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EASY WAY to Create a YouTube promo video in 30 minutes, with Powerpoint

For some reason I thought this would be quite difficult and involve learning video editing with something like Adobe After Effects. No so.

I wanted a basic slide show of photographs with captions, maybe a bit of background music. A simple 40 seconds of video to promote an apartment rental. I’ve already done a small website, but how to create a promo video easily and quickly ?

Searching around the internet I discovered it’s possible to use Microsoft Powerpoint to create video in close to HD (720p), just by doing a save as. Even better it’s possible to add music and narration. This is what I came up with

I’m keeping it simple but Powerpoint has many different effects that could be used, I’ll leave you to expand on the basics.

How to do it :

1. Get some photos ready I used maybe 15 in total.

2. Open Powerpoint 2010, then File->New->Sample Prentation->Widescreen Presentation

3. Edit the headings for what you want, add additional text as required. Delete the bits you don’t want.

4. Drag and drop photos and resize. Holding the CTRL or SHIFT key at the same time will maintain the original proportions.

5. Once you have the presentation as you want it, go to File->Save As, dropdown the “Save As Type” and select WMV file type. Save the file

6. Locate the file where you saved it, double click and should bring up Media Player, and viola, here’s your promo video.

Optional add audio

It’s possible to add sounds to the presentation. longzijun has kindly provided some short sound clips which may be suitable here

1. Go to the first page of your presentation

2. Go to Insert->Audio->Audio From File and load your background music, I used longzijun’s “Instrumental 07: Soft electric piano then rock guitar and drums” mp3 file

3. Move the “Speaker” icon to the bottom left hand corner, and I added text “by Londzijun” next to it, to give the musician credit for the audio

4. Now go to Animations->”Play”, once you done this you can adjust the start of the music by adding a delay. The delay is in seconds then fractions of a second, so a 1 second delay would be 1:00

5. Do save as WMV as already described.


Uploading to YouTube is quite simple, and YouTube itself allows editting and adding audio, so you might prefer to edit there.


It’s very simple to create a short promo video with Powerpoint, doesn’t take long less than 30 minutes for a basic video. Powerpoint is actually very powerful, has a lot of effects and you can add audio for background music or narration.

YouTube also has editing facilities online, so can use these too.

The whole process shouldn’t take more than 30 minutes, mine was uploaded with audio in less than 1 hour.



My promo website created in WordPress –

My YouTube channel –

Longzijun’s audio clips –

31 thoughts on “EASY WAY to Create a YouTube promo video in 30 minutes, with Powerpoint

  1. That’s awesome thank you…I’ve been wanting to make a fashion video…I’ve even had the track I want on it playing in my mind for weeks…I thought it would be way too hard. Thank you!

    1. My pleasure, really happy my article has made your fashion video possible. I’ve only just scratched the surface of what Powerpoint could do there are many cool effects etc. I was also really impressed with how compact the file size of the finished video only a few MB, ie small. You tube also has some editing features so don’t forget to check that out too …

      Thanks for following my blog and hope we will speak later:)

      1. You are welcome Don. I try and air human interest stories on Totally Inspired Mind…things I think will help people. If you write something you think fits one of my web sites, just send it my way and I will look at it and if great, which yours have been, air it on the site.

        Paulette Le Pore Motzko

        Have a great day!

      2. Hi Paulette, thanks once again and link was from Totally Inspired Mind, don’t know where to find the FB link …

        If you’re following my blog you’ll get an email everytime I send out new post, so keep on eye out 🙂

        Have a great day too …

      3. If you go to search or search friends and put in Totally Inspired Mind by Paulette Le Pore Motzko, you should see it pop up after the first three words.

      4. Hey that is great DON. I JUST SAY IT LIKE I SEE IT. I TRY TO CREATE A TRIPLE WIN WHEREVER I GO. I WIN. YOU WIN & SOCIETY WINS is the best part of all.

        Paulette Le Pore Motzko

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