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Whose Blog is it Anyway ? 2 – The Unanswerables – Finale

This is cutting edge improvisational blogging. We call it –

“Whose Blog is it Anyway ?” 2 – The Unanswerables

We have written this for FUN, not serious, to amuse ourselves and our readers, and help promote our blogs. Please read with that in mind.

Commenters – Please DO NOT post outbound links whilst the event is going on AND please DO NOT post comments if you are a moron. Whose Blog Is It Anyway Poster Whose Blog Is It Anyway Poster

That’s all folks

Wow, what a lot of awesome writers we’ve had, two days of improvised writing magic.

You can find all of the post for “Whose Blog is it Anyway?” 2 – The Unaswerables here –

And the previous challenge here –

If I’m honest I am absolutely exhausted. It’s been quite a few days of full on preparation to get is this up and running.

VERY SPECIAL thanks to Madeline, our awesome coordinator. She’s been a tower of strength and efficiency, without her, not sure it would have all come together so well.

THANKS to everyone who participated, the guest improvisers and of course all those of my readers who read what we wrote and some of whom commented.

Thanks to specifically to Belinda, and the others, for really keeping the flow of comments going. The comments are part of what makes something like this really happen, so very helpful.

I asked Belinda to write this for me, because I am literally out of steam :

Highlights by Belinda the IdiotWriter & Don Charisma

Steven Fox – His Lordship
The Marvellous Writer And Poet Extraordinaire

“The Meaning of Life”

The second instalment of ‘Whose blog is it anyway – The Unanswerables’ (and man did we get some answers!) improvisational writing done and dusted with a stunning start off by young Steven introducing us to splendid thoughts on ‘The meaning of life’: an incredibly talented young man making the concept a light and easy read yet hitting an insightful concepts to get our humanity flowing for the rest of the series of challenge entries:

‘The meaning of life is to grow up in a happy and strong environment which promotes healthy and strong relationships in the future.’ S Fox –

Madeline – Her Eminence
The Wondrous And Completely Awesome Coordinator

“The Swimming Gorilla”

Thank you to Madeline the divine diving doll for jumping in to help co-ordinate AND submitting a challenge entry of her own keeping us giggling at her antics with ‘The swimming Gorilla’:

‘In honour of America’s ‘dress up your pet day’, I bought a gorilla from the local zoo, placed him in shallow water and well… dressed him up.’

Danny – His Lordship
The Incredible, The Fantastic Blogging Experimenter

“Why isn’t 11 pronounced onety-one?”

Danny embarked us on the history of our dependence on fingers and gave us a countdown ‘… try counting 1-10 really fast, out loud in the middle of your office. One-two-three-four-five-six-seven-eight-nine and here it comes, onety.’in his epic and absolute classic take on the topic ‘Why isn’t 11 pronounced onety-one?’

Dr Carol Cooper – Her Ladyship
The Eminent Brilliant Doctor And Author Extraordinaire

“Why does my husband? – look at other women, blame me for everything, fart so much, ignore me, lie to me, treat me so bad, not love me, cheat and wear women’s panties”

Unarguably a stunning and clever write – (whose gonna argue with Doctor Carol Cooper?? Edit DC – I did Belinda, and I think I got away with it ! LOL ) we were drawn into the throes of relationship woes and joys with great positivity and wit in the stupendous unsanswerable: ‘Why does my Husband look at other women, blame me for everything, fart so much, ignore me, lie to me, treat me so bad, not love me, cheat – and wear womans panties? – ‘…my husband would have to do something really annoying, like throw his dinner out the cat-flap, fill his underpants with Lego bricks, or get his head stuck in a bucket.’

Sharon Lee Hughson – Her Ladyship
The Impressive And Marvelous Author Extraordinaire

“Dinosaurs were made up by the CIA to discourage time travel”

Next we had the incredibly funny and well thought out imaginative take on ‘Dinosaurs were made up by the CIA to discourage time travel’ by the lovely lady with a unique style – Sharon.’ …This claim has caused quite an uproar in the scientific community, with renowned palaeontologists landing on both sides of the fence. Were dinosaurs an elaborate ruse buried in rock by the CIA?’

Nav – His Eminence
The Remarkable Navigator, Exemplary Masculinist And Author Extraordinaire

“A leader isn’t born, he’s forged in fires of steel and suffering”

Our indubitable Navigator – charter of terrain unknown and leader unbeknownst to himself in his humility shared with us an insiders take and insightful article about the making of extraordinary leaders: ‘A leader isn’t born – he’s forged in fires of steel and suffering’ – ‘…Leadership is the continuous act of inspiring a group to achieve common ends.’ Thanks Navigator for your fabulous work here.

Kerry-Anne – Her Highness
The Eximious And Resplendent Story Painter

“I’m out of estrogen and I have a gun”

I’m out of estrogen and I have a gun’ is a perfect driving piece of improve writing to tantalise the mind and the heart and the giggle zone – a wonderful read for us written by Kerry-Anne. Thank you for a interesting day in the life of a lady juggler Kerry Anne – fabulous portrayal!

Don Charisma – His Holiness
The Completely Awesome Yoda Jedi Blogger

“Women Are Crazy”

The man himself ‘Mr Charisma’ teased us with his title ‘Women are crazy’ –  to bring us in and lead us to wonderful concepts and ideas on the ‘craziness’ of humanity…a thoughtful and heartwarming piece in Dons usual Charismatic style – enjoyable and in line with the spirit he creates here on his blog for us all –

Phil Manhire – His Lordship
The Exceptional And Extraordinary Vanautu Gold Watcher

“What Happened When I Hired Two Private Investigators to Follow Each Other”

‘What happened when I hired two private investigators to follow each other’ by Phil took us on an epic adventure into something akin to almost  a Sherlockien intriguing take on the topic. Very clever – very well written and fantastic imagery – well done Phil you took the challenge to a whole new level of ‘Yes, and…’!

Mark Bialczak – His Highness
The Fantastic And Superb Syracusian Journalist

“The Swimming Gorilla”

Mark openly shared his experiences with water woes in his funny but real views on what it means to be a ‘Swimming Gorilla’ cheers Mark for your honest and funny story – I still reckon you need to get Madeline to hook you up with that diving gear 😉

Irene – Her Highness
The Dazzling Glittering Jewellery Master Designer

“Men are temporary and cats are forever”

What can I say about Irenes work ‘Cats are forever – men are temporary’? Firstly that I am gobsmacked that English is not Irenes first language, and yet – out comes this beautiful tale of the life of catdom  and the gentle initiation of new boyfriend into ‘cats’ kingdom – a joy and a laugh. Thank you Irene for a look into kitty ‘heaven’ – Got to love ‘the bully’ 😉

Ann – Her Highness
The One And The Only Eximious Dating Ann

“How Come When I Talk To Girls on Facebook They Don’t Answer me Back?”

Ann helped us out with some great answers to ‘How come when I talk to girls on facebook they don’t answer me back?’ A bit of humour and also some valid points raised. Thanks Ann – maybe a few folk will take a couple of tips on this one 😉

Belinda – Her Eminence
The Phenomenal IdiotWriter From IdiotWriting

“Why does my husband? – look at other women, blame me for everything, fart so much, ignore me, lie to me, treat me so bad, not love me, cheat and wear women’s panties”

Some ‘Idiot’ wrote a whole lot of rubbish about men and women and their silly little squabbles in Why does my husband, look at other women, blame me for everything, blah blah blah – etc and wear panties?

Amanda – Her Ladyship
Who’s From One Remarkably Crazy Life To Another

“Sometimes when I’m alone, I use comic sans, Pretend I’m a carrot and Google myself”

‘Sometimes when I’m alone I use comic sans, pretend I’m a carrot and google myself’ had me smiling from ear to ear with Amandas wonderful handle of this tricky and zesty title with her beautiful ideas forming a really fun piece of writing. Well done Amanda – great improve!

Christopher S. Malone – His Highness
The Distinguished And Magnificent Lost Adventurer

“Dinosaurs were made up by the C.I.A. to discourage time travel”

Ok so I am seriously on over drive to try get this back to Don so I am sorry if these get terribly very short but next we enjoyed another version of ‘Dinosaurs were made up by the CIA to discourage timetravel’Christopher gave us an interesting and intriguing take on this topic – a lovely read and in the spirit of improve. Well done and appreciated. Cheers Christopher!

Suz Jones – Her Highness
The Majesty Royal And One Stupendous Blogger

“The Swimming Gorilla”

Our Lovely Sue (Jones) delighted us with a clever and funny poem about some terribly hot gorilla folk! A delight to read about their antics in ‘The Swimming Gorilla’ Thanks Sue for this very unique imporv style. Hats off Ma’am.

Elaine – Her Highness
The One And The Only Fantastically Yummy Food Bod

“What Happened When I Hired Two Private Investigators to Follow Each Other”

What do a dog and private I’s have in common? An entertaining lady!! Elaine gave us some truth and a laugh in her rendition of ‘What happened when I hired two private investigators to to follow each other’ Thank you Elaine – a lovely round off to the unanswerables – with a perfect example of the UNDOABLE! Fabulous stuff.

Hats off to everyone and well done the lot of – US 😀

The Winner

This is the formula I used to work out the placing :

Age X shoe-size X coefficient-of-spontaneity + order-of-things / factor-of-irrelevancy

The winner is, well you all won, it’s a challenge not a competition.

The main achievement I feel is the teamwork, community and that we’ve all worked together cooperatively and cohesively to make this event happen.

I haven’t tallied up exactly, and obviously people can still add likes, but I reckon together we’ve clocked up maybe 800 likes. That’s around what I’ve got on my About page after 6-7 months of people liking … So it’s a MASSIVE achievement for us, together, 6-7 months worth of likes in two days.

A few last minute ehem confessions

A lot of the titles were from a post that I found many moons ago and blogged about, the most insane search suggetion ever seen on Google. My favourite of which has to be the guys Googling on how to chat up/hit on girls on Facebook. Thanks Ann for a very enlightening perspective from the girl’s side of the equation.

My own personal conclusion however, don’t bother with Facebook, there are a lots of much better places to meet girls.

Nav’s title was one adapted from a movie, so he’s got a special one. Apologies to Nav, I thought you’d know I was joking when I commented. I really did like your post, it is very much how I feel about the title, and very similar to what I would have written. And the style was perfect for me.

Lastly my own post I did write a while back, maybe a couple of months. My excuse, I just haven’t had a spare moment organising all of this for all of you. Also leader’s and coordinators prerogative to choose their own titles. Maybe next time I’ll ask the audience for our titles 🙂

Room for improvement

I believe in honest approach as much is possible. Negatives I believe can lead to positive learning and change, so I’ve included them too. Life is also a continuous learning process, so learning is just part of life.

I tend to approach things with a “Go Big or Go Home” attitude. This project was ambitious. Perhaps a little more than I could chew in hindsight. It took up a lot more time than the last challenge, it’s been a number of long days in the making. Plus I’ve had Madeline’s support, she put in a huge effort too. So I think I will look at doing smaller event in future.

There were a few that I had to coax and coerce a little to get on with it. As a leader there’s a little leeway for this, I don’t mind, I find it a positive thing to encourage and help people. But as I’d already stated the guiding principle as “Yes, and” it starts to drift away from the ethos of what I’m doing here. Add to this that people are getting free promotion to a large audience, days of my time and access to the Don Charisma special sauce – it’s a just a little disappointing.

It’s fair to say everything has gone very very smoothly due to us all working together, and a big effort by everyone involved. But some areas for improvement. Not a bad thing to learn and improve.

In conclusion, it was an ambitious event and everyone worked really hard. There’s a number of things that I’ve learnt and will incorporate into what I’m doing in the future.

The End

Thanks for enjoying WBIIA 2 – all those who participated, to my wonderful audience and my lovely coordinator Madeline.

FINAL NOTE – No morons were harmed in the making of this production.


Don Charisma

Notes for commenters:

Comments are invited. BUT you are reminded that this is a public blog and you are also reminded to think before you press the “post comment” button. 

DO NOT post outbound links in my comments whilst “Whose Blog is it Anyway? 2” is in progress.

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Most decent people already know how to behave respectfully. Thank you for your co-operation on the above.

Warm regards, Don Charisma

36 thoughts on “Whose Blog is it Anyway ? 2 – The Unanswerables – Finale

  1. Thank you Don for letting me do this challenge, I highly appreciate it! It was a really wonderful experience and I stretched my writing ability a whole lot by doing this! It was awesome and the other bloggers pieces were awesome too!

    Although next time, would you please not give me anything vegetable related? 😀

  2. Cheeky lodgers lol. My problem is with some international calls ( tele marketers it seems) their calls ( and only theirs which is what is perplexing both me and my service provider) knock my internet off.tired of having to turn the modem back on after each call. Now going to try barring the ones I’ve noted as nuisance calls and will have to go on the No telemarketers list. Oh well .

    1. Doesn’t sound like fun, I hear UK have similar issues, one guy set up a chargeable number to give to the telemarketers and made a bit of money speaking to them. My solution, I only use mobile phone and skype/facetime etc, blissfully unaware of telemarketers …

  3. And I still have some reading to catch up on. Hopefully after midday tomorrow when a visit from my internet provider fixes the hiccups I’ve been having with my internet connection…you forget how instantaneous it is – until it isn’t 😦

    1. True say, my lodgers are the first to complain to me when their internet isn’t “instantaneous”. I’ve craftily after a lot of grief, managed to put the ball back in their court, telling them they can pay for their own connection if they don’t like it … They haven’t dipped their hands in their pockets, I think they checked the price and realised they already had a good deal … plus now they can’t complain to me … win-win for me 🙂

  4. Reblogged this on irenedesign2011 and commented:
    My very good friend Don Charisma gave a lot of friends a good challenge, as was showed up this just passed weekend. If you were not online that time, you should really go and check it out. It was so fun to join and to read all the other challenges too.

  5. YAY! *applause* Well done Mr Sir. – onto the next trick under that white thing on your head 😉 (AFTER SOME REST MIND!) Thanks for a fun ride – with all the emotions in tow. Wonderful what a LITTLE pressure can do 😉

    1. Thanks Belinds … and enjoyed having you … I will speak with you privately for what’s next, have a few ideas, but need to rest now for a week or two … well more like plan, organise, execute as I have a ton of stuff to do, flights, paperwork, it’s endless !

      Pressure good in the right amount, too much and breaking points can be reached and breached 🙂



  6. Don, you are a legend! A true kind, giving soul 🙏 Thank you so much for letting me share your space and for giving your blog over to us all and for all of your wonderful support. I hope that you are now taking a rest and can bask in the success of your plan, it’s been an awesome weekend.

  7. Even though this a difficult time for my family, I had a fantastic experience participating in this event. I love that all of us took such different approaches, but I’m not the least bit surprised. Put a dozen creative people in a room and things happen.
    I’m still hoping for the viral thing, Don. My husband is threatening to remove my disclaimers and send the thing out to online news sources. I hope he plans to pay for the lawsuits if he actually does this.
    Thanks to all the writers, Madeline and Belinda for helping Don pull everything together.

    1. Thanks for filling me in Sharon on email. Glad you enjoyed it, I’ve mostly enjoyed it too, am thoroughly exhausted which would be a good thing if I didn’t have so much on plate right now !

      I think everyone worked well together for an amazing team effort.

      LOL, you and me both hun. However I would temper with caution, I think my expectations for my own work is more the long hard grind than the viral route. Anyway, who knows what might happen, so stay lucky 🙂 Also would have thought in US you’d need more disclaimers not less !

      Warm regards


  8. This was another super initiative, Don. Again I thank you for including me. Kudos too to Madeline, Belinda and fellow contributors for some excellent writing and effort.

    1. Welcome dude, and sorry for the sabre shot, must have caught you off balance … I usually don’t fight, as I have a tendency to play to win, rather than play for fun … probably shouldn’t take myself so seriously, like I’ve been telling others 🙂

      A great post, exactly what I was looking for Mr Nav



      1. Cheers, Old Boy. Yours truly returned to 623 emails after work today. Ouch.

        However, one of them was from my self publisher saying that my 1st round galley proofs were ready for review. I’ll be head down for the next few days!

      2. OK dude, you’re email city by the sounds of things, mine I’ve managed to reduce to manageable levels.

        Presumably that means your closer to getting book published, well done and best of luck.



  9. I really did enjoy this Don. Sorry for dragging the chain a little. Could I blame the horrendous week I had last week and unanswered medical issues? Nah… I’ll just blame myself.

    1. Happy for that Suz, it’s been challenging to keep up with everything … And it’s OK Suz, I do understand the issues involved … however I was taught to write fair reviews, so include a couple of downsides … it makes for more honest appraisal, that is more genuine 🙂

      So don’t blame anyone, it’s just feedback, to learn from, if I share what happened then others can learn too 🙂

      Warm regards


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