Meat Slicer

It’s I’m guessing a repro vintage meat slicer, that’s part of the ornaments at the Toscana Italian restaurant that I visited recently. However I’m no meat slicer expert so could be bang up to date for all I know 🙂

Taken in Thailand (c) Don Charisma 2014

32 thoughts on “Meat Slicer

  1. It’s possible that it’s a saw for cutting things like roasts into steaks and such. My older brother used to work in the local butcher shop when I was growing up and there was something similar to that that they used. The one they had was a bit like a band-saw, though, so I can’t be 100% sure.

    1. LOL, yup butchers have an array of tools for cutting meat … My Italian friend Niko seems to have recognised it as a large deli slicer, made by a known brand, so I’ll probably run with that …

  2. I remember them well as a boy before the War. When a new one arrived in a village shop apparently it attracted crowds! Great for business. They must use them today behind the scenes in supermarkets. They set them far too fine in my opinion. Des.

    1. For sure, stingy is I think is part of the idea … and yes, I’ve seen them behind the deli counter, although they tend to be neutral colours so they blend in 🙂

  3. That’s definitely a meat slicer. I remember using them when I worked in a deli. Never cut myself on one of those. *Knock on wood* I do now a few people who did. Even one who lost his finger on one. Those bad boys are basically buzzsaws.

      1. 🙂 My uncle who run a food shop, had one too. Berkels never miss a perfect slice! 🙂 How many Italian panini (sandwiches) with salami prepared using that meat slicer have I eat? I cannot count!

  4. I love the design. Maybe one of your readers knows more about it. I’m staying tuned for more info.

    1. I think it’s reproduction vintage … and yes stay tuned, I know I have many botanists as readers, but meat slicer experts, perhaps there is one amongst the 17000 odd ?

      1. I’ve been entertained by the comments. I have a new dirty joke to share. Great readers!

  5. A husband went home after working at his job in a restaurant. His wife noticed he seemed a little bit aggravated so she asked him what was wrong. After some coaxing, he finally told her that he had been having an urge to put his dick in the meat-slicer at work. His wife was astonished and told him he should really do something about that. An urge like that could not be healthy at all. He said that he would and they left it at that.
    A week later, the husband came home smiling and completely happy. His wife asked him what happened that would put him in such a good mood. He said, “I finally did it! I put my dick in the meat-slicer.” The wife asked, “Well, what happened?” Husband: “Oh, well I was fired.” Wife: “I mean, what happened with the meat-slicer?”
    Husband: “Oh, she got fired too!”

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