Exterior Panorama Bowling Cafe PTGui-4w-x-1h-P

Exterior “Cafe” Panorama

I posted yesterday, the interior of the cafe at the bowling alley. This is the exterior, well the smoking area in fact. The reason we go there is that it’s the closest smoking area to the cinema. Once in a while I treat my girlfriend to day or evening at the cinema 🙂

WBIIA 2 is still in progress, more to come :

08:00 GST, 14:00 GMT Today (Sunday 19-Jan-2014)

Today I’ve been to the hospital for stitch removal after my op a week ago. My usual doctor wasn’t there, and I do find it hard to trust a doctor who’s got his finger up his nose the whole time I’m talking to him. A coughing female nurse who seemed a bit confused wanted to remove the stitches. Was a bit disconcerting, thank heaven a male nurse “rescued” me. That did sound a bit gay, which wasn’t my intention, just that I prefer to be naked with ladies around under much different circumstances than the Emergency Room in the hospital !

Looks like I’m on the mend, and hopefully no more antibiotics, I’ve been on them 3 months and glad to have finished.

Oh and BTW – This panorama is merged 4 photos – 4w x 1h portrait, done with PTGui Pro Exterior Panorama Bowling Cafe PTGui-4w-x-1h-P Exterior Panorama Bowling Cafe PTGui-4w-x-1h-P

Photos taken in Thailand (c) Don Charisma 2013

22 thoughts on “Exterior “Cafe” Panorama

  1. Oh those antibiotics can knock one as well hey :/ Beautiful pic as always Don.
    Now I am going to sound like a mommy: There is debate over whether they work or not – but have you had some probiotic intake after such a long course of antis? I will add no further as you may already know the drill about these little fellas 😉 Glad to hear you on the mend – I am quite fond of male nurses myself actually – especially if they are pretty and don’t speak to me. It is nice to have a pleasant view when in an awkward situation.

    1. Sure glad they are over and I’m resisting the temptation of using the amoxcillin with the flu that the nurse tried to give me.

      The bioflor fruit yeast probiotic made me very sick indeed so had to discontinue. I drink that yakulty stuff and some lactomin tablets my local pharmacy gave me. And yes I don’t know if probiotics good or not, my experience was quite dire with bioflor, I’m not a brewing keg !

      Cheers big ears

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