Sex And Shopping – Sunrise From The Top Floor

One of my *very rare* sunrise photos … Sex and shopping – so you are awake for the sunrise … sorry, but, that’s a story for my grand-kids if I ever have any !

It’s six portrait photos merged with PTGui pro, shot on my iPhone 4s

Taken in Thailand (c) Don Charisma 2014

38 thoughts on “Sex And Shopping – Sunrise From The Top Floor

  1. Awesome pics Don- hey if your in Thailand now, you should check out Elephant Nature Park in Chiang Mai. It’s a sanctuary for rescued (and abused) elephants- you’ll get some amazing shots and be doing the animals there a big favour! 🙂

      1. Thanks! I’m just learning, not as accomplished at photography as you are 🙂 It was taken on my Nikon SLR a couple of years ago 😉 If you get to Elephant Nature Park, look out for Jodi (I can let her know if/when your coming) and she will be able to take you on one of her morning walks where you can get some cool pics. It is a bit more expensive that other trekking camps, but the money goes back to rehabilitating these poor souls and rescuing others who are suffering in the tourism trade.. the food is to die for too 😉

      2. 🙂 I get by on the photography front, just a lot of practice, and encouragement on my blog mostly !

        I’ll let you know if I’m heading in that direction, sounds like a good idea 🙂


        Don Charisma

      1. LOL, I’m rarely up for the sunrise also … but you do get some beautiful skies in the UK from time to time, I posted a photo of a really nice sunset in London and my friend Danny got one in Harrow … so they do happen 🙂

      2. I will keep my eye out for them 😉 Im publishing a post in a few days that is pictures from my walk to work (not quite as boring as it sounds!) no sunrises but beautiful blue sky! A bonus for the UK in March! 🙂

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