The Egg Man

This guy sells boiled or baked eggs on the beach. He’s got a bamboo frame that has suspended two baskets – it’s his mobile shop. You often see these mobile sellers in Thailand, selling all kinds of things, generally a bit of food, or sunglasses or for the ladies, magpie blingy stuff, hairbands etc

I don’t reckon he’s making huge money, but I guess it must be a modest living, and he is working rather than begging or worse 🙂

I’m not an egg lover, but my girlfriend likes them.

Taken in Thailand (c) Don Charisma 2014

43 thoughts on “The Egg Man

    1. The thai’s are used to it, I reckon my mrs knows where to shop and where not … how’s the catching up going, you seem to be doing admirably – I’m not able to do much more than answer my own comments at the moment …

  1. Boiled eggs at the beach? Aww well each to his own I guess. Hope the person eating it leaves all the gassy smells from his farts right there too. But Support the honest living. Where I live we have beggars and street kids that almost physically assaults you for the change you might have in your purse. When you ask them why they are not working the either spit at you or shout profanities at you. Go EGG man!!

    1. It’s cheap food I guess, eggs aren’t expensive … and yes at least he’s doing something to make a living and keep himself occupied, rather than begging or stealing …

  2. I keep thinking about what they would do to this guy in the states. Probably throw him in jail. I love it that you see things like this and share them with us. I’d love to try food like that sometime.

    1. In UK you’ve got to have a license to sell stuff on the streets, so probably jail in UK too … i don’t imagine the government/police could be bothered with a small seller like this here … well when you’ve saved up and you’ve bought your plane ticket you can !

  3. My dad used to tell me about a guy he knew in Little Italy. He started out with a bag of lemons, and within a year had a grocery store.
    Now you know some Beatlemaniac was going to see this post and say…”I am egg man, they are the egg men, I am the walrus…” 🙂

  4. We have them as well in the Philippines. As a child, I hated hard boiled eggs. The smell was too much and the taste, chalky and dry…. Now, I can eat them but I need anchovy sauce, tomatoes and green onions plus rice to go with it. But these men/women would sell them by the buses, parks, school yards. Anywhere people congregate. Ah, I miss them. They sold balut also.

    1. LOL, I’m with you on the eggs, I only really eat in cakes, pancakes or mayo … I checked out balut, very contrasting to western food, I often find that in Asia, the man that sells grasshoppers and scorpions deep fried for instance !

      1. Funny thing about the balut, I can only suck out the juice, eat the yellow (if any) and munch on the white. The chick was always eaten by my brothers. Unless it was really underdeveloped. 🙂 no scorpions or grasshoppers for me. But definitely roasted, salted crickets and ant eggs… 🙂

  5. Breaks my heart to see these guys day in and out making a living, or so I think, selling from their baskets. I personally tend to patronize their venture instead of the supermarket. Well that is unless they try and sell to us at what we call the, “white price”.

    Have a great day!

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