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I’ve been getting quite of lot of traffic off of this link that was posted on last year :-

Quite funny really that someone would go to the trouble of posting about my blog on, publicly criticising the design of my blog. And ironic really that I’m getting a lot of hits off of it. Who said “There’s no such thing as bad publicity” ?

It amuses me that imbeciles and morons would sit around like toothless old women saying things like – “Looks like a pretty standard blog layout, so while it is indeed crappy, it’s not the sort of exceptional crappy I expect of this sub.”

I think he/she was trying to defend me, kind of …

And all of this – ON A WEBSITE CALLED REDDIT.COM THAT LOOKS LIKE IT WAS DESIGNED BY A FIVE YEAR OLD ! In fact most five year olds would have designed a better looking website than …

IRONY, YES, doubly ironic !

Thank you very much reddit users – and … you are living proof that we are descended from apes (or was it dodos, I can never remember which)

Seriously though guys thanks for the laugh and thanks for the traffic …

And now I’m off to sign up for a bunch of fake accounts and complain, criticise and generally slag myself off, anywhere and everywhere I can think of … will be viral within a week 🙂


Don Charisma

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Warm regards, Don Charisma

37 thoughts on “Crappy Design Of

  1. Someone from reddit wrote a strongly worded comment asking me to change my blog’s layout because he was not able to read it comfortably on his mobile phone. I did hunt for new themes, but reading this post just made my day! Cheers!

    1. For sure … I reckon I’d take it more seriously if the guy was a graphic or web designer, with qualifications and experience … a random moron/”expert” really I couldn’t give a flying funk what they think, I like the layout of my blog, and that’s all that really matters to me !

  2. Just know-it-alls who really don’t even have anything else to say for review except something crappy like, well, “Crappy.” People just want to let others down so that they can feel good baout themselves.

    1. Thanks, and yes that’s about right, if they try to make you look small it makes them feel big … big childish really, but that’s life !


      Don Charisma

  3. My mother always taught me that if you don’t have anything nice to say that you shouldn’t say anything at all, seems some folks ignore this timely piece of advice. People who have nothing better to do than bring others down are pretty sad, in my opinion.

    Ignore the haters, Don, we love you!

    1. Thanks Heather, and yes I’m pretty much of the same opinion, with the caveat that constructive criticism in the right context can be helpful. But personally I only listen to people who I trust’s critcism, so these people are largely irrelevant as I don’t know them, therefore I don’t trust them … haters, f*** ’em, too many nice people to waste my time with haters …

  4. Good for you. No idea how people have the energy to invest in negativism. As a WordPress blogger, I tend to be in a narrow world of WordPress bloggers on the Reader. Is there no WordPress to Blogger(Google) connection to widen the arena and search people blogging on similar lines as myself?

    1. Agree, I think it’s culturally built in, so not expecting that to change … it’s possible to search for blogs on blogger or tumblr that blog about similar keywords to yourself try “your-keyword” for instance 🙂

  5. Weak design aside, it’s amazing how much attention Reddit generates. Their video game section managed to influence the outcome of the GameFAQs character tournament and someone posted my top 5 animes on there resulting in hundreds of hits (I normally struggle to get 20 reads.)

  6. /laughing! Yes, Reddit has always befuddled me as well. C’mon, seriously? That’s all you’ve got? gahhhhh! I spend zero time there because my ADHD becomes rampant. I need calm and soothing to offset the circus in my head.

    Go forth and troll! 😉

    1. I don’t really know what to make of it, but I guess appeals to a certain class of moron who thinks their a web expert !

      And yes, I try often to blinker myself or my mind does like to wander 🙂

      1. Then you’re doing better than I could…hey, look, what’s that over there? Wait, what’s that over *there*!! OMG, it’s far worse than the grocery store! 😀

  7. How absolutely wonderful that you have a real benefit from ill-mannered comments! I love it. Curiously, I experienced a similar effect when some famous people criticised my blog. I try really hard to find something nice to say. I am, truly, pleased for you and for your terrific photos to get more attention is great.

    1. Thanks hun, it’s not loads of traffic, but I’m getting a few checking out my blog … all adds up so happy for that … and as for critics, well, f*** ’em really !

  8. Why is it that people tend to bad-mouth those who are more successful/popular than themselves?

    That’s all well and good but you have to remember that if you criticize, then it’s only fair to expect to be critiqued yourself.

    Then again, you may not be worth criticizing,,,in which case you’ll probably be ignored.

  9. I’ve always thought the same about Reddit. It looks like a website someone designed 15 years ago. I get good traffic from Reddit too and I’ll take it, but the people leaving comments on Reddit itself seem fairly troll-ish.

  10. [ Smiles ] Oh well, you seem to have a high level of popularity and some people just like to criticize those who are popular.

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