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Michael Moore Presents: Planet of the Humans (Well Done Michael Moore)

To be honest I thought Michael Moore was a deranged weirdo, after bizarre woke comments and absurd tweets I’ve seen within the last few months – but, he’s completely redeemed himself in my eyes with this documentary, exposing the utter fraud and lies behind “green” and “renewable” energy. This documentary came totally out of left field (kinda no pun intended). I could never have anticipated or expected this. Continue reading “Michael Moore Presents: Planet of the Humans (Well Done Michael Moore)”

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Don Charisma Added To Bitchute

A Canadian friend of mine wasn’t able to watch a video I made on YouTube, I think because of their location. The copyright owner of the music had already taken any money earned (which I don’t care about), but Geo-limiting who can watch is a bit “pisch” as Scots would say, ie “bollocks” as British would say.

A video I tried to share of Italian doctor and nurse describing the heatbreaking situation in Italy, was taken down, I think by YouTube, because it didn’t fit the political narrative of the moderators. These kinds of messages whilst distressing, should be allowed. As far as I know it wasn’t “fake news”, I have seen other meltdowns of medical staff, working long shifts, with their lives in constant danger (Medical staff worldwide are under immense pressure) – this is real life, and IT IS IN THE PUBLIC INTEREST that the public know the truth. Not censored by the “wrong think”/”wrong speak” police.

BitChute.com Logo, DON CHARISMA

So, I’ve opened a BitChute account, which don’t do this kind of stuff (as far as I know). Kinda like YouTube used to be like for those of us that can remember 10 years back.

I don’t have any videos on my BitChute channel yet, as new channels have to go through some kind of approval system, before I (or you) can upload. It’s said to take 24-72 hours.

The primary purpose of opening the channel on BitChute is free speech. I believe people should be able to say what they want to say. Censoring for partisanship reasons, ie basically totalitarianism – is essentially the highway to hell – some seem to have forgotten lessons we learn’t under totalitarianism despot rule, in the present and not that distant past – Russia, Cambodia, China etc, and currently Venezuela. The death toll is said to be in the 100s of millions, people were murdered and some starved to death. If you need a reminder watch “The Killing Fields” or read George Orwell’s “1984”, and other works. Somewhat ironically, from what I understand Orwell was a leftist.

So, anyway, enough of my ramblings, I’m at :


BitChute.com Logo, DON CHARISMA

And I’ve added the link to my small print below, and it will be there going forward.

Provided I do get approved, I’ll do my best to upload videos to both YouTube and BitChute and share both links.

Hope you and loved ones are safe, and stays that way during these awful times.


Don Charisma

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European Businesses Turn Against EU – German Businesses Could RELOCATE To Brexit Britain

I just added German flag to my sidebar just yesterday, and then this video pops up today in my YouTube feed.

It seems that after having been told for 5 years that UK would lose out on business because of Brexit, by the fakestream media, and the EU, was fear-mongering and a lie, or at least was utter bullshit.

Now there are reports of German businesses are looking to relocate to the UK. Oh, how the tables have turned !


I came across Mahyar Tousi’s channel a few months ago. He provides an informative populist discussion of (mostly UK) – current affairs, culture and politics, is well spoken, engaging and charismatic.


Don Charisma

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Changing My Pronouns

In keeping with today’s theme (and my previous post) – NSFW in this case means “Not safe for woke”, so don’t worry, no profanity or nudity here, there is none. More creative writing and satire, than anything else.

Not sure how this works exactly, I did get a “B” in English after all. Perhaps I’m just #thick, and those three years at Uni could have been better spent with someone else going.

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Candice Owens – *Finally* Someone With Some Real Charisma

Just found this on Youtube – this lady has got some C-H-A-R-I-S-M-A – and she isn’t buying globalist BS anymore, and VERY vocal about it. Presidential material ? – Go Candace Owens, go !

*Much* respect to Candace for exposing some abhorrent hidden agendas, and how people have been lied to in life destroying ways. Anyway she says it better this I :

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Dave Rubin

Why Dave Rubin And Many Others Are Leaving The Democratic Party

Dave Rubin is an ex-presenter of “The Young Turks” and a turncoat-ex-leftist. His channel is one of the most popular channels, that I know of within his field. Many of his videos have millions of views.

He usually does longform interviews with prominent people, but tables are turned on this one, this time Dave is being interviewed by Mike Huckabee.

(300K views as of today)

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Mainstream Media’s Lies About Brexit EXPOSED

I came across Mahyar Tousi’s channel over the past couple of months. He provides an informative populist discussion of (mostly UK) – current affairs, culture and politics, is well spoken, engaging and charismatic.

It seems the BBC is having a meltdown right now, they just announced 450 job cuts in their news division, with more cuts to come.

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BBC Brainwashing Kids – Nish Kumar’s Horrible Inaccuracies

The last I heard of Nish Kumar he was being booed off stage, at the Lord’s Taverners annual charity cricket lunch (London). You can look that one up for yourself. But, in short – from what I understood it was because Nish was making jokes conforming to a minority political narrative (Orange man bad, Brexiteers are stupid racists etc), which, unfortunately for Nish, the audience didn’t share with him. It didn’t go well at all for Nish – food was thrown at him and he took the bizarre move of arguing with the audience, and doubling down, rather than taking it on the chin and gracefully bowing down. I think in the end one of the organisers had to go on the stage and usher him off. Presumably, before something more drastic occurred, although I’m 100% certain Lord’s Taverners annual charity cricket bunch aren’t white supremacists or KKK, they seemed like a bunch of elderly folks having a peaceful knees up – so probably they would have just verbally escalated the interaction, until Nish got the message that his intrusion to their celebration *REALLY* was unwelcome.

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