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Women Are Crazy – Don Charisma

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“Whose Blog is it Anyway ?” 2 – The Unanswerables

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Whose Blog is it Anyway? 2 – The Unanswerables

Why “The Unanswerables” ? Because the titles assigned to my guest improvisers don’t have an exact scientific answer or they are just zany and off the wall.

Do not expect fact here. Do not expect the truth here. This is creative writing for FUN, HUMOUR and for those with a SENSE OF HUMOUR. It’s cutting edge IMPROVISED blogging, not science weekly or the historian’s gazette.

The guest improvisers were assigned titles by me, and are therefore NOT necessarily experts or even actually FOR the topic they are writing about. They all did however “YES, AND” the challenge which is the spirit of improvisation and what we’re doing here.

We’re not interested in your critical appraisal, it simply isn’t required. It is in fact IRRELEVANT to the context of improvised, for fun creative writing. Stop taking yourselves so seriously.

So without further ado …


His Holiness – The Completely Awesome Yoda Jedi Blogger

They say self-praise is no praise ? Hmmm, not convinced myself, sometimes one has to blow one’s own trumpet. A lot of the time others seem to be blowing their own trumpets, so they don’t have time to blow mine.

So blow me, if I’m blowing my own trumpet !

I’ve entered this piece of work last minute. It’s not entirely “finished”, which entirely follows the improvisational ethos. Where is the fun in finished anyway. Basically, it’s something that I wrote, hopefully some will enjoy.

I would like to thank OpinionatedMan at Harsh Reality blog, partly he gave me inspiration for this submission, with his post of a similar title. He’s a very charismatic blogger, and whilst not everyone’s cup of tea, no one could deny he’s a pioneer, who’s not afraid to try new things, to take risks and be an adventurer extraordinaire:) This is how Yoda Jedi Bloggers are forged after all.

You can find Don Charisma at the Don Charisma blog (here !)

Please give a warm welcome to me, Don Charisma.


Don Charisma Warning Improvised Writing Warning Improvised Writing

Women Are Crazy


I am as you know Don Charisma. I could sum up a few of my guiding principles in a line from a Tarantino movie, Kill Bill vol2 – “It’s the wood that should fear your hand, not the other way around. No wonder you can’t do it, you acquiesce to defeat before you even begin.”

I hope you’ll enjoy my last minute addition to Whose Blog is it Anway? 2 … The title is deceptive, so please read through till the end, or Charisma points will be deducted 🙂


Recently I had the opportunity to visit a Swiss man. My girlfriend’s friend was having a small party, and she wanted me to come along. When I arrived, the women were all sat outside the front of the house on the floor, as they do, plates of food, alcoholic beverages, a couple of the women’s boyfriends there too. All very friendly lots of smiles, and them finding space for me to sit. I don’t speak that much Thai, so did my best with pleasantries. And then went inside the house to meet the “man of the house”.

The Swiss man was inside watching TV, babysitting one of the women’s young daughters and a small very fluffy ginger kitten maybe a few months old. Very much not a James Bond picture, I hasten to add. He is very hospitable man, I genuinely like him, asked if I wanted a drink, sit inside or outside, handshake normal man stuff. I opted for inside, as I find it uncomfortable to sit on the floor, I’m not that used to it ! We proceeded to make some small talk about who we are and were. Then he led the conversation to how Thai people are “crazy”. It’s a common theme here I get when speaking to white ex-pats, “farrangs” as the Thais call white folks. I hadn’t really given much thought about it before, and didn’t actually at the time.

The stories that are used to back up the “Thais are crazy”, are usually based around morals, ethics and perhaps religion. Cultural differences mostly. There are instances of accidents in vehicles, bad behaviour from girlfriends/wives and all manor of oddities thrown into the mix. It didn’t come to me until the next morning, but there was a realisation, and understanding of the deeper meaning of such a conversation.

Bonding, rapport or winning friends, would be the positive explanation. The negative would be mind control, manipulation or political persuasion. The method, build trust based on common shared beliefs, and a common “enemy”, I hasten to add that I’m using the term enemy very loosely here, not my view that these “others” are an enemy of mine. The “enemy of my enemy is my friend” type of thinking. Most people for me are actually friends, they just don’t know it yet. Of course there are some that will make themselves enemies through their own bad behaviour, but I try to enter new acquaintance-ships with an open mind.

Anyway, I digress a little into explanation, but hey it’s my story, I’ll say it like I want to. So, I found myself disagreeing internally about the “Thais are crazy”, nodding my head occasionally, making interested facial gestures.

I then went on to share with Mr Swiss a story about a friend of mine, Dave, he’d told me about his car accident. Dave had been driving a rental car, and got crashed into the side of by a Thai boy on a moped. It was cut and dry that it was the Thai boy’s fault, no contest, but the press and TV cameras showed up and he was arrested and taken to the police station. He was detained for a great many hours, by a policeman with a gun. Dave ended up having to pay for the boy’s hospital treatment and some under the counter “compensation” to the boy. Otherwise he would have had extended time in the police station and possibly jail. Thai jails aren’t nice at all. Dave explained it like this – it was his fault because he came to Thailand, or at least that was the Thai interpretation. This is how it works in Thailand, not the same as us white folks are used to back home, or is it ?

Are we actually that different ? Are our laws, morals, ethics and other beliefs the pinnacle of good and righteousness. Many Europeans, Americans and Australians would argue that their way is right, and just, and fair. But is it, is it really ? Have no citizens of western country ever suffered corruption, greed, manipulation, bad behaviour from the very people that we we’re supposed to trust to take care of us. I for one have seen many examples in UK of abhorrent behaviour by Police et al. Wouldn’t recent tough financial times just ram this point home ?

My point, it’s a case of the pot calling the kettle black. And it seems to me more about ignorance than any kind of truth or enlightenment, justness or right. The people in Thailand have lived for generations with their way of doing things, and personally I don’t think it’s all that different from other places. People are still people, still have hopes and dreams, still have bad and good going on. That’s life, “it goes on” as a blogger friend says on her blog.

Personally I think we need to be a bit less narrow-minded. Reason we’re generally not, is because we’re shit-scared of the unknown, absolutely petrified that if we let go of our time honoured beliefs we’ll fall into “MADNESS”. But do we, do we actually ? Not convinced myself. Fear is as someone said, is false evidence appearing real.

Also, all these arguments about who’s right and who’s wrong – who judges, and what are their qualification for judging, Are they just, good, righteous, who says they are ? Who can say, I don’t know the answer ? Personally I rely on what I see inside myself for truth, that is the most important truth of all.

And if I have a different belief from other people, am I crazy ? Who gets to say what the truth is, and who gets to say what reality is ? I do, actually, to be blunt about it. Call me crazy or mad, then it’s you that has the problem, you have decided you are god, and actually you are not, not enlightened enough to say my belief is right or wrong, just or unjust. How big-headed and arrogant of you, to think you know better than me.

In the UK, I’ve personally been involved in assisting someone going into a hospital for mental health care. I did not assist lightly, and nor would I EVER assist lightly in the future. It’s a very grave decision, that involves removing someone’s liberty. She was a lady I knew who’s daughter begged me to come and help, the daughter was distraught, beside herself, just couldn’t cope. Her mother had a history of mental illness. I knew them both. In order to be received into care, in the UK, a person is “sectioned”, which means the appropriate “section” of the mental health law (act?). Basically as I understand it, the decision is made by two independent psychiatrists, who have a well thought out procedure to follow. They do it for the good of the patient, because in their opinion, the patient is very likely to cause harm to themselves or others. Even though I KNEW I was doing the right thing, I did feel very bad at assisting in depriving a person of their liberty. Freedom to me is sacred. But I acted in what I saw was the best interest of two friends, after having done my best not to get involved at all.

So personally I would not describe someone as “crazy” or “mad” lightly. My personal experience shows that this is actually a very grave and serious thing, to call anyone.

So I don’t think Thai people are crazy. On the contrary, I’ve met some very sane, lovely and sensible Thai people. A lot of them are often much much happier than most western people.


Same goes for women, no, I do not think they are crazy. Misguided, perhaps, perhaps quite often. Women and men differ biologically, and that’s the difference. The beliefs, roles and way people are shaped are based around this. Men tend to be larger, physically stronger, and tactfully put “the fathers”. Women on the other hand tend to be smaller, less physically strong, and again tactfully put “the mothers”. We have different hormonal balances. I’ve seen for instance the emotional reactions women have to oestrogen at different times of the month, it varies, vastly as most husbands and boyfriends know. Testosterone on the other side of things tends to make people more active, more assertive, more bold perhaps, more “male” perhaps. Our bodies dictate the balance of hormones at different times. Women tend to be more oestrogen oriented and men more testosterone oriented. That’s nature’s balance.

Men are perfectly able to have feelings and emotions. We can ask for directions. We can all speak at the same time and still understand what’s being said. We can “understand” women. We can look after babies and children, very nearly as well as a woman. We can cook. We can do ALL of the household chores. We can be good socialisers, good empathisers, good hosts, supportive and loving people. In fact there’s very little a man cannot do that are considered to be “a woman’s domain”, apart from as already mentioned the obvious biological and physical differences. We can’t physically have babies, or take the female sexual role, that’s about it. Gay people would probably disagree, but I am talking about heterosexual people here.

So where is the crazy ? Crazy because women are different physically, any fool in with more than a couple of brain cells can see that we’re different physically, doesn’t make women crazy, how inane, how ignorant, what a complete and utter farce. I submit to you that it’s probably the men that are crazy for not enlightening themselves, but keep themselves bound in ignorance, that’s the only crazy I can see.

Probably what your sisters, wives and girlfriends are really scared you will find out, is that if you stopped calling them crazy, they would cease to have any power over you. They would cease to seem crazy. Haven’t any of you guys ever wondered how women can play you like a puppet, like a tragic scene from an opera ? Well perhaps try spending less time watching sport, drinking beer and talking about “crazy” people and more time figuring out what’s really going on, it’s actually not that complicated and not that difficult to figure out.

By all means enquire into “What do women want”, but don’t make yourself into a sycophantic puppy – Women don’t really want sycophantic puppies for men around them, that should be lesson number one. When (or if) you understand them, at least a bit, then start asking yourself “What do I, as a man, want”, and how can my knowledge of what women want help me to lead a happier, more harmonious and charismatic life.

So in summary, generally speaking, I do not think women are crazy, I do not think Thai people are crazy, and add X people, I do not think X people are crazy. Ignorance is crazy, insane, madness. But it can be quite blissful sometimes ! Perhaps that’s why a lot of guys don’t bother to learn to understand women, and call them crazy instead?

I wrote this for me, it isn’t to anyone of for anyone – just something I realised when I woke up one morning. All thanks to my evening with the Swiss man, thank you Mr Swiss.


Perhaps the title should have been is either “Swiss Men Are Crazy” or “Men Are Crazy”, but not as much fun. If you didn’t read it and make a comment without having done so, I will give you the yoda. You have been warned !

I hope you have enjoyed my guest improvisation on my own blog 🙂

BY Don Charisma, blogger extraordinaire at the Don Charisma blog.

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Warm regards, Don Charisma

44 thoughts on “Women Are Crazy – Don Charisma

  1. When I read the heading I wasn’t sure what to expect of this post, and I wasn’t sure if I should read on. Now I’m glad I did because I found a true gem. And yes, I second Halim and Carol, it’s good to know that people like you still exist in this world 🙂

    1. You’re really in the archives, a while since I wrote, had to re-read myself … and thanks, yes I was inspired to write this, based on recent events at the time 🙂

  2. Well… I thought before submitting. Thanks for follow! Very blessed by that. Am I crazy? Maybe. Aren’t we all to some degree?? Certifiable? Absolutely not. So what if I choose to fly my freak flag at times without hesitancy. Sorry for being myself. I don’t think it’s my place to think anyone is “anything.” So – I approached your post with a degree of hesitancy. You really plowed down my reservations. Good to know people like you still exist. I was really starting to wonder. People need to stop tossing around their generalized speculations and judgments and get over themselves. Embrace all of us quirky people for what we bring to the table. Not by what isn’t understood because it doesn’t fit nicely into a typical “box of comprehension.” Ok. Off my soapbox. 🙂 Nice work. Very nice. Oh. And to clarify – I love who I am and what I have to offer this world and people. I’ll never be perfect though. Hope that’s cool with everyone. 😉

    1. That’s good, a considered reply 🙂

      I think we’re on the same page here. And thanks for the compliment. Sometimes I spend a lot of time thinking about things, and then it’s time to write it down, mostly for myself.

      And yes we’re all crazy in our own ways, I mainly look for people who’re similarly crazy or love me anyway, around me 🙂

      So you keep on being you, and giving what you have to offer, I hope the world gives you some nice stuff in return.

      Warm regards


  3. Thanks so much, Don, for a thoughtful impro that I had to read twice to digest properly. Agree with the two lines that Halim quotes above. They really stand out for me and prove the mark of a great person.

    1. Thanks Carol, I’m quite long winded, I know, I just can’t seem to get to the point in concise writing 🙂

      And generally that’s my outlook, try to treat others as friends as best I can. Sometimes they don’t want, which can be disappointing, but grown up perspective is that’s life, plenty more better suited fish …

      Enjoyed your submission, definitely laughed a couple of times, who knew that for women it’s all about them 😉 And apologies if I’m not the best commenter on others work, it’s been a very long job getting all this ready, and a lot of reading which isn’t my forte.



      1. Thanks, Don. I’ve been writing for The Sun about 15 years, which is great experience in writing small to say big. Twitter helps too. Now I only do concise.

      2. So imagine my surprise that you’re joining in with my humble challenge. Thanks carol, great work and thanks for letting me get to know you a little 🙂 warm regards DC

      3. Please don’t sell yourself short! It has been an utter pleasure, Don, and I’m so pleased you organised this great challenge. It’s been entertaining reading all the blogs.

  4. “Most people for me are actually friends, they just don’t know it yet. Of course there are some that will make themselves enemies through their own bad behaviour, but I try to enter new acquaintance-ships with an open mind.”

    Two memorable lines of a very interesting read, not to mention a great and noble perspective to have. Well done with the piece, Don.

  5. Very good, Don, and if that was just a quick piece you knocked out, I’m even more worried about mine…
    I totally agree with your sentiments, to label anyone as crazy to me is usually just someone’s cop out, even more so for a whole race or gender!!! For some people, it’s easier to label others as crazy than make the effort to understand them. And I find, as an ex expat myself, too many expats write off the locals of the country they are living in as crazy than make the effort to get to know them, to much ‘them and us’!

  6. A long and thoughtful post. Few put as much reason into what they write. I always enjoy your blog.
    I do think that young people believe that to be called crazy or to call one crazy is a complement – one who is outside the fold of ordinary and common, outside the square box, extraordinarily creative and resourceful.
    So, one might call you crazy and mean it with all due respect. As in, “You know that dude, Don Charisma? He is one crazy guy!”

    1. Yup totally got that, Belinda mentioned same, and I have had girlfriends who thought being called crazy was a bit like cool, adventurous, spontaneous etc … She’s a hell of a crazy chic, could be a compliment in some circles … but if I said to you “Women Are Crazy” what does that mean to you ? My interpretation is that it’s the same as saying “Women Are Mad” or insane or just mentally wrong … and the context used by the swiss man, definitely wasn’t mean’t as cool etc, he mean’t insane … If I write “women are crazy” then I mean insane … so that’s why I wrote it if that makes sense.

      And thanks for your kind words Sharon, you are one of my longest followers and I consider a friend:)

  7. Very well written Don. You did understand and have learned a lot in your life and use your knowledge today. You are very right, be positive, open-minded and friendly to all. At least until they show us, that they are not that worth.
    Our world would look very different, if some ignorants would develope them selves. We can all learn from other people, which you also mentioned with Mr. Swiss.
    Thanks Don.

  8. Well this seems as good a place as any to start a new dialogue 😀 — I LOVE this Don – splendid. Must say I CRACKED up when I read the title – well after your comment earlier – cheeky man 😉
    Lovely stuff – when we all gonna get this concept? Such a waste of harmony and it REALLY is so simple – look at little children for goodness sake! ( I mean the real littlies who are still not so influenced by bullshit) My little girls best friend at school is a little boy – it is terribly sweet as they are inseparable since they first met each other — the funny thing is – they do not realise that they are different sexes yet ( I promise I have evidence to prove this fact!! Which I will not delve into!!)
    Very beautiful.

    1. Thanks Belinda, and I think you started the “using crazy as a cover” idea, so was the logical step but wouldn’t have been a surprise if I’d told you …

      That’s sweet … funny how sex seems to separate us later on, but I reckon with a bit of empathy we could understand each other better.

      1. HEY – YOU stated —with — you women are crazy…I think…or am I going crazy? NO – you know what else I agree with here other than the overall outlook – is how we banter about the ‘I am crazy or ocd or unstable’ far to easily when there are folk as in your experience with your friend – who really have a struggle. Though I wonder if we have stopped using the word ‘crazy’ to describe mentally unstable and it has become more of a colloquial term for ‘different to me’ ? — just some ideas going through my head after the read. Bless you Don – you’re a good person.

      2. LOL, I was wondering when it was going to be my fault !

        Yup, it crossed my mind, and I think crazy can also have positive meanings like “adventurous” or “daring”.

        Passing trains of thought 🙂

      3. You know FULL well that the stereotype is that woman are always right and it is always a mans fault – I think we just may have played into that one! LMAO! Oh my goodness!
        I guess we have to interpret it in context of the situation – it is normally pretty easy to tell if it is being used with intolerance in an offensive way – or just – ‘Hey dude – this is some crazy shit man!’ 😀 (thought trains are quite enjoyable no?)

      4. You definitely are a lady wordsmith !

        And interestingly enough having a similar convo with Sharon at the same time. Depends on context. I can say “allright you fucker” to one of my dear friends, and we’d smile at each other … but try that on a random pissed off looking dude in a bar in Denver or wherever, and one might get a punch in the face.

        My point is that if I say to you simply “Women are crazy” then my assumption is that most people will make the connection crazy=insane. This is certainly what the swiss man was implying.

        However if I said, “That Belinda, she’s one hell of a crazy chic” then you might be offended because I called you a chic, but it’s more likely that I’d be calling you cool or funny or likeable for your spirit of adventure.

        So perhaps I’ll go in the edit screen and change the title to “Women are insane”, how does that suit ?

      5. lol! Oh Don – just lol. I think – it is fine – or do you want to debate the actual and colloquial definition of insanity? (NO!)
        I believe it is bad SEO to play around with title once published isn’t it? ( I am seriously guessing here!!)

      6. 🙂 I’ll tell you about the guy I called “a sensitive little flower” another time, his face I can still picture to this day 🙂

        Not entirely sure about the SEO angle, could go either way, but I’ve decided to leave it anyway …

        As I said at the end of the article, I wrote this mostly for myself anyway, so as I don’t forget what I learnt 🙂

        Must get to sleep now, I only have a few hours before I see the doc at hospital and have no margin to miss the appointment …

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