SF Express – My Love Is Stronger (Beats and Gooves For a Pornstar)

Random oldschool dance music for Saturday night … Couldn’t decide which version I preferred, so I posted both (probably the first one).

No idea where I first heard it. Maybe Camden Palace (now Koko) or The Electric Ballroom, or maybe Pete Tong’s Essential Selection. Dunno.

SF-Express ‎– Beats And Grooves For A Pornstar
Label: Boo Records Inc. ‎– 12BOO5
Format: Vinyl, 12″, 33 ⅓ RPM

Country: UK, Released: 1999, Genre: Electronic, Style: House


Hope somebody enjoys it, either way though it’s fine, I enjoyed listening to it 🙂


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22 thoughts on “SF Express – My Love Is Stronger (Beats and Gooves For a Pornstar)

    1. EDM, that’s kinda the point, trance being the most repetitive, also for geeks like me, who can’t play instruments in time, we kinda end up sounding repetitive 🙂

      Again sounded better with headphones. I’d liked best the Jazz/blues piano holds the track together, and is a focal point. Not 100% but I think the distorted guitar maybe a sample. For samples I like to cut them up, slow them down, speed them up until something new emerges 🙂 If it wasn’t a sample, then props to the guitar player, it was consistent. The slap base seemed a bit overwhelmed, so maybe a touch more volume or a compressor, but base often gets overwhelmed without big speakers. Or pan things to left and right for some separation. Dunno, some more unsolicited advice, I just like to write too much.

      But as I said before, I’m not musical talent, so don’t listen to me !

      1. Ok, so if you’re asking me what’s stopping me doing a remix or a remastering, then :
        1. access to individual tracks and samples (eg can’t pan or adjust volume or add compressor etc, of individual instruments/voices of already mixed track)
        2. don’t know what software or method you used to mix, or how to translate and arrange that into what I use, ie Ableton
        3. never remixed someone else’s work
        4. scheduling and time
        5. wouldn’t expect someone I consider a musician to trust me with such a project
        6. don’t have proper monitor speakers myself – I use a Bose bluetooth speaker and headphones
        7. gaps in my musical knowledge and ability, like getting notes in time and in key, for example
        8. slightly deaf in my right ear
        Are what I can think of off the top of my head.

      2. Apple priced themselves out of my budgets, and Ableton I got in a round about way so it was free for me.

        If you want my help, and think I’m capable, I’m willing to give it a try. I don’t know how long it’ll take or how much help I’ll need. Kinda flattered in one way and kinda terrified in another.

        Ideally I’d like the master tracks in full definition (for best possible production). I need the sequencing information, and I don’t know how to convert from Logic to Ableton. There may be a tool out there which does exactly that. Otherwise, it’s a more tedious process of figuring out timings for everything, what starts on what bar etc, and explaining the structure of the song.

        So there’s some logistics to be overcome, I don’t know the size of the files, but high def audio is usually big files.

        I doubt these days we’re going make a fortune, but in that unlikely event it’d be nice to get some money – I’m just about managing financially as it is.

        Fuck it, let’s give it a try and see where we get to.

      3. I’d love to do that Don but I’m facing a family crisis at the moment and unable to work on my music. I barely have time to paint. I’ll take a rain check on that.
        Leslie xoxo

      4. PS Sorry to hear about, and hope the family crisis works out ok – let me know if I can help.

        Naomi Wu did a video on some British designed monitor speakers, don’t know if they are still available, but might be something to add to the toolkit later ?

      5. Thanks for your kind offer Don. This is going to take some time. So my life is not my own at the moment. Nevertheless, I’m with the people I love.

      6. Be kind to yourself. Do what you need to do. Things often do work out OK.

        Happy to see you on the blog when you feel like it. Happy to try make some music at some point when you feel like it.


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