I Think I Just Received A “Wokening” – Can Someone Help Me Decode It ?

I found what was to me an amusing summary of UK politics (over the past couple of years), so I shared it in a post, and in response I got this :

If this comedian (never heard of him, don’t care to) is making the kind of racist jokes Nigel Farage’s and Boris Johnson’s idiotic followers make about Brexit, he deserves to be banned. How about you find out the facts and don’t help an idiot self-promote. Nobody banned him, he is just a talentless unfunny moron making crude jokes about Muslim women?!?!? Equally it is not funny for these awful Brexit Racists Arseholes to make white supremacists jokes about Meghan and Harry’s mixed race kid! The majority of Millennials in the 1st world are mixed race, so Nigel and Boris can just rush to their coffins, no matter how much they sqawk about Muslims and Asians, the future belongs not to bigoted idiots who are so old and haggard, they have one foot in the grave already! lol.

Seems to be some kind of woke identity politics montage constructed by an ideologically possessed person. Are there any millennials left who speak normal sentences, without making it all politically about gender/ethnicity/age/religion/sexuality/intelligence, who actually digest the content prior to commenting and are not offended by everything and nothing, and don’t consider everyone outside of their ideology – malevolent, or worthless “fair game” recipients of hate speech or cancel culture ? Is the message decodable at all, or do I have to concede that I’ve been overwhelmed by an intellect far far superior than my own ?

My sarcasm was of course intended, and …

Polite coherent comments are often read, and sometimes responded to. Others, not so much.



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