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I feel like that guy who spins the plates on the end of poles, and then has to keep them going so they don’t smash on the floor. So, busy, really. I’m in the process of refitting my commercial site It’s not ready for public viewing just yet.

I’ve always found the best blogging is blogging about what one is doing right now, so here’s a blog previewing my graphic design work. is going to have a new theme. The theme has a sliding banner that’s a slideshow, and an opportunity to show off the pages on my site and what’ll be on each page. The graphic design I’ve done here for blog have helped tremendously to up my game. I like working with overlays and opacity when combining images and text, it’s a very simple technique to get great looking results.

These are all simple white backgrounds with the opacity turned down on the images. I use “guides” in Photoshop to space text evenly, giving consistent border. I wanted a slightly retro-futuristic font.

So without further ado, here’s a preview of the banners I’ve created for (the new) :

It’s a first proof, there are some minor changes, but fairly much how I want them.

The above gives an idea of the services being we’re offering on my new commercial site. For now, prior to the site being live, it’s possible to contact me via the form on my “Hire me” page, for any work enquiries.

Warm regards

Don Charisma

38 thoughts on “Graphic Design Preview –

  1. Shalom Don,
    Thank you for the “Follow” 🙂 your talent in graphic art is very evident; not a bad wordsmith to boot! I enjoyed you blog post.

    I will be sure to give you a shout when we make a change that requires a new look. Maybe we can put those gifts to work for us!

    B’rachot, (blessings)

    Rabbi Cliff

    1. Shalom Cliff, lovely to hear from you and thanks for checking me out … I do my best in creative endeavours sometimes I shine …

      Drop by anytime …

      Warm regards


    1. Thanks hun, i keep meaning to ask, for “promotional” photos how do you size them … obviously you don’t want to give away the whole photo, mine are generally 497w, 660w or 850w … would be very helpful to know how you do it 🙂

      1. Mine are actually larger. I usually resize 1024 x whatever. The 1024 is always the widest or tallest of the sides. I usually have three sizes…full res for my photo website, 1024 x ? for WP and sometimes smaller if I’m posting on Facebook. I’ve used 750 x ? (750 being the widest or tallest) at times for FB. Hope that helps! Anything larger than 1024 as you know would slow the person down populating the website. What am I saying…of COURSE you know that!

      2. Understood … my current theme max with on posts is 497, the reader uses 660, fb no idea, but I’ll go with 750 if you reckon that’s what it is.

        Thanks Laura, very helpful 🙂

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