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Master Forum SEO In Just A Few Minutes

Promoting a blog or website is a continuous process, provided that is you actually want people to visit your site. For most individuals/businesses/charities/artists/writers we want people to visit our site, that was the whole point of setting up a website in the first place.

There are many facets and opportunities in promoting, forum SEO just one of many.

Forum SEO has garnered a recently “retired” support volunteer over 8 MILLION hits on their relatively mediocre site. So, it’s a strategy that IS very VERY powerful.

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Free Open Directory For WordPress Professionals – Developers, Designers And Security Experts

I have an Egyptian friend who runs a fruit and vegetable shop in London, we call ’em “Green Grocers”. He’s quite a knowledgeable guy in business, and it’d always confused me as to why several green grocers would want to set up business in the same area. My thoughts were of competition for customers, slim pickings. His answer was simply that customers get to know that that is a good place, an area, a locale in which to go to buy fruit and vegetables and have an excellent selection. Continue reading Free Open Directory For WordPress Professionals – Developers, Designers And Security Experts

Gazette Theme – A New Look For

I’ve been using the same theme ever since I started my blog, the “Titan” theme. WordPress “Retired” my old theme some time ago, and I’ve just done the same today.

Researching current themes I came up with a short-list. And, erm no, I didn’t try out all 384 themes, really only the latest ones.
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flickr – biggr – WHATEVR

I don’t know why but whenever (“whenevr” ?) I see these ads I just think “Whatever”. Don Charisma, the critic – Great, so the guys at yahoo had a great idea, a photo website, let’s call it “Flicker”. On checking if the domain name was available, oh shit, it’s not, it’s already registered. What shall we do. And some bright spark comes up with the an idea, we can misspell it “flickr” rather than buying it fair and square from the legal owner, plus it will sound “cool”. Hmmm, no one visiting or using our site. What shall we do, how … Continue reading flickr – biggr – WHATEVR