Disco Flutterby Award – Butterfly Light Award

Thanks to Belinda from idiotwriting blog for my lovely new badge. It’s a little belated, sorry about that, you know how it is, busy busy.

I would like to say publicly you are one of my favourite bloggers and people on WordPress. I would write you a poem, but perhaps I’ll save that for next year’s valentines day. Once a year for poetry is enough for me at the moment !


Belinds the idiotwriter gave me an award, an exclusive award no less for helping her fix her computer – ridding it of malware with a program called Malwarebytes. She blogged about it here – http://idiotwriting.wordpress.com/2014/03/13/i-love-charismatic-geeks/

I’m holding fire on passing on, because I want to wait for her to give it to others … so watch this space, a Butterfly Light Award could be on it’s way to you very soon 🙂

Thanks Belinds, it’s the coolest badge I’ve ever seen for an award and you are one of the coolest bloggers I know 🙂


Don Charisma

51 thoughts on “Disco Flutterby Award – Butterfly Light Award

  1. Hi Don,

    You’ve provided an interesting site upon which to rest a while. I shall return frequently to be enlightened, informed, bewildered, enchanted, and generally offered an interesting and eclectic blend of thoughts and ideas. Thank you for the investment of your time and energy in maintaining it.

    The Award is well deserved…perhaps you might consider an add-on to your ‘business-card’, something like, Warrior of Light 🙂


    DN – 01/04/14

    1. Thanks dewin, very well thought of words, thanks for taking the time … I dunno how to put moving images on a business card, but if I ever figure it out then sure, that’s be cool … perhaps my uncle could help, he does holograms !

  2. Dearest Dude!

    THAT is very cool – thank you from the bottom of my little idiot heart – WHAT a most excellent surprise and a very motivating start to the week! Guess I better pull finger than hey 😀

    *groan* 😉

    1. Dearest Hun … you are very welcome … I do really like your style 🙂

      As for getting your mojo working, you go girl … sistas are doin it for themselves, hey na na … or something like that !



      1. Did you see the *groan* ? 😉
        I am thinking more on that cliche ‘so much to do – so little time!’ Hmmm – that has the them for a poem…

        ah MAN! It is a curse at times….mostly a blessing though ey 😀


        Off to be practical n stuff….

  3. That is a cool disco ball of an award! Where did you find the images for I am not featured on Freshly Pressed? Those are just awesome, and funny…..can I use them?

    1. Okay, it appears to be an award which I would graciously receive because I find it amusing as all h*^* as it has been my goal all along to get on Freshly Pressed.

      1. Well I’d have to say no then. It was designed as an award, so if you want to use it, then you’d need to be awarded, do an acceptance post and then display on your blog as an award. Outside of that, it’s a no for any other usage.

      2. Drag….its the only award I have seen recently that I can identify with……but its cool that you created it. 😀

      1. I totally love it! I am never going to be featured on Freshly Pressed: not creative enough, too intense, you name it…..it’ll never happen. Nice award design though 🙂

  4. Congratulations Don. It’s beautiful, and so deserving for a deserving person, always ever helpful for the the idiots among us (including me, of course). Still haven’t bought all those Dummy books I need.

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