.

        In the 70s they were banging on about global cooling in mainstream media – the next ice age is almost upon us. My dad had a book, called “Polar shift” (Carl Sagan ?). There’s evidence on Ocean bed of magnetic lines, they say are caused by polar shifts, which happens quite frequently (well on the scale of the Earth’s 7 billion year existence). But whether that’s tomorrow or in 100000 years, no one knows for sure.

        There are many other apocalypse theories out there – yellowstone park, an asteroid hitting the earth, mutually assured destruction. But guess what, we’re still here and not a single one has come to pass. The Russians and Americans, somehow managed to have common sense prevail for the entire cold war. Even the coronavirus, looks like it’ll probably be a storm in a teacup, not a pandemic, like the spanish flu that killed 65 million people.

        The real apocalypses have been things like WW1 WW2 and the 100s of millions of murders in communist countries in the last century.

        In the end, the best any one of us can do, is do our best to be green. Not worry too much about apocalyptic events. Be good to our friends, family and neighbors, if that’s possible.

        I personally know I don’t know all the answers and solutions. But dialogue rather than twitter fights, or real wars, would be a good start.

        Train fares, I don’t know. I think the real problem, is wage (and therefore income) stagnation, whilst inflation rolls along year on year, coupled with low interest rates which mean the elderly who have savings no longer benefit from interest income. My best guess at why this is, is greed from the globalist elites, and us letting them get away with it for decades.

        And yes, totally, would be great to be able to travel more … “electric solar powered planes” ?

      7. Yes i was thinking that -all the pressure on car drivers but what about planes , tractors and meant to say good point – about what will the source be for electricity driven cars,

        We do drive a lot because my son has emotional stuff going on and he cant handle being in planes, WE’ve tried – but had to have our bags offloaded because he couldn’t cope getting on the plane.

        Thats the thing – we all have different stuff going on that makes normal not normal for us. Another can of worms.

        Thank you for chatting with me

        Its great to have friends and parents to bounce ideas of

      8. My pleasure. I enjoyed chatting with you. Thanks also 🙂

        Environmental issues are complex and solutions aren’t as simple as they’re made out to be. Overall, I think we should go about our lives, do our best to take care of the environment and stop letting people who have no place to be doing so, lecturing us about it.

        You need to get around, I accept that – there’s no climate change judgement from me. You’re just doing your best for yourself and your son. There’s nothing wrong, or need to feel guilty about that.

        I’m sorry to hear your son’s having difficulties. I wouldn’t suggest anything because I don’t know you guys, but hope things get better/easier for you both.

        Hopefully you’ll get on a plane together soon and go somewhere nice.

        And, yup, got plenty of not normal stuff going on for me too. In the end it’s the same for most people, life can be, and is often a struggle. Just do ones best and try stay positive.

        Bad times kinda makes one appreciate the good times though 🙂



  3. Monetization is a joke. I make about $2.50 a month from my music. Even for me that’s a fair number of views at $.00213452 or less a view.

    1. Yup. Sounds about right, I heard a US dollar for every 1000 views, if it’s advertiser friendly.

      If I could give you Justin Beiber’s views by some magic – I’d do it in a heartbeat 🙂

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