60 thoughts on “Logo Preview – DonCharisma.com

  1. This machine remembered me at the big Mortadella in Firenze/Toscana with a Diameter from ,1,80m. I never seen that before.

  2. It says urban chic to me. Is that what you’re aiming for?
    Also, I thought it was grayscale until I saw a mention about blue in the comments. I think shades of black and white give it a retro comic book feel. So, depending on what statement you’re trying to make, it looks good.

    1. Thanks sharon, message is professional, with a hint of designer … so enough style to make it interesting, but not so much that it looks amateurish or overly artsy and craftsy … if that makes sense 🙂

      1. So you’re the one who understands me ! … I had some guy on my home page said he didn’t understand me … but I suspect he just couldn’t be bothered to read my about page … still nevermind, each to their own …

    1. Same, I’ll have a chat tomorrow with my business partner see if we want to change … or not … I got lucky I think with the dark blue which looks different from different angles and adds and extra dimension …

    1. Yes it’s nice 🙂

      It’s a first proof, so will probably change, useful to get feedback …

      You website looks like it’s coming together nicely …

      Warm regards


  3. Suggestion, if I may- do try a deep red (will stand out against the monochrome graphics) non-italic font (as the buildings in the background are already at angles). Try it, dump it if it’s no good!!

    1. Don’t worry the website you’re on isn’t changing, it’s my commercial site … this one is DC.org (my personal/professional blog/wesbite) and DC.com is my commercial site, which is currently being refurbished.

      good to hear from you, warm regards DC

    1. Probably, that’s why it’s a first draft ! The white outline around the text could be extended or I could lighten the building … or might go for plan B which is something completely different 🙂

      The branding will be different on DC.com vs DC.org, so that people actually know they’ve left one website for the other, and also DC.org can be a bit more “arty” whereas DC.com will be more professional look 🙂

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