Getting Rid Of Beep Beep Boop Editor – The Easy Way

Many MANY people are unhappy with the new “improved” editor, nicknamed “Beep beep boop”. Here’s a simple solution.


I’ve seen some of the methods for restoring the classic editor, all of which I felt a bit overly involved and cumbersome. Within that they may well be superior solutions, I’m offering this one for simplicity, not to be “the best”. KISS, right ?

So, how ? Well create a (private) page on your blog called wpadmin. You can then access the page (provided you’re logged in) via

This is what the page will look like :


Although it’ll be different on your site, because you probably have a different theme to me.

Create you own “Simple Classic Editor Admin Links” page

  1. Create a new post, select “Text” rather than “Visual”, and copy and paste the HTML code I’ve included below into the text box.
  2. Title the post simply “wpadmin” (without the quotation marks).
  3. Set the Visibility to “private”, this means only you can see the page.
  4. Then hit “Publish”.

To access your new page

This is me creating the page (I’ve highlighted the relevant areas) :


So all that remains is the code.

The only condition is that this is for private use, and you don’t remove the copyright information or links to Basically don’t plagiarise it, and have some respect for the time I spent on it. It is also provided AS IS, and I make no warranty at all – basically if you’re not comfortable using then don’t use it. If you are, then it’s at your own risk. I’m also unlikely to maintain it or make changes to it.

Bottom line – I’m simply trying to do something to help you with your WordPress site 🙂

The HTML code to paste into the “Text” area :

<!--(c) 2015, permission granted for personal use, solely for the purpose of accessing the classic editor instead of the beep beep boop editor on>
<h2>Simple Classic Editor Admin Links</h2>
<img class="alignleft wp-image-14195 size-thumbnail" src="" alt="wordpress-new-editor-crossed-660x" width="150" height="103" />Use links here to navigate to your dashboard, and links to classic editor for posts and pages :
<div style="clear: both;"></div>
<a href="/wp-admin">My Dashboard</a></big>

<big>Posts :</big>
<p style="padding-left: 30px;"><a href="/wp-admin/post-new.php">Add New</a> (Add a new post)</p>
<p style="padding-left: 30px;"><a href="/wp-admin/edit.php">All posts</a> (List all posts)</p>
<big>Pages :</big>
<p style="padding-left: 30px;"><a href="/wp-admin/post-new.php?post_type=page">Add New</a> (Add a new page)</p>
<p style="padding-left: 30px;"><a href="/wp-admin/edit.php?post_type=page">All Pages</a> (List all pages)</p>

<hr />

This page's HTML (c) 2015 <a href=""></a> - "Built with Charisma"

<hr />
<hr />


I’ve provided here a method to access your classic editor, that’s fairly straightforward and doesn’t involve hacking your browser or complicated workarounds.

TIP – Bookmark the page once you’ve created it, then you won’t need to type the URL each time.

TIP 2 – To edit posts, go to “All Posts” and either search for the post you want to edit, or select “Published” which will bring up the latest published posts. The “edit” link underneath the title of the post will let you edit the post in the classic editor.

TIP 3 – The page created could be used on *ANY* or (self-hosted) blog to provide a method to access admin pages (dashboard) or posts/pages.

Lastly, if you don’t like the page I’ve shown you how to create or want to use a different method, you can simply delete the page … so no commitment …

Enjoy 🙂


Don Charisma

Resources & Sources

Unless otherwise stated everything here is (c), all rights are reserved.


Comments are often welcomed, provided you can string a legible, relevant and polite sentence together. In other cases probably best shared with your therapist, or kept to yourself.

16 thoughts on “Getting Rid Of Beep Beep Boop Editor – The Easy Way

  1. I was already using an Admin page when they came out with the new editing program. There is an option at the top of the page when I create a new post to use the new editor, or if it defaults to it for any reason, I still have the option to go back to the old editor. But, everyone I believe already has an Admin page under the My Sites menu for each blog. Unless settings are different outside the US?

  2. I still seem to be able to use the old and the new one. I’m getting into the new Beep Beep … but the old one was easier. I must admit that these days i use the new one more than te old one.

    1. It seems partly personal preference and partly what device people are using it on … mobile devices I think it’s easier … for pro-bloggers who want a FULLY featured platform, it’s by far very inferior … and all the shades in between !

      Use what works for you, that’s all that matters really …

  3. Thank you so much Don. I hate when people change things that don’t need changing. I never did like the new one, and only got stuck with it a couple of weeks ago.

  4. or go to and download their browser extention , install it and permanently get rid of the new editor, it’s fast, easy and quite safe I’ve been using it for the last month, you can even set it to automatically take you to the old dashboard, it defeats wordpress upgrades in many many ways, and is an auto updating program 😉

    I offer this route because myself and some other folks are not html savvy lol

    1. Many ways to make an omlete … just wondering if you actually read the post though, it’s a copy and paste job, nothing “html savvy” about it !

      Personally I prefer the least plugins and addon in my browser, and not sure that tampermonkey can be used on mobile devices like ipad/android ?

      Anyway, glad you found a solution for now, I hope it continues to work when wordpress do upgrades and also when the broswer is upgraded … but I guess you’ll find that out later …

      1. I did read it, but I confess I am not computer savvy, much of what you wrote was completely lost on me, however my 13 year old son is a whiz at this stuff and is going to do the copy and paste for me if you don’t mind him reading your post, I am just so afraid of doing something wrong and messing everything up , and yes I am aware a copy and paste is pretty much idiot proof…. but then, I am well known for profound acts of idiocy lol

      2. LOL … I even included pictures for the less tech savvy … but it’s cool, either way find a solution that works for you, there are several and each has it’s own merits … I posted this one for simplicity’s sake 🙂

        ULTIMATELY – WordPress need to sort this mess out, so both camps are happy … hopefully they’ll do that, and things will return “to normal” …

        And yes kids these days gotta know this stuff ! … if your son can setup then you have a choice and can decide what works best for you … at the end of the day you can just delete the page if you don’t like it 🙂

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