Beach Sunset Perfect Panorama

A wide version of a very beautiful sunset 😀

Enjoy 😀 fantastic photos are available to buy at For our blog readers we’re currently offering a 15% promotional discount – use code dc1406 at checkout.

Taken in Thailand, Asia © Don Charisma

22 thoughts on “Beach Sunset Perfect Panorama

  1. I’m tired of all your delicious trips to the beach Don Charisma! Either stop all that travelling and high-life-living or take me with you 😛

      1. Yay! *Nima quickly checks expiration date on passport. Wait, do you even make all those trips to the beach yourself or is all this some crazy beachCEPTION type of trickery? What sorcery are you up to? Can I buy in? lol In which part of the world does the Don reside anyway? Need to check visas and if the climate will be accommodating for my afrocentricness 😀

      2. LOL … yup all (well almost all photos) on my blog I take my self 😀 … beach-ception … perhaps ! … I’m over in Thailand SE Asia … climate should be OK for Saffers I think you guys get good weather same as we do 😀

      3. Oh how fantastic…SE Asia?! Yes! I’ll adapt to the climate in no time lol Wait…but your beach-ception looks a little more…hmm I don’t know, cross-continental. I’d swear you travel and snap all over the world. No? Either way…how’s the weather at this time of the year over on your side? Will I need ugg boots, scarves, or just loadza booty-shorts? (This is by no means an admission to owning such, lol)

      4. LOL, put your ugg boots in the garbage (if I’m honest) … they are calle ugly-boots, because, well they’re ugly ! … booty-shorts sounds more glam in any case 😀

        And yes it’s hot, hot, hot all the time in Thailand, occasionally we get some rain which cools things down, but ups the humidity and mosquitoes ….

        I do post some photos from elsewhere, but mainly thailand as it’s were I am … so when do you arrive miss afriqueen ?

      5. Lollers! But…but…but uggies are so comfy dangit! (sighs) But booty shorts it is.

        Thailand? 🙂 I hear such wonderful AND terrifying things about the Thai-ster (trying out a new and very spontaneous nick name, don’t judge it too harshly without saying it out loud to yourself a few times first).

        By the by are you an original Thailander (admit it, that one sounds quite snazzy actually)?

        And why Don Charisma as the ‘name’?

        My arrival… I reckon sometime after New Year, new beginnings and what not? Yes?
        Ooh ooh I can even do a new bucket list and those annoying new year ressies to go with the big arrival. lol

      6. LOL, fair enough I know the reasons for wearing them, however I would have thought it’s warm enough in SA to not need Ugly-boots ?

        And yes every country has bad/dark side, I’ve heard some terrible things about SA, townships, poverty, gangs, violence … same could be said I believe about most places, UK has it’s share of the same, plus corruption that people don’t talk about …

        “Don Charisma” is already explained on homepage …

        Ok, so I’ll kick my girlfriend out just before new year then RAOTFL …

      7. Yes yes so true. We’ll declare a draw.

        The thing is I don’t believe you…I think it’s way more ‘spicy’ than the homepage “explanation”…
        (and I see you trying to prompt that I do a bit of stalky business lol)

        LOL, I’m sure she’s super lovely. And because I feel terrible and reckon she deserves more time, let’s delay until Valentines Day? Wait…that might be more painful.

        Okay okay, I couldn’t bear to unseat ‘Mrs Charisma’ so I’ll stay put in SA.

        But I think I deserve a special S/O in the next beach-ception snap lol

        Something like: “To my special friend Miss AfricanPrincess, all the way in lord-knows-which-part-of-South-Africa, holding it down for the Don”
        I give you creative license to tweak it a bit

        *my work here is done, pats herself on the back

      8. Ah, showmanship, the black art of blogging 😀 … fact is probably more mundane than fiction, so I’ll stick with the homepage for now … or could be vice versa …

        She is super lovely, and she can cook … and murderously jealous … so I think that may be a wise move !

        I was thinking of something a little more collaborative, I’m always looking out for talented bloggers who know how to improvise … so keep in touch and we’ll see where we go …

        I’m from the UK, but a lot of people have said I look like a saffer 😀

      9. Haha saffer you say? I get interesting “reviews” too… but that’s where I’ll leave it.
        Collabos are fun, but don’t think I didn’t see that very smooth swerve you did there lol
        To be continued…

      10. Dubious about the integrity of the persons who’ve given that opinion, but I do tend to get on with saffers for whatever reason … saffer ladies seem to have a certain charm and charisma lacking in their counterparts, especially those of European origins … apart from the Dutch, Dutch ladies rock !

        Well, the question you should asking yourself – did you actually see the slight of hand I didn’t want you to see or did you see what I wanted you to see ? Could even be a double or triple bluff 😀 Or even, perhaps the slight of hand was what I wanted you to see ?

        Also could be that I wasn’t being “tricky” or “magic” at all, just plain ordinary authentic …

        Trying to kid a kidder has the risk of you being kidded yourself … but probably as a kidder you already know this 😀

        So now that we’ve got that out of the way ….

      11. lmfao You’re trouble, trouble I tell you.

        I refuse to engage in all this trickery with you…

        But by not engaging I engage anyway, right? #thereisnowinning

        What’s next on the beach-ception series?

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